Why does Google Chrome say downloading proxy script?

Sometimes you try everything you can to speed up Chrome but it’s still invariably slooow.

So here’s the thing: the next time your browser crawls, glance in the bottom left edge of the browser.  Does it say: “Downloading Proxy Script?”  If so, here’s a quick fix to make Chrome stop the shenanigans and just load your websites.

Downloading Proxy Script in Chrome

The “Downloading proxy script” zinger is often a corollary of how your PC is configured to connect to the internet.  A proxy is the middle man you use to get out to the interwebs.

Some IT departments use proxies to filter data, control content or improve performance.  Others use it as a way to connect to the corporate network.  Whatever the case may be, you can often resolve the problem by disabling Automatically Detect Settings in your Internet Options.

Let’s do this.


Press the Windows logo key and enter this phrase:

internet options

Now click the Connections tab and choose the LAN settings button nestled in the bottom corner of the window.

Windows 8.1 Internet Options

Uncheck Automatically detect settings and click all the OK buttons to close out the windows.

Disabling Automatically Detect Settings in Internet Options

Now the next time you kick open Chrome it should load without any issues.  Let me know if that didn’t work for you in the comments.


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  • Goom

    This hasn’t worked for me. This is the only solution I have been able to find anywhere, has anyone else have any other suggestions? Just started happening last week and while it isn’t debilitating it is frustrating.

    • You can open Chrome’s preferences, “Show advanced settings”, see what it says around the “Change proxy settings…” button. For me, it was disabled and said something about an extension managing proxy settings.

      If that’s the case for you, you can disable extensions and then check the preferences again until the button becomes enabled. For me, it was the “Media Hint” extension (which proxies so some videos can play from other countries than intended).

  • sagefire

    This doesn’t answer the question of WHY. I knew how to fix this, disabling that option was just part of my routine troubleshooting steps for the slow/limited connection. What I want to know is what does this message mean and WHY does it happen.

    • David Do

      Think of it like this (as an example and not necessarily reflective of actual settings): when it’s checked, every time you boot Chrome, it’s as if the cache or memory of the previous session is cleared and it doesn’t know how to connect to the internet, so it has to communicate to and ask your router/ISP what settings it needs to connect to the internet. Since its set up to do this automatically, it will go and check every time. Sort of like, if there was a training manual on how to brush your teeth and you were required, every morning (or whenever you brush your teeth) to check the training manual in case any changes were made to the directions of how to brush your teeth, you would then have to spend a few minutes reading over the manual which you already read. Now if your computer stays on, you never signed out of windows (presuming you use windows), it never or it explorer never crashed, etc. then it would be as if you stayed in the bathroom and knew for sure that no changes were made to the manual. BUt as soon as you left the bathroom (put comp on standby/sleep/update chrome and restarted/etc.) then you wouldn’t know if changes were made and you have to read it all over again.
      With it unchecked, it’s going to use the last known configuration because it’s not being told to go ‘learn how to connect to the internet’ again.
      2 months later but I hope that answered your question. Sorry if that was dummed down too much, leave a reply and I’ll leave you the technical explanation.

    • MetusBatmanV3

      Stop lying, moron.

  • i cant uncheck “Automatically detect settings” because it is greyed out so i cant change it haw do you fix this

    • Aditya Narayan

      try doing it in an administrator account

  • AlbertoRadhames

    Wonderful! It worked, thanks!!!

  • Pgeen

    Thank you so much!!

  • standerdboyz

    Its working fine. Finally my chrome has back to normal. Thanks mate. Appreciated

  • Heidi Haffner

    You are awesome! It’s amazing how speedier it is now to load pages.

  • Steve Shortnose

    Thank you that worked a treat! Much appreciated 🙂

  • siddharth sykam

    Thank you so much
    It not only solved that problem, also i was not able to connect to steam,uplay and adobe was not downloading. After trying this everything is normal. It was horrible for me, i was searching web for 3 days trying everything i even reinstalled the windows twice but still nothing was working.
    You are a life saver

  • Adam Wayne Rivilla

    lamat boang

  • Gilbert Gia

    entering “internet options” didn’t work, but I was able to get there another way. Anyway, it worked. Thanks!

  • JeffDev

    I changed from FF to Chrome due to RDP issues with Windows 7/10 and certain CSS/UI animation issues, and developer mode issues that basically would pause my session for minutes at a time. Chrome fixed this and was blazing fast, I was giddy.

    Two months later and it’s not much better than FF, but in different ways… getting slower and slower, forgetting (GMAIL of all things) logins/passwords, slow start up, slow everything.

    So this did work for me for 1/100 issues I have with Chrome and made my day a little better.


  • Lori Bradshaw

    Thank you so very much for the help!!!!! It works so much better now. That stupid “downloading proxy settings” was driving me crazy!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

  • Lisa Dames

    Seems to have worked for me just now…hopefully the fix will continue! Thanks for the help!

  • VAFlash

    Tried this, but every time I uncheck the “Automatically detect settings” box, and then go back to see if it stayed unchecked, the box is still checked. Seem I’m not allowed to uncheck it.

  • Naren

    Thanks…works for me, now Chrome opens instantly.

  • Sankeerth Melkodur

    Thank you …
    It works.

  • George Pitsilis

    It works. Thank you very much.

  • Harsh Gautam

    It works!

  • Shane Hennan

    That worked for me. Much appreciated.

  • Virag Padalkar

    This worked, thanks!