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5 features everyone wants to see in Windows 10

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A few days ago I candidly expressed my feelings on why I thought Windows 10 is the answer to the wrong question.  A few months before that, I talked about why I think Microsoft is poised to fail. Well today I want

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Why Windows 10 is the answer to the wrong question

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Microsoft just released Windows 10 technical preview in the hopes of regaining its reputation, remediating its mistakes and repairing its wrongs.  I’m here to tell you why that move was futile.

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Why the Microsoft Windows Store seriously sucks

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The other day I posted an article rhapsodizing about how the Windows Store is burgeoning.  I boasted about all the apps being added daily and how Microsoft is becoming a contender as it vies for hegemony over Apple and Google. But

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Why cell phone protective cases are silly and stupid

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I’m a big audiophile. Some guys love high-definition TV’s but I couldn’t care less about the latest 4K craze to come out of Samsung.  My gadget love is purely aural and therefore I have a huge crush on high-fidelity music, headphones and digital

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How the internet has corrupted the world

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Like everyone in the world I have a routine. Every morning I lumber into work, march the alley to my desk, drop my bag to the floor, drop my ass in the seat and flip open my laptop lid to face a deluge of

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