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Installing GNS3 in Mac OS X Yosemite

Image credit Bob Mical via Flickr

Oh GNS3!  What would I do without you baby? Ha, GNS3 is like the poor network engineers friend.  It’s also a boon to anyone studying for their Cisco certifications such as the CCNA or CCNP.  I’ve been a CCNP for several

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How to scan a specific file with Windows Defender in Windows 8.1

Image credit Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

Two years ago I showed you how to add on-demand scans to the context menu for Windows Defender; however, this trick was endemic to folders not files.  Today, I want to show you a quick command line trick that will

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Thunderbird and Gmail: A marriage that lasts forever

Image Credit JOHN LLOYD via Flickr, but I removed the people from the original image using Photoshop CC and the Stamp tool

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great email alternative to Outlook.  In many ways, it’s the successor to Eudora. But here’s the funny thing: Mozilla officially stopped development on Thunderbird in the summer of 2012.  Since web applications were becoming ascendant, the

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Tracking your goals with Google forms

Image Credit Tim Pierce via Flickr

Mission accomplished. In a world inundated with goal setting apps, sometimes a good ol’ pen and pad is best.  But I’m all about finding new uses for old software and it turns out Google Drive makes a great goal setting app.

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2 Firefox extensions that might make you switch browsers

Image credit arbyreed via Flickr

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I can hardly stop gushing over Google Chrome.  It’s my favorite browser.  Back in 2013, I published my favorite Chrome extensions and I’ve been an ardent evangelist for years. But

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