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"But I don't want Windows 10", Too bad. - fixedByVonnie

“But I don’t want Windows 10”, Too bad.

Extra, Extra, read all about it!  Microsoft forces millions users to download Windows 10 even if they have no intention of upgrading!

Is Microsoft mendacious?  In other words, can we really trust with the big whigs in Redmond are up to when it comes to honoring our privacy?

Last Thursday, Microsoft told TheInquirer:

For individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they’ll need if they decide to upgrade.

Allow me to translate the bull-shittish statement:

Microsoft will push a “patch” to your computer that just happens to tip the scales at 6.5GB and won’t bother to ask you if it’s okay to take up space on your hard drive for something you might never use.  And Microsoft doesn’t seem to care if you’re using a metered connection with capped bandwidth usage: you’re getting Windows 10 even if you have to pay overage fees.

To me this is completely uncalled for.  The suits in Redmond don’t seem to care about what you really want.  This latest move by Microsoft will cause many people to lose trust in the company.  Message boards all over the internet, blogosphere and social media are teeming with angry customers poised to switch to Linux and even boycott Microsoft for good.

Even the fidelity of windows administrators is being tested as many discovered this hefty update sitting on domain joined workstations too.

The problem here is Microsoft didn’t consult with use before shoveling one of the most corpulent “patches” it’s ever pushed through Windows Updates.  Despite the low cost of hard drives and SSDs, most people are running short on storage these days and really can’t afford to give up 7 gigs for something they may never use.

The other thing that really bothers me here is that I don’t remember Microsoft explicitly communicating that everyone would get Windows 10 regardless of whether they signed up for the update.  I can only extrapolate that Microsoft is more interested in it’s own agenda then the millions of customers who pay to keep it in business.

I mean, even a blog post or FAQ update would have been nice but I haven’t found anything from an official online Microsoft source that mentions this debacle.

On the flip side, I see Microsoft’s point: the company seems to be positioning itself to handle updates better.  For one, by pre-loading the OS on everyone’s operating system it makes it easier for those who are interested to update.  The process should go a lot smoother.  In addition, making all Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 machines automatically fetch the download at different times can alleviate the burden typically placed on Microsoft’s update servers.

That being said, it would have been prudent for Microsoft to only download the bits for users who opted in.  This is a major misstep for Microsoft.

Can you imagine going to order take out and declining a promotional dish and then discovering the restaurant “smuggled” it in your bag anyway?  If you liked the dish, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad but if you had no concern for it then I doubt you would trust the restaurant again.



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  • LuLu

    To make Windows 8.1 usable for me, I downloaded Classic Shell (http://www.classicshell.net/). This gives me the good old-fashioned, uncomplicated Windows 7 menu. I understand that Classic Shell also works in Windows 10 – so the menu complaints won’t really be a problem. My only concern is security, and I see you’ve covered that in another post, which I look forward to studying. 😀

  • Kevin M Howard Sr

    We have been with Microsoft for years and probably will remain with Microsoft. I feel that making feature available what you want would be the right choice since your consumers are going to be the ones using it. Leave some options open while gradually putting in the new so our minds will have time to process the change instead of just throwing a left uppercut to the face. You have many people that are control freaks and want to be able to change what they don’t like and drop what they don’t like. Survey and find out what the consumers want and it might send Windows to orbit. My idea of Windows is like having a house that you can always winterize your windows to storm windows that is stronger and better. Just like a chef make it pleasant to look at and easy to taste and pleasant to the eyes without denting the pockets. I think that all those apps are useless but then again that’s how you get your bills paid for by advertising. But, guess what? Consumers already spending billions with online shopping anyway without using an app that is going to sit on your desktop because you not sure what to do with it next. If I had to develop a program I would make one that has several operational programs combined into one OEM. Example, if you going to use Windows 10 have it so you can flip the screen so it still has the user friendly like Windows XP and Window 7 was so you don’t lose your dedicated users. I think as long as we have a choice then it makes it a win for both the consumer and the developers. I would call the New Windows, Windows Universe because now you can select which program you look you want to what you feel comfortable with. Windows Universe 10 which has the windows 7 and 8.1 feel but is still Windows 10. In other word. you had 8.1 that had a windows 7 behind the screen if you don’t want to use the apps. You should be able to set your desktop to how you like it. Customize your own desktop instead of all the apps that looks like a mobile phone or or tablet. Keep Mobile and tablet feature with that device and not on desktops because it make it looks like you trying to push sales within that operation system. I rather to be able to open a window and still work within that window while doing other things on the side then having apps that I don’t have a clue what it’s for. Besides if you going to have those apps make all of them touch screen without clicking on it so you and open a window with your hand and minimize it with one hand. Hologram Windows isn’t a bad ideal either because we won’t have to use a monitor no more only a Hologram Machine that is like a tower with a built in Hologram window and a Hologram Keyboard to type. Many ideas to how to develop a better operation system rather then making it too busy or too much going on. I like more features rather then the app look or tablet or mobile feel. Lets get with the future technology like other countries already doing.

  • Ken J Boyd

    Thanks Vonnie, for “not drinking the Kool-Aid”, & telling it like it is!