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How To Protect Yourself from the Meltdown Bug

The Meltdown Bug affects every Intel processor since 1995 and allows an attack to steal passwords, cookies and sensitive information from your computer.  It’s going crazy all over the internet right now but I’ve got a slick Powershell trick you

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3 security mistakes you’re making right now with your online financial transactions

Yo!  Wassup, it’s your boy Vonnie again and I’ve got something new for you all. How many of you login to your online bank to check your balance and ooogle over all the commas in your account? Am I the

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The iPhone Hate Plus… I mean 8.

So a few weeks ago I traded in my iPhone 6 Plus for a iPhone 8 Plus and I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m not impressed. The phone actually doesn’t feel like all that much of an improvement

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Jobs, Babies and Moving

Yeah, so I figured I owed it to you to explain what’s going on with my site.  I haven’t been updating it because I’ve been focusing on finishing up my Master’s Program, Moving to Washington D.C, Getting a new job

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Here’s why you should download the Google Chrome Software Removal Tool right now

Image Credit Robert Scoble via Flickr

Is Chrome dragging along slower than normal? Is Chrome constantly crashing?  Or did your homepage suddenly changed itself? Or maybe you’ve noticed weird popups or toolbars that you’ve never seen before and despite your valiant efforts to fix your browser you still

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