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Why the world needs to rethink touchscreen computing

Okay, close your eyes and keep them closed as you visualize this: it’s the spring of 2016 in New York City and Samsung has just released a new phone dubbed the Galaxy S8.  The media calls it the Galaxy Saint because

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How to create a DVD from an MP4 in Windows

So you have a bunch of MP4 video files loaded up on your computer and you want to create a DVD out of it… but how do you do that? There’s a bunch of software out there that promises to

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Debunking the top two myths about UEFI

Back in June, I distilled the nuances of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) into small, bite sized portions.  I delineated the advantages the framework offers the community and made a cogent case for why we shouldn’t ignore it. Since then,

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New Nexus 7 has broken GPS

New Google Nexus 7 has a broken GPS. Hundreds of complaints are pouring in while Google scrambles for a solution.

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