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Thunderbird and Gmail: A marriage that lasts forever

Image Credit JOHN LLOYD via Flickr, but I removed the people from the original image using Photoshop CC and the Stamp tool

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great email alternative to Outlook.  In many ways, it’s the successor to Eudora. But here’s the funny thing: Mozilla officially stopped development on Thunderbird in the summer of 2012.  Since web applications were becoming ascendant, the

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New Mozilla Firefox Plugin shows which sites are tracking you and why

Two days ago on October 23rd, the Mozilla Foundation released an add-on that provides interactive insights into the third party sites that are tracking and using your private data. Mozilla Software Developer, Atul Varma (@toolness), first got the idea about

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Firefox OS shipping in US and UK for $80

On July 1st, I broke the news that the Firefox OS is coming, but the question still remained: How is Mozilla going to leave it’s footprint in the mobile space?  Let’s face it, the Firefox OS, as an open platform, may be

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Mozilla, Reddit and WordPress plan July 4th protest against NSA surveillance

Just the movement against Government spying on July 4th.

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