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Free Strong VPN with Hotspot Shield

Get strong VPN protection when using public Wi-Fi with Hotspot shield. It’s free, powerful and easy to setup. Here’s my review.

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Understanding ReadyBoost in Windows 7

Learn what ReadyBoost is, when it is helpful, how to configure it in Windows 7 and how to monitor performance using perfmon so you know it’s really working.

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How does Antivirus Software Work?

Most Antivirus software (AV) is used to defend your computer from not only viruses, but also other malicious programs such as keyloggers, Trojans and Hijackers. A keylogger is keyboard capturing software that furtively records user keystrokes and then sends the

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What and where is the Task Manager?

What is the Task Manager, where can I find it and what is it used for? Keep reading for a succinct overview of this essential Windows tool and a brief tutorial explaining the core parts of your computer.

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What is the Cloud?

I hear people flippantly tossing the term Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage and Software as a Service (SaaS) around business meetings, around the office and around the elevator.  This bothers me because I feel no one really knows what the cloud is.  I

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