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5 kick ass tips for the Mail app in iOS 8.1

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The other day I was rushing to catch a train on the Long Island Railroad. While standing on the platform, getting soaked in the rain, my train eventually arrived and the huge amorphous mass of people began to shuffle themselves

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3 facts about the all new iPhone 6

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This morning Apple unveiled the all new iPhone 6 at a keynote event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California. Phil Schiller, Senior VP of global marketing, unveiled two new iPhones today.  Here’s a quick run down of the top

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How to make sure QR codes are safe before you scan

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I’m seeing QR codes are everywhere these days. You know what I’m talking about right?  Those little bar code squares are popping up on buses, billboards and business cards.  You also might find them on train tickets,  job advertisements and magazines. Interestingly,

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Why you should be very afraid of the changes Google made to the Play store

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Let’s say you invite an acquaintance to your home for dinner. Let’s call him John. You have personal accouterments in the living room, rare artifacts from your expedition to Israel in the dinning room and family photo albums in the bedroom. As

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How to install Android apps to your SD card by default

32GB Micro SD card

From the moment I walked into PC Richard and Son, I was greeted by a swarm of officious salesmen with kinetic personalities and avaricious appetites. These guys were hopeless to make a sell; they saw me as a delicious meal on a

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