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How to undo a Firefox Restore/Refresh/Reset

How to undo a firefox restore, refresh or reset

I was just having one of those days man. I was feeling incredibly petulant… my patience meter was at zero percent and I really didn’t want to mess with Firefox. But alas, for some inexplicable reason this Monday morning, my Firefox browser

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Cryptolocker new and improved: Cryptowall 4.0

Image Credit Travis Wise via Flickr

It’s been a long day.  You’re tired… heck you’re exasperated.  You prop your elbows on your desk and sink your chin into both palms. What a pleasant respite from the day… today was nuts Suddenly an email pops in your

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Say what’s up to my top 6 Windows 10 tricks

Image credit Robert Scoble

Let’s face it: Windows 10 is a hodgepodge of garish tiles and goofy icons.  It’s like a kid playing dress-up on costume day. On the one hand, Microsoft has made substantive improvements to the operating system.  Windows 10 is spunky,

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Laughing at Linux: Command Line Basics (Part 1 of 5)

Linux command line basics

Oh yes.  yes.  yes yes.  It’s the Linux command line. Today is a fun day.  So here’s the deal.  We’re going to surmount your fear of Linux.   Contrary to popular belief the Linux command line isn’t an insuperable hurdle

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How to setup VirtualBox in Windows

Installing VirtualBox

Do you want to know one of my favorite programs of all time? Guess. Yup, it’s VirutalBox.  That’s because VirtualBox let’s me play with Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Server and almost any operating system for free.  But that’s not

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