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Why do we have both MAC addresses and IP addresses?

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So here’s a question that really bothered me for the longest time: Why do computers have both physical, MAC addresses and also IP addresses?  Why does your computer need two addresses to connect to a network?  Isn’t an IP address

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Why is my high bandwidth internet connection so slow?

True or false: high bandwidth equals high speed? Since I posed the question like that you’re probably second guessing yourself.  And that’s good, because there’s a lot of confusion orbiting the topic of network speed and I want to clear

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What’s the difference between the Windows 8 Pro, VL and N versions?

If you count all the Windows 8 32bit and 64 bit versions along with the Pro and Enterprise editions, there ends up being a dizzying array of versions. This is confusing, especially as you’re considering which version to buy based

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What is iTunes Home Sharing?

iTunes Home Sharing is a really easy way to share your podcasts, TV shows, movies and music with other computers in your home.  People sometimes use it to transfer songs from their old iTunes library to their new computer.  With Home Sharing

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What is Active Directory?

Get the basics about Active Directory. We talk about what it is, why anyone should care and explore the details of its core components.

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