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3 experimental Gmail features you need right now

Image Credit Loving Earth via Flickr

Oh Gmail!  How can anyone seriously feel any antipathy against this super capable web application?  Sure it’s owned by Google but so what?  If you’re one of those people who avoids Gmail because of privacy issues then let me tell

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4 tips to make you a Safari Savant in iOS 8

Image credit Tambako The Jaguar via Flickr

I’ve never been on a Safari but every time I see Lions, Elephants and Giraffe’s I wonder what it would be like to see them freely roaming the Serengeti outside the confines of a zoo. I may never make it to the

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5 ways to clean up space on your iPhone

Image Credit Arlington County via Flickr

It’s a New Year baby. Let me guess, you have a new haircut, resolutions to maintain a new, fitter body, and heck, you probably even plan on buying some new clothes to round out the beginning of the year? But let

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Get thousands of HD wallpapers for your iPhone 6 Plus

Image Credit Tommy Lu via Flickr

Happy New Year! It’s the first day of 2015 and the first thing you need to do after sobering up is to incinerate that insipid default wallpaper on your iPhone. In the past, I showed you my top 5 sites that have

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How I shared an “unsharable” link from my Android

Image Credit Wlodi via Flickr

It was one of those things that I thought would be easy!

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