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Why I ditched my Galaxy S4 for an iPhone

Image credit Uncalno Tekno via Flickr

Oh Galaxy! Oh Galaxy! I used to have a love jones for my Galaxy S4.  I found her thin figure titillating.  Her sinuous curves captivating.  I drooled over her gorgeous super AMOLED display and was infatuated with her featherweight physique. I came from

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Why Windows 10 is the answer to the wrong question

Image credit Kim Pimmel via Flickr

Microsoft just released Windows 10 technical preview in the hopes of regaining its reputation, remediating its mistakes and repairing its wrongs.  I’m here to tell you why that move was futile.

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How the internet has corrupted the world

Image Credit Gabriela Pinto via Flickr

Like everyone in the world I have a routine. Every morning I lumber into work, march the alley to my desk, drop my bag to the floor, drop my ass in the seat and flip open my laptop lid to face a deluge of

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Why I love Twitter

Over the past six months or so I’ve been ruminating over the reasons why I love Twitter so much.  I’ve debunked my own assumptions and synthesized my reasons into a pithy list reproduced below: Simplicity Twitter’s learning curve is low.  The one

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Why the World is Riveted By Apple

I am a PC enthusiast.  Yes I am.  And I make no apologies for it.  You may look at me like I am a relic out of the 1990s, but I’ve always liked PCs.  (I also happen to like mechanical

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