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Windows 10 build 10036 has leaked to the internet

Image credit Peter Gronemann via Flickr

I’ve been playing with Windows 10 build 10036 for several hours now and can confidently say that I love it. Since this is a pre-release leak, it’s a little buggy but I really like the trajectory where Microsoft is taking

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What Mac OS X and sex have in common

Image Credit Afonso F Garcia via Flickr

Both Mac OS X and sex are pleasurable when done right but can give you diseases when enjoyed for illicit purposes. Blunt but true. Once upon a time, dogmatic Mac gurus would gush and gloat over how the Mac was impervious to malware.  Apple aficionados

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One fish, two fish, superfish clones are everywhere

Image Credit Capture Queen via Flickr

Maniacal Malware is everywhere and it’s getting worse everyday.

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What is SuperFish?

Image credit Malcolm Browne via Flickr

Quick, go to to see if your Lenovo computer is vulnerable to the Superfish security hole. What the heck is Vonnie talking about here? Here’s the story: between the months of September and December 2014, Lenovo (the biggest maker of consumer

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3 facts you need to know about Windows 10

Windows 10 image credit Microsoft

Where were you yesterday morning?  Redmond, Washington right? Microsoft lifted the curtain on Windows 10 and you should have been there.  A lot of rumors were squashed.  Here are 3 of the most important facts you need to know about Microsoft’s most

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