How to snag 2GB of free space on Google Drive

What’s up?  Two days ago I showed you how to grab 130GB of free storage in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud thingy.  That’s a buttload of space.  And I’ve got to be honest with you: the 2GB that Google is trying to entice us with is… well pretty dang embarrassing.

Why not more?  I know Google has enough server space to give away more than 2GB!  But alas, I’ll stop with the avarice and just give you the news.

Here’s how to get 2GB of additional space from Google Drive.

Google will augment your account with 2GB of free space just for doing a 2 minute security checkup on your account.

The security checkup is just a way to confirm your phone number, recovery email address and security question are correct so you don’t get locked out.

Google Security Checkup

This is important because your Google account isn’t restricted to Gmail. On the contrary, it includes keys to your entire Google universe.  If someone hacked your account they could gain access to Google Hangouts and disparage you to your friends, Google+ and denigrate your reputation and Google Drive and steal all your docs, sheets, forms, slides, photos and files.

Hacking your Google Account would be like hitting the jackpot for a cyber criminal.

When I went through the checkup process I noticed that someone signed into my account twice on January 26th in New Jersey.

Check your recent Google account activity

Jersey! Who the heck was using my account there?  I didn’t remember visiting Jersey that Monday so I clicked Something looks wrong which allowed me to immediately change my Google password.

I used to generate my password but there are other methods.  In fact, a few months ago I published two memorable and secure ways to create a strong password – so you should check that out.

As you go through the checkup process, you’ll also take a tour of all the web services that have permission to use your account.  I found a few that I no longer use so I promptly clicked Remove.

Remove unnecessary Google Account permissions

When you finish you should see three green checksigns which confirms your account is eligible for free storage.

Wrap things up by clicking Continue to Account settings at the bottom of the browser viewport.

Google Security Checkup Complete

You’ll have the opportunity to confirm other account settings and also yank your YouTube and Google+ data.

If you’re truly paranoid, you can destroy your Google account forever by clicking the last link in the list.

Delete Google Account and Data

Where’s my 2GB of space?

You’ll have to wait until February 28th for your account bump but the deadline to earn the space expires on Tuesday February 17th so it makes sense to go through the checklist now.

Thank you Google.  Thank you.


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