How to score 230GB of free space in OneDrive

The marketing team at Microsoft is really really smart.

I’ve got to give it to these guys.

The other day my colleague leans in and goes:

“Hey V, did you know OneDrive is giving away 100GB just for verifying your Dropbox account?”

I was dubious.

“Uhh.. what?”

But I checked it out for myself and it’s true.

Here’s what you need to know.

Get 15 gigs easy

Here’s the equation: Microsoft OneDrive gives you 15GB of cloud space without jumping through any hoops. There’s no catch and it’s all good.

So that brings you to 15 giggaroos.

Get 15 more gigs easy

If you save the camera roll on your smartphone or laptop to OneDrive, you’ll instantly score a 15GB Camera Roll bonus which is also free with no strings attached.

Now you’re at 30 gigs

Add on 100 gigs for 2 years

So here’s the first catch.  If you signup to receive BingReward spam in your inbox, Microsoft will dump an extra 100GBs in your account for two years.  After that you’ll have to pay to keep your storage.

Bing Rewards spam isn't so bad, just ignore it

Just ignore the spam.

You’re rolling around in 130GBs of space.  Bing Bonus, Bam!

Add on another 100 gigs for 1 year

But that’s not all.  If you visit, the benevolent Microsoft will gift you 365 days of 100 gigs just for confirming your Dropbox account.  It’s called an Enthusiasts bonus and man oh man am I enthusiastic about it.

I think this is a clever stratagem for luring disenchanted Dropbox users to do things the Microsoft way.

I also think it’s wise to offer voluminous space for a limited time.  Because after a year, people who stashed all their stuff in OneDrive will probably just pay ($2/month) to keep the 100GB or $4/month to keep the 200GB bonus.

The OneDrive free space thing is freemium model that resonates.  Microsoft’s marketing gurus got this one right.

Jump to OneDrive from Dropbox baby!

230GBs of free space achieved.

Oh the bliss of free ample space!

When will Google and Dropbox match OneDrive and offer 500GB of space?  Oh, I’m patiently waiting for the day.  Soon I’ll just buy a 128GB SSD and store all my crap in the cloud.

I love how these trends are shaping up.  What about you?  Will Dropbox and Google Drive bump up the free space now that OneDrive is vying for hegemony in cloud storage?

OneDrive Free Storage


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