My privacy concerns with Windows 10 and 4 ways to fix them.

Yippie Kai Yay.  Windows 10 is officially in the house.

You know how I used to feel about Windows 10.  You know how to install Windows 10 in VirtualBox, You know about the security features in Windows 10.  You know about the kickass command prompt in Windows 10.  You know about the clowns that show up on the screen when you press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Esc… okay okay… hold on I made that easter egg up.  But you get the picture.  Windows 10 is pretty cool.

Well today I want you to know about a few privacy issues that most people aren’t paying attention to.

Earlier this week I published two 10 minute YouTube videos about some glaring privacy issues.  You absolutely need to know about this.  I want you to know what you’re getting into before you click the upgrade button.

In the first video I walk through a Windows 10 installation and zero in on the equivocal language Microsoft puts in the setup screen.  There are a bunch of settings turned on by default that could seriously put your privacy at risk.  Please watch my demonstration below and then leave a comment.  I want to know if I’m the only one who thinks these default options are ludicrous.

In my second video I give you 4 tips for regaining control of your privacy and getting Microsoft off your back.  Check it out and leave a comment!

Incidentally, I’m still adjusting to the change of life here in Virginia.  I won’t be updating the site as often as I have for the past year or so because I need to rearrange some priorities.  Right now, my main goal is to finish and launch my much anticipated Windows eBook and then work on creating high quality videos for you guys.  I appreciate you coming to my site, signing up to my list and remaining a loyal fan!  Don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten about you.  Even though updates will be less frequent just realize it’s because I’m gearing up to bring you even better content.


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  • Ken Amirault

    Wow! I was paranoid before… nice to know I’m not crazy!
    Vonnie this was great stuff! Once we could see your face (out from behind the mic), it was excellent. Kudos!

  • Ken Amirault

    Your info about Win 10 privacy is spot on. It makes me wonder how much money is being made by MS by collecting all this data. The storage must be tremendous! There is a lot of Win 10 that I need to learn. Thanks for doing this thing you do. Ken.

  • Neil C

    Thanks for all this info, I have been resisting trying out 10 and it seems my fears and concerns were justified. Having said that, forewarned is forearmed and I would say it it time for me to jump. Do you know if there any truth in the rumour going around that an annual subscription will kick in two years from release?

  • Sastth

    The privacy stuff is the main reason I haven’t gone for windows 10 yet..

  • Sparten1

    WOW! I had no idea. Thanks so much for sharing this.