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How to instantly get over 100 GB of free OneDrive storage right now - fixedByVonnie

How to instantly get over 100 GB of free OneDrive storage right now

I could have titled this post “How to get Microsoft to give you $47.76 over two years” but that’s a dull, vapid title!  A few years ago I showed you how to make Microsoft cough over $100,000 buckeroos so if you’re really strapped for cash you should read that one.

So here’s the deal:

If you go to OneDrive.com right now and sign up, you’ll get a paltry 15GB of free storage.  This is tantamount to Google Drive and isn’t anything to cartwheel about.

That’s why today I’m going to show you how to instantly get 130GB of free OneDrive space.  I know you’re wondering about a “catch” so let me clear that up.

First of all I love getting stuff for free.

Wait, let me qualify that statement: I love getting stuff that I like for free.

And I’m always welcoming free cloud strorage.  A year ago, I told you about shared.com which was giving over 100GB of free storage with no strings attached.  I’ve been using shared.com for a while but a few weeks ago I noticed my entire cloud drive was vacant.  For some reason my entire music collection was purged.  For this reason I don’t recommend using shared.com for backups or long term data storage.  It simply doesn’t have the reputation and reliability of Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

So let’s talk about OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive).

OneDrive gives you 15 GB of space but you can net an extra 15 gigs with a little known Camera roll bonus.  I already typed up an article showing you how to bump your total OneDrive storage to 30GB for free but today we’re taking that to a new level.  We’re about to fly in the troposphere of the cloud.  That’s right, today I’m going to show you how to get an extra 100 GB of white, fluffy cloud storage which will max our your cloud capacity to 130GB.

But is there a catch?

Not really.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • The 100GB is free but only for the first two years after activation.
  • You’ll get promotional emails from Microsoft in your inbox
  • The offer ends on the last day of the month, February 28th 2015.

Not too bad right?  Let me elaborate:

First, Microsoft is hoping after two years you’ll pay for the service. Incidentally, 100GB of storage is currently only $2 bucks per month so it’s certainly not unreasonable to pay after 2 years.

Second, you can just ignore the promotional emails or explicitly opt out (unsubscribe) with no ramifications.

Third, the offer ends in a few days so if you want the space you need to act now (I know I sound like an unctuous used car salesman but I promise I’m telling the truth!)

How to get 100 GB of free cloud storage

1. Signup for your free OneDrive account at https://www.onedrive.com/. If you’re already a member give yourself a high five, look around to make sure no one saw you acting silly and then read on.

2. Visit the Bing Rewards page and click Join now in the bottom left corner of the page.

Join BING rewards

3. Clicking this will sign you in. (actually there’s really nothing to “sign” up for in the conventional sense of the word; you’ll just see the Bing rewards page)  Now, all you have to do is click the notifications icon in the upper right corner next to your name and choose “Free storage” from the drop down box.

How to participate in the Bing Rewards Program to get 100GB of free OneDrive space

4. This will take you to the OneDrive signup confirmation page.  Click the big blue Get my storage button.

Get 100GB of space on OneDrive today

5. Authorize the OneDrive preview app to add the bonus storage to your account…

Allow the OneDrive Preview app to add bonus storage to your account

6. And now you’re sailing the serene waters of free space.

Click the OneDrive logo to open OneDrive.

OneDrive storage added successfully confirmation page

7. Click the Get more storage link in the bottom left corner of your OneDrive account and marvel at your capacious cloud drive.

Manage your OneDrive storage

Repeat after me:

One hundred.






How to get 130GB of free storage in OneDrive

That’s how we roll.  If you’re excited, hit me up in the comments.



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