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Get thousands of HD wallpapers for your iPhone 6 Plus - fixedByVonnie

Get thousands of HD wallpapers for your iPhone 6 Plus

Happy New Year!

It’s the first day of 2015 and the first thing you need to do after sobering up is to incinerate that insipid default wallpaper on your iPhone.

In the past, I showed you my top 5 sites that have the most beautiful desktop wallpapers on the interwebs, well today I’m doing the same thing for your iPhone.

Since more people are replacing their desktop machines with leaner more nimble mobile devices, it only makes sense to make the background images look grand.

To celebrate the New Year in style I’m going to show you where to download over 1,000 HD wallpapers for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  All of these wallpapers are top quality and I’ve already downloaded a bunch and use them on my iPhone 6 Plus.

Okay, let me quit my yapping and get on with the show.

Roll with me playa…

Let’s start with the best of the best.

1. iPhoneWalls

iPhoneWalls.net has an eclectic collection of spice for your iPhone.  In fact, the last I checked it amassed over 4,000 iPhone wallpapers; however, you shouldn’t be fooled by this prodigious number.

I’ve discovered that most of the wallpapers here are merely motivational quotes written in fancy topography over licentiousness pictures of supermodels.

These are lame.

Why?  Because they are prosaic and uninspired.

Anyone can take a picture of some hot girl and slap some “feel-good” quote on top of it.  If you want to sanctify your phone you need to dig for the gold.

And that’s what I did.

I dug and exhumed a few gems that you absolutely have to download to your iPhone.  In my estimation, the best wallpapers have the uncanny ability to fill your heart with awe and wonder not just make you nod and say, “cool“.

For example, iPhoneWalls has an evocative wallpaper of a nebula that exists hundreds of millions of light-years from earth.  Conversely, on the opposite end of the scale spectrum, is a beautiful byzantine photo of your system board.

Experience the magic.

The other thing I love about this site are the copious categories that cover every section I could dream of.  You can see wallpapers from Typography to Technology.  From Shelves to Places.  It’s all here for your consumption.

Incidentally, in addition to iPhone 6 plus wallpapers, you’ll find a trove of wallpapers for the smaller iPhone 6 and his noble progeny (the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4)

Download iPhone Wallpapers at iPhoneWalls.net

2. Imgur

Imgur (pronounced “Imager”) is a image hosting service that contains some of the webs most viral images.  Many reddit.com users either post or link to popular images here and I’ve noticed that some of the webs most infectious photos originate from this little site.

Most people realize you can cull images from imgur but did you know you can also grab some of the most creative wallpapers for your iPhone from here?

Again, it’s one of those things that isn’t obvious but if you search for them you’ll find it.

Here are my top three places on imgur to download the best HD wallpapers for your iPhone.

17 HD iPhone 6 Plus Wallpapers

17 is a small number but these images are big on value.  You’ll revel in everything from the infinite expanse of galaxies to the frozen tundra of the arctic.

imgur.com wallpaper images

100 HD iPhone 6 Plus Wallpapers

Alright so maybe gorgeous sunsets are trite.

You’ve seen them all – lucky you.

And maybe you’re tired of staring into the cosmos, being transfixed by placid lakes so still they resemble glass and marveling in breathtaking beaches suffused with golden light.

Alright, I’ll say that you’re a weird one, but hey – we’re all a little wierd in our own ways so I can respect that.

If I described you, then you’ll like what I have in store for you next.  Inside this imgur link is an array of esoteric images featuring portraits of marsupials in stylish rain gear.

You’ll also see mind twisting optical illusions, captivating patterns and ultra realistic textures that will not only transform your iPhone but also make you look more interesting to the world.

Now that’s a win win isn’t it?


One immense image list

Who doesn’t like freedom of choice?  If you still feel stifled by what I’ve given you and want more options then…

Well, the list doesn’t get any more mammoth than this.

MadMan Specter posted almost 1,000 riveting backgrounds for your iPhone 6 Plus.  Most of these wallpapers are expertly digitally enhanced images or original pieces of art.  The majority are abstract and a few are sketches scanned and touched up in Adobe Illustrator.

I strongly exhort you, no I command you, to check this site out now.  lol.

You simply cannot afford to pass this site over.  If you’re serious about getting the most unique wallpapers for your iPhone then you absolutely need to bookmark and visit.  It’s that good.

Over 900 HD wallpapers for your iPhone 6 Plus

3 Brian Parkerson’s abstract archive

Brian Parkerson is an aviation enthusiast who also has a fervid love for graphics design.  On his Google+ page, you’ll see a myriad of photos but today we’re going to hone our attention on the collection he posted on 11/8/14.

These abstract images were originally designed for Android 5.0; however, you can still outfit your iPhone with them.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell Apple about your tryst with Google.

The best way I can describe Bryan’s style is…


In other words, it’s the most original wallpaper art I’ve ever seen and I don’t think anyone could perfectly imitate it.

His work portrays geometric shapes of paper mache, perfectly composed and arranged into kaleidoscopic patterns.  Looking at Parkerson’s stuff is like looking into a kaleidoscope and taking a snapshot before the image changes.

You truly need to see what this guy is up to.

Visit his Google+ page and follow him.

Brian Parkerson's Google+ Page

Alright, so if you’ve been keeping count I’ve given you well over 1,000 wallpapers.

Go ahead and swim through the delicious deluge and fish out your favorites.

Changing the iPhone wallpaper

Oh wait, one last thing!

I shouldn’t assume that you know how to change the wallpaper on your iPhone.  Here’s how to pull it off in iOS 8:

To change the wallpaper, you can ask Siri:

change wallpaper

or you can go to tap over to Settings and flick down to Wallpaper.

iPhone 6 Wallpaper setting

Then you just touch Choose a New Wallpaper and and browse the photos you just downloaded from the web.  It’s in your Camera Roll.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to making your phone stand out there’s no substitute for these invidious wallpapers.

If you want to engender cupidity among your co-workers, if you want to elicit envy from your friends, if you want to set yourself apart from the bevy of iPhone drones out there using the boring default wallpapers on their devices, then use my recommendations!

And tell me what you think of my list in the comments below!

Thanks for reading – you could have been out partying, dancing in the New Year with booze and music but you chose to read my site.  You chose to take the time out of your day and spend it with me.

And for that – I’m thankful.  Thanks for reading.  I’ve got some big things in store for fixedByVonnie in 2015 so keep me bookmarked so you can be part of the event.


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