Highlighting links are a pain

Copy and pasting a link is no fun!

Why does text always get all the glory huh?

To copy and paste text just click and drag.  Dragging the selection across the text makes it easy to highlight the text and copy it.  Yeah, everyone knows that.  But when you try the same process over links sometimes you run into some perplexing issues.

For example, you have to adroitly position your pointer just outside the link before dragging.

If you click the link itself, you’ll end up dragging the link to a new window or worse going to the website.

Sometimes you can drag and drop the link directly into another application but not always.  For example, you can drag and drop the link into an Outlook Message but not Notepad.  Your recalcitrant browser will most likely spit up a “No” sign when you try to select it; you know what I’m talking about right?  It’s the circle with the slanted line through the center.

In the graphic below you can see me trying to select the link titled “replace the keyboard of your Macbook Air” but it’s not working right.

Dragging links

Alternately, you can you can right-click the link and choose Copy link address or Copy Shortcut from the popup menu.

Copy link Shortcut

Or, if you’re intrepid enough, you can view the source and wade through miles of code as you hunt down your beloved URL.

Viewing page source in IE11

But none of those options compare to what you can do in Firefox.

Just hold down the Alt key to drag select the link like text.

If that’s not sufficient, you should install the Drag-Select Link Text Firefox extension which let’s you select links just like text.Drag select text

That’s all! I hope this helps someone.



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  • crystallized

    Nifty. Thanks!

  • Don’t you just love little tricks like this! I know I do.