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Why is my name in the upper right corner of Google Chrome? - fixedByVonnie

Why is my name in the upper right corner of Google Chrome?

So, the other day I popped open Google Chrome and noticed my name sitting in the upper right corner of the title Bar.  I mused to myself:

Huh? That’s weird.  How did that get there?

So here’s the deal: this is a mild annoyance.  It’s so trivial that it almost wasn’t worth my time.  But every freggin’ time I opened my browser I had to see my name staring back at me. It was a little creepy because I didn’t do anything to put it there and couldn’t figure out how to remove it.

It was also nettlesome because the button is juxtaposed with the minimize button – so it’s easy to accidentally click the wrong thing.

So how do you get rid of it?  Right clicking my name was abortive. Is there a way?

Yippie Kye Yay Yes.

Here’s how to expunge your name from the Chrome title bar…

First let’s talk about why your name is showing up there.

Why is my name staring at me?

A recent update moved the Google Chrome profile section to a title bar button that feels like it’s stalking you until you close the browser.

Clicking the profile button gives you options to change your Chrome avatar, switch to a different profile or surf incognito but it doesn’t let you kill that annoying button.

To do that you need to descend into the catacombs of chrome://flags.

Google Chrome Profile Name in the Title Bar

Fantastic Flags

Chrome flags are an eclectic mix of tuning attributes you can use to change your browser’s behavior.  But not so fast!  Many of these settings are experimental and a few can debilitate your browser so make sure you know what you’re doing in here.  Thankfully you will after reading this guide.

Go ahead and paste this into the address bar and press enter:


Conversely, if you’re a lazy copy-and-paster, you can insert the abridged version:


and then just use Ctrl + f to search for “profile management system”.  Select Disabled from the drop down list.

Enable New Profile Management System

Scroll down and click Relaunch Now in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Google Chrome Relaunch Now

When the browser reboots, it should be nameless and beautiful.  You’ve successfully effaced your name from the Chrome title bar.

Now grab a bag of Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and pig out.  You earned this feasting session.

Google Chrome Profile Name in Title Bar

Wait, that didn’t work!

If it’s still there for some reason, bust open the Task Manager and kill all those chrome.exe processes hiding in the background.

And if that doesn’t work – just reboot.  Everyone knows flipping the restart switch fixes 90% of all tech problems!

By the way, I love saying “just reboot” – maybe I should buy a t-shirt or something.  I bet they have one on thinkgeek.com.  Excuse me while I shop…


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  • Tommy Luu

    I think you might have meant to select the drop down for the flag above the current one in your screenshot. Confused me for sec, but I think that’s what you meant? 😉