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  • Kire Chris Tschirkov

    Awesome website bro ! Respect

    • I appreciate it – Thanks Kire!

    • thedudewithaclue

      Eat a dick.

  • Lisa Phillips

    Can you tell me how to get emojis on my galaxy s4? I downloaded sms, but that allowed me to see and send them in text messages, but not on instagram and facebook etc.

  • Bluefog

    I was just searching for a way to reduce the size of my stupid WinSxS folder and whammo! I have found a whole new world of tech tips. Well written, well spoken, well presented and right on topic.
    Thanks Vonnie! – Great Site. You are now on my top shelf of tech links

  • djkc909

    fixedByVonnie is such a great, useful and entertaining IT help site! Vonnie makes it easy for the users and readers by creating his help articles in such a well-written, amusing, personable, down-to-earth, human way, keeping you entertained with funny references & jokes along the way that make you laugh out loud. He writes with such a great style, personality, and intelligence that most other dry, boring IT websites tend to lack. There should be more sites like this! Thanks Vonnie. 🙂

    ps- Bluefog said it right: A very well-written, well-spoken, well-presented website!

    • Nofearorfavor

      Hear! Hear! He’s a brilliant kid …

  • Sylvia Schuylenburg

    Hi there, I am trying to download the Android SDK Manager to help with the Android Debug Brigde, but I cannot find that in the package. I followed all the directions and even the picture looks similat, but when I check the Android Platform tools the only option is to delete it at bottom right.. But you say that it should be opend. Can you help me please?

  • Joseph Juhant

    Hey Vonnie My computer was hacked 2 days ago and I need to make sure they are out or get them out I have windows 8.1 can you help me out please?

  • Joseph Juhant

    Noe more thing Vonnie I been trying to get in a program and when I click the link I not able to access the site I took a screen shot of what i’m getting sure hope you can help me out Thanks 🙂

  • Joseph Juhant

    This must not be an active site or link

    • thedudewithaclue

      No shit.

  • Mac Campbell

    My laptop came with Office 2010 pre-installed, so no disc. Where/how can I download the program so i can re-install it? (I have the original product key.)

  • Leisheng

    I want to debug VirtualBox. However, I don’t know how to debug it with these source code. Who can tell me the way to debug it? I have gotten the source code and can build it with these source code according description on organization site. Thanks very much.

  • D.poudel

    I have a limited internet connection problem and am unable to solve with given methods.i am using same wifi in another laptop its works,but i cannot use it in my laptop and in my mobile,any ideas….

  • Poyo Shoyaka

    I lost all of my contacts in my glxs4 and i can’t create the new contact list

  • thedudewithaclue

    LOl. fixedbyvonnie should be BULLSHITbyvonnie. All talk and no action. This site is bullshit. His Twitter feed is bullshit. His emails are bullshit. This dude is nothing but a bullshit incubator.

    • Ken J Boyd

      Wow, thedudewithaclue is clueless! If you suddenly had an infusion of intelligence that gave you just half of his genius, you would be thrilled. If you are one that trolls the internet trying to throw buckets of water on the good developments, you may as well move on. Most people aren’t going to pay much attention to you here. There are many who are grateful for his expertise & sincere desire to help. And you probably didn’t get your FREE stuff because you didn’t pay attn. to his instructions. It was really tough to download his latest free eBook today. Try being a nice person. It does have its rewards.

      • thedudewithaclue

        “There are many who are grateful for his expertise & sincere desire to help.” LMAO! Your brain would would roll around on a gnat’s ass like a bb on a basketball court.

        • Ken J Boyd

          These kinds of statements are not productive whatsoever. And there is no logic at all in insulting Vonnie, unless you are a Microsoft employee who is being paid to confuse people about the complexities of the OS. I am not trying to be offensive at all. But you obviously are, so all I can do is repeat myself: Try being a nice person. It does have its rewards.

  • Nofearorfavor

    I hit the subscribe button– Sorry if this sounds duh —but hope you have my email address– because I look forward to any newsletters you may send from time to time. Thanks again.