The iPhone Hate Plus… I mean 8.

So a few weeks ago I traded in my iPhone 6 Plus for a iPhone 8 Plus and I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m not impressed.

The phone actually doesn’t feel like all that much of an improvement over the 6 Plus.

I was excited about recording video in 4K at 60fps because 4K looks amazing (just search YouTube for 4k videos and you’ll see what I mean) and 60fps is silky smooth.  I uploaded a few test videos to YouTube and was pretty impressed… although I had to figure out a bunch of hacks to get YouTube to preserve the 60fps frame rate.

But there’s a few things that really erk me man so I’m calling this blog post all about my iPhone Hate Plus.

The Home Button Fricking Sucks

The home button is laaaame.  I feel like it takes more effort to hit the home button because apparently Apple changed this from an actual button and transformed the entire display into big pressy thingy.  So pressing the home button actually moves the entire display on a hinge or something.  It feels super weird and takes a long time to get used to.

The Ear Phone Jack is Jacked Up

One of the things that really annoys me with the new iPhone Hate Plus is the fact that the stupid earphone port has been replaced one of those new lightening port plugs.  You know what I mean right?

On the old iPhone’s there was always a separate port to plug in your earbuds and a different port to plug in your charger.  It was actually quite convenient because then you could bump to your tunes while charging your iPhone at the same time.  Genius right?

Well the new iPhone scrapped ordinary ear connectors.  Now you need a special, proprietary Apple earbud so you can bug out on your iPhone.  What’s up with that?

I’ll tell you what’s up with that… it’s wack!

I’m not one to complain but this really bothers me.  Sure the phone is sleek.  Sure the phone has a nice shiny new back.  (as if that really matters because you know… I’m constantly looking at my iPhone back).  So yeah, baby’s got back.

And yeah, it’s faster, sexier, smarter blah blah blah… but dude.  Why did they have to take away my head phone jack?

Now I either need to use Apple’s crappy earphones for all my phone stuff or I need to remember the stupid dongle that came with phone.  I lost that bendy wire thing the day my new phone shipped.

So here’s my advice to anyone out there thinking about buying a new phone.  Skip the iPhone 8 Plus.  I can’t speak for the iPhone X because I don’t have it.  But the iPhone 8 Plus just feels like a hyped up iPhone 6 Plus.  No real difference here except I lost my headphone jack…


And a lot of hate.

I iPhone Hate Plus.



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  • Skygazer

    Plus more Hate to add. 🙂
    Is it coincidental the fact that Apple cancelled 3.5mm headphone jack and immediately afterwards they released the “wondrous” AirPods???
    So, they think: “Do you wish to listen to your tunes while charging your iPhone Vonnie? Well you need to buy our new product – AirPods to do so.”
    Trust me, I worked in AppleCare until August…