Did you know Windows 7 mainstream support ended yesterday?

How do you feel about the number 13?  Are you superstitious?

Well yesterday, January 13th, marked the end of mainstream support for Windows 7.

Let me explain…

When Windows XP reached its day of doom most people breathed a sign a relief but some gasped.

Half thought: “I’m glad I’m not using Windows XP, I’m on Windows 7 hah” and the other half thought: “Crap, but I love XP.  Why doesn’t Microsoft love me too?” (okay, hopefully you weren’t thinking that)

Anyway, it was a pretty big deal and today Windows 7 is a big deal.  According to December 2014 data from NetMarketShare, Windows 7 still gets the gold for popularity.  In fact, over half the worlds systems are running Windows 7 which is why Microsoft’s lifecycle fact sheet may have caused your hair to bristle.

No support? Really?

What exactly does this mean?

Microsoft has two support models Mainstream Support and Extended Support.  Microsoft’s doomsday announcement applies to the former.

No mainstream support means no new stuff.  It’s Microsoft’s way of saying, “We’re done developing you”.  This means, as of yesterday, you won’t find any novel enhancements for Windows 7. The improvement playbook is closed forever.

But what about patches and security updates?

That’s what Extended Support is all about.  Windows 7 won’t fall out Extended Support scope until January 14th 2020 so you can breath easily.  So just because Windows 7 no longer has mainstream support doesn’t mean your computer is insecure.  It just means it won’t get anything knew.

It’s like a auto enthusiast who has reached the end of his spending frenzy.  He’s maxed out his paycheck on the paint job, rims and stereo system (Mainstream support) but he still has an emergency fund for general repairs (Extended Support).

What’s next?

Any takers on when Microsoft released Windows 7?  Don’t Google it, think and guess first.

Okay you have your answer?


It’s the year Michael Jackson died and 3G usage peaked.

So what’s next?

Well, in just a few days, Microsoft will purportedly unveil its newest creation to the world as a consumer preview: Windows 10.  Tech geeks everywhere have been relying on Virtualbox to kick the Windows 10 technical preview around but in a few days (Wednesday, January 21st to be exact) we’ll have something better.

How do you think the world will respond to this?  Is it even a big deal?  Sound off in the comments below.


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