3 things to do when text message forwarding isn’t working on your iPhone

What’s up! Happy New Year everyone.

Today I want to talk about Text Message Forwarding on your iPhone and some problems you might have experienced with it.

So, I don’t know if you knew this or not but when Apple dropped iOS 8.1 on us it included a pretty awesome feature known as SMS Sharing (or Text Message Forwarding with Continuity).  When you turn this thing on you’ll never miss a text message because all your texts will show up on all your Apple devices.

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Quick Update

Get free Windows 10 training - NOW!

I haven’t been updating this blog over the past few months.  Don’t worry I’m not dead! haha – I’ve devoted the last seven months of my life to working on a complete A-Z online course for learning Windows 10.  I designed it for people over 50 years old who have prior experience with Windows but just need some help getting around Windows 10.

Be the first to know when the free part of the training goes live by joining my early adopters list!  Click here to see what it’s all about:




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How to undo a Firefox Restore/Refresh/Reset

How to undo a firefox restore, refresh or reset

I was just having one of those days man.

I was feeling incredibly petulant… my patience meter was at zero percent and I really didn’t want to mess with Firefox.

But alas, for some inexplicable reason this Monday morning, my Firefox browser simply wouldn’t load Javascript webpages and I couldn’t enable it in the Firefox options.  I eventually figured out a workaround but that’s not the purpose of this post.

Today I want to show you a really really stupid mistake I made and how to fix it.

You see, when my browser starting crapping out on me – I wanted a quick fix.  So I thought:

I’ll just reset the browser.  Resetting always fixes stuff.

Boy was I wrong…

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Say what’s up to PowerShell 5 (Part 27/27)

Powershell comment based help

If you’ve been reading these posts through sequentially then I have to congratulate you for making it to the end.  If you’ve been reading and following along in your own lab then you get a reverse hi-five plus a harlem shake from me because that’s awesome.  You’re a dedicated one.

Now check this out… I was trying to think how I would close this series out but I think I’ll do that with Comment-Based help.  In my opinion, this is what separates the armatures from the pro’s because it shows you really care that people know how to use your script.  You won’t leave them guessing.  Trust me – you don’t want to miss this.

In this post we’ll review the comment based help system.  Let’s do it!

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Say what’s up to PowerShell 5 (Part 26/27)

Parameterizing Powershell Featured Image

When you start to get into scripting you’re going to want to parameterize your scripts because it makes it reusable and professional (not to mention respectable).

In this guide I’m going to show you how to touch up your scripts to make them easier to read.   As a rule of thumb, you should never use aliases in your scripts and you should break long lines at commas and pipes.

Technically you could also use a back-tick to break the line but it’s kind of hard to see those back-ticks (even with the font size cranked up) so I stay far from the ticks.

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