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Why won’t Windows detect my full 4GB worth of RAM?

You purchased 4GB of RAM but Windows only sees a portion of that right? Here’s what’s going on…

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How to legally download Windows 8 for free

Alright, so the first words of this article title may appear to belie the latter half. Vonnie, you’re telling me I can download Windows 8 for free, and it’s 100% legal? Yes that’s because you can’t use the software to

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How to install Windows 7 from a USB flash drive

Seriously, who uses DVDs and CD’s anymore? ┬áMost Ultrabook laptops don’t even have integrated optical media drives anymore which is a harbinger that the technology is quickly becoming archaic. I see two responses to this dearth of optical drives: we

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Where are apps in the Windows Store installed?

In Windows 7, Vista and other antiquated versions of Windows you can easily find all your programs hanging out in either: C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\ In Windows 8 and 8.1, all your traditional desktop applications still consider the

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How to create a DVD from an MP4 in Windows

So you have a bunch of MP4 video files loaded up on your computer and you want to create a DVD out of it… but how do you do that? There’s a bunch of software out there that promises to

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