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What comes after Internet Explorer 11? Spartan.

Image Credit Tad Reeves via Flickr

Let’s face it.  Internet Explorer categorically sucks. The world knows it; Microsoft knows it; developers know it; everyone knows it.

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3 hip security features coming to Windows 10

Image Credit Jason Saul via Flickr

Microphone check one, two… Windows 10 is here to stay and I’m here to say, that before you blame, Microsoft for being lame, you should check out this new thing, that they’re doing today. C’mon! You didn’t know I could rap?

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Explaining the Shell Shock bug to a seven year old

Image credit Wikipedia

The National Vulnerability Database rates the Shell Shock bug a 10 out of 10 in three categories: Base Impact Exploitability But this isn’t Dancing with the Stars, and in this case, a 10 is a bad thing; in fact –

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Is the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter enough?

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Last summer, Google marveled the world with Chromecast. It was a breakthrough at the time because for a mere $35 bucks you could plug a USB-drive-sized device into the HDMI port on your TV and then stream media from your mobile

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This is what happened when I intentionally infected myself with Malware.

Image credit Dr.Farouk via Flickr

Here’s my story of what happened when I intentionally infected myself with malware.  I did this because I wanted to see if the default controls on my system were sufficient in protecting me from a recent threat.  I think this

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