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Why the progress bar is lame

Windows 8.1 Update Hung

Why does my progress bar chronically freeze at 100%? I mean it’s almost done and when with 5 seconds remaining it stalls for 5 minutes. Here’s what’s probably going on…

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Millions of credit cards at Target were hacked here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you

It feels like every other month I’m reading about a major security breach where thousands and sometimes millions of credit cards were compromised. In this article I’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to beat the bad guys and protect yourself.

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Is your system really clean just because your antivirus program says so?

As a long time user of your Windows computer you know what normal behavior looks like.  You already have a sense for the general feeling of the machine when it’s working well. But now something has definitely gone awry. Perhaps

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Why do Administrators have to Run As an Administrator in Windows?

So here’s how the logic goes: If any account in the Adminstrator group truly has carte blanche reign on the system then why is my Admin account still prompting me to Run as Administrator?  Doesn’t that mean I’m not really

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How to repair the EFI Bootloader in Windows 8

Are you hungry right now? Yes? Then this analogy will make sense because I’m going to reference my favorite sandwich of all time: A Prosciutto, Soppressata, Italian hero with Banana peppers, fresh mozzarella and oregano. Think of EFI like the

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