Pasting stuff into Putty faster than the speed of light

Did you ever play with Silly Putty when you were a kid?

I don’t know how I got mine.

Maybe I stole it from the smelly kid who always had a bugger dangling from his noise.  Maybe someone brought it for me as a gift.  iWho knows – but I remember receiving that pink easter egg container, cracking it open and cautiously molding this strange new substance with my fingers.  It looked like Laffy Taffy but was redolent of rubber.  And it was super malleable so I could mold it into virtually any shape I wanted.  How’s that for a 3D printer?

Silly Putty was the world’s first manual 3D printer.

Well I think it’s silly to talk about silly putty any longer.  Today I just want to talk about the PuTTY Configuration tool adored by admins all over the world.  Copying and pasting text is a tried and true tradition that everyone knows how to do but putting stuff into your PuTTy window might not be as straightforward.

Everyone knows Ctrl + v is the universal key combination for pasting stuff into PC apps; however, if you open PuTTY and bang it out you might see a carat character followed by an upper case V.


The shell might even try to execute the command not realizing that you want to paste in content not execute the key combination itself.

Pressing ctrl+v in a PuTTy window

A better way to paste stuff into your PuTTy windows is to press:

Shift + Ins

This is tantamount to pressing Ctrl + v

Or alternatively you can simply hit Ctrl + c to copy the command from your source and then right click in the Putty window to paste.

The act of right clicking the black void automatically dumps the contents of the clipboard into the prompt.

Dumping the clipboard into PuTTy

I think that pasting text this way is almost commensurate with the speed of light.  It really doesn’t get an easier and faster than this.


If you want to do the reverse, copying from Putty to something else such as Notepad, just drag a selection over the text.

Copying from PuTTy to Notepad

The selection drag grabs the text and allow you to use Ctrl + v to paste it anywhere you like.

Simple but powerful.  I like that.

As you can see, there’s nothing silly about these Putty tricks!  If you have any of your own share in the comments below.


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  • gerundi

    You can paste in PuTTY with right mouse button click