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First look at Spartan in Windows 10

Image credit Andreas Overland via Flickr

Windows 10 build 10051 leaked to the web a few days ago.  The most salient detail about this build is that it has the new Spartan web browser.  Before you glower at me for praising Microsoft’s latest browser I need

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Chrome is getting better

Image Credit Willy Volk via Flickr

Google knows everything. Just admit it and stop trying to opt out of omniscience.  There’s nothing you can do to run from Google. But this isn’t always a bad thing.  Let me explain what I mean.

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How to score 230GB of free space in OneDrive

Image Credit Osterreichisches Weltraum Forum Austrian Space Forum via Flickr

The marketing team at Microsoft is really really smart. I’ve got to give it to these guys. The other day my colleague leans in and goes: “Hey V, did you know OneDrive is giving away 100GB just for verifying your

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What is SuperFish?

Image credit Malcolm Browne via Flickr

Quick, go to to see if your Lenovo computer is vulnerable to the Superfish security hole. What the heck is Vonnie talking about here? Here’s the story: between the months of September and December 2014, Lenovo (the biggest maker of consumer

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OneNote 2013 is now 100% free

Image Credit Stephen Dann via Flickr

Microsoft OneNote is a great way to share notes and ideas without the limits of a traditional word processor.  OneNote is like a sandbox for your ideas where you can tumble, flip and wrestle them until you discover something brilliant and exclaim:

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