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The real reason for Ctrl + Alt + Del

Image Credit Dibaday via Flickr

What’s the purpose of pressing Control, Alt Delete? We all know it reboots or locks your box but have you ever wondered why you have to mash this famous key sequence at the login prompt? Today we’re going to plumb

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Convert almost any video with Miro

Image Credit Nic McPhee

Sometimes, I feel bad for my mother-in-law.  Even though she has triumphed over the venerable age of 60 and has a stronger technical proficiency than most people her age, sometimes she gets sucked into the junkware jungle and ends up goobering her

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How to force reboot or shutdown your Mac from the Keyboard

Image Credit Alexei Kuznetsov via Flickr

It’s Monday evening. 5:34pm. And you just finished a long day of work.  Now it’s time to take your Macbook home with you but then the inevitable happens. Everything locks up!

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Understanding multi-core CPUs

Image Credit Chris Isherwood via Flickr

I’m sure you’ve heard about multi-core processors but you might have a few questions about how it works and why there’s so much brouhaha concerning them. In this guide, I’ll break down the confusion and arm you with the knowledge

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Are you being tracked by your MAC address?

Image credit A. Strakey via Flickr

Every network connected device has a MAC address which is used to uniquely identify that device on the network.  By itself, a MAC address doesn’t pose any tracking concerns; MAC addresses are a fundamental necessity for device communications. The problem

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