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About - fixedByVonnie


Vonnie Hudson, fixedByVonnie Founder

I’m a 31 year old tech head who lives in New York City with my beautiful wife.

I’ve been dabbling with computers for about 13 years.  After breaking a few machines in college and learning how they worked, I started my professional career at IBM and stayed there for 5 years before moving to NYC.  Currently, I’m the Director of IT at a media company in New York.

I created fixedByVonnie in June of 2013 because I wanted to give people a comfortable place to fix common problems with computers and mobile devices.  I can’t tell you how many times Chrome was running slower than a fat man in a marathon or how many times I wished I could connect to the web using my smartphone as a Hotspot.

I did what everyone does, googled it; however, I was chronically vexed with two things:  Either I would have to scroll through dozens of forum pages or read abstruse articles written by what felt like cold computer scientists without an ounce of humanity.

fixedByVonnie is here to make using technology fun again.  I also post news articles from time to time and offer my opinion on current events of the day, but the chief purpose of this website is to get your gadgets working again in an entertaining, no-nonsense way. So you’ll see lots of high-resolution images with picture-by-picture walk-throughs and my candid responses to questions in the comments.

I wanted it to feel like I’m right there with you so whether you’re trying to replace the keyboard of your Macbook Air or discern the differences between the alphabet soup of Windows versions, I try to give the answer in a concise, cogent way with a little bit of my personality sprinkled on top.

I’ve been posting about one article per day since I started in June so you can count on finding the newest tip or trick to solve a problem.

One other thing, I’m a pretty inquisitive guy so I not only like asking questions but also being asked questions. Heck, If I don’t know the answer I’m not afraid to say, “Good question” which incidentally, is code for: “I’m clueless”.  But given that I’ve worked with computers for over a decade I think I have a little bit of wisdom to share…

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @fixedByVonnie or shoot me an email.  I can’t respond within 24 hours as I have in the past but I make every effort to respond to your questions as soon as I can.

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    Find more about me on:
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  • customer service

    impressive…i believe in networking…thanks 4 da tips contact me at your leisure. macrotechsvc@gmail.com

  • djkc909

    fixedByVonnie is such a great, useful and entertaining IT help site! Vonnie makes it easy for the user or reader by writing his help articles in such an amusing way, making funny references & jokes along the way that make you laugh out loud. There should be more sites like this! Thanks Vonnie

  • djkc909

    fixedByVonnie is such a great, useful and entertaining IT help site! Vonnie makes it easy for the users and readers by creating his help articles in such a well-written, amusing, personable, down-to-earth, human way, keeping you entertained with funny references & jokes along the way that make you laugh out loud. He writes with such a great style, personality, and intelligence that most other dry, boring IT websites tend to lack. There should be more sites like this! Thanks Vonnie. 🙂

  • djkc909

    Nice pic. Is that Hudson on the Hudson? 😛

  • LostUser

    Just found your blog Vonnie and read your About section. I am right there with you man. I really appreciate no-nonsense responses and explanations on everything. Searching Google has become my second line of defense next to my personal experiences when solving technology issues.

    One of by biggest annoyances with solution searching online are the canned responses from ‘experts’ who submit a chain of web links pointing to generic issues that (many times) don’t fix the issue. While this can be useful in some cases (background and technical details), my feeling is that, depending on the posted issue, it deserves a personal response and more questions asked to get a real idea of the specific issue.

    Thank you for your time and input of your knowledge and down-to-earth approach in sharing knowledge. Sharing knowledge for the good is a worthy cause.

  • Sharon Phillips

    Can internet drivers be update without paying a tech 159 $?

  • catemanhattan

    Thank you. 10000 times. That ‘limited access’ wi-fi problem was just pitiful. Your first fix fixed it.

  • Peter Smith

    I second catemanhattan’s comment. Thank you! Limited Access drove me nuts for months. “netsh int ip reset” does the trick. You’re an asset to the world, and Microsoft should be paying to support people using their shit.

  • Allen Pagent

    Missing your YouTube videos.