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Vivaldi is the newest browser on the block, but is it worth it?

Image Credit Flood G. via Flickr

I love classical music. My first preference is Hip-Hop, not Rap, but Hip-Hop.  There’s a distinct difference between the two.  Rap is full of invective, reminds you of sweaty clubs and smells like acrid cigars and cheap beer. Hip-Hop, on the

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Why is my name in the upper right corner of Google Chrome?

Why is your name in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome title bar?

So, the other day I popped open Google Chrome and noticed my name sitting in the upper right corner of the title Bar.  I mused to myself: Huh? That’s weird.  How did that get there? So here’s the deal: this is

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How to display your Screen Saver immediately after locking the screen in Windows 8.1

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Let’s say you want to instantly display your gorgeous screen saver after locking the screen.  Is there a way to pull that off? By default, Microsoft let’s you display: Scintillating 3D text in any font you want:  You can add textures, solid

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How to enable experimental features in Internet Explorer

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Earlier this week, I mentioned that Microsoft is purportedly shipping two distinct browsers with the final version of Windows 10.  One of those browsers is just a newer iteration of Internet Explorer; however, the other is an entirely new concoction that isn’t vulnerable to

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Get thousands of HD wallpapers for your iPhone 6 Plus

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Happy New Year! It’s the first day of 2015 and the first thing you need to do after sobering up is to incinerate that insipid default wallpaper on your iPhone. In the past, I showed you my top 5 sites that have

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