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What’s the proper way to clean my dusty laptop?

Image Credit Kouichi Daiskie via Flickr

I have a co-worker who is a little bit messy.  Everyone know’s someone like that right? She’s the girl with the sticky mouse buttons, smudgy display and greasy keys.  I can almost see my reflection in her keyboard! Can someone say

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How can I check the temperature of my CPU?

Image Credit David Baker by rust.bucket on Flickr

If your computer is chronically locking up, spontaneously restarting itself or abruptly shutting down then malware may be the culprit; however, if you notice these symptoms only while maxing out your PC’s performance then it could denote an overheating CPU. For example, if

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Erase your hard drive so that not even the NSA can break it

Image credit Jeffrey Kuiper on Flickr

One of the most discomfiting realities of technology in our interconnected age is that we are continually fighting for data privacy.  Amid the fracas of junk email, big data and obtrusive apps, it’s hard to guarantee that all our personally identifiable information

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Can I charge my devices with any charger?

You don’t want to see how many cables I own.  The pretentious display of black and white spaghetti is enough to make you question my sanity. But it’s the reality of living in a world where every tablet, smartphone and

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How to disable the touch screen display on your Windows 8 computer

Touch screen PCs are stupid stupid stupid. Here’s how to disable your touch screen forever.

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