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20 of the best shortcuts that work in every browser - fixedByVonnie

20 of the best shortcuts that work in every browser

All browsers have their idiosyncrasies right?

Chrome crawls, Internet Explorer crashes, and Firefox flops.

Most of us learn to deal with issues.  I mean if Internet Explorer is your thing, I won’t upbraid you for that.  But amid the eclectic personalities of our browsers, there is one unifying function that connects them all: keyboard shortcuts.

Today, I’m giving you 20 of my best keyboard shortcuts that should work in every browser on your PC.  That’s right – all of em!

This way you only have to remember one list and then you can apply it to any browser you want.

Chizzeck it out…

Let’s start with navigating the web.  Most people click the front and back arrows to get around; however, do you seriously want to be most people?

I didn’t think so.  Here’s how to break out of the mold and do things the smarter way:

Navigation neccessities

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcut for going forward and back

Go back

Alt + Left Arrow key

Go Forward

Alt + Right Arrow key

Hard Refresh, dumps cache and pulls down fresh content.  Better than a normal reload.

Shift + F5

Stop the page from loading


Go to your home page

Alt + Home

Skip to the very top of the page


Skip to the very bottom of the page


Tractable Tabs

Reopen the last tab you closed

Ctrl + Shift + t

Switch to the tab numbered from the left.  For example, if the second tab is Google.com you press Ctrl + 2

Ctrl + 1 through 8

Switching tabs by number using your keyboard

Close the current tab

Ctrl + w

Open a sparkling fresh, new tab

Ctrl + t

Open a completely new browser window

Ctrl + w

Zoom Zeal

Zoom zoom zoom.  Here’s how to make stuff big, small, full-screen and normal again.

Get big, enlarge everything!  Wait that sounds weird.

Ctrl + mousewheel up

Zooming in the browser window

Zoom out so you can get more stuff on the screen

Ctrl + mousewheel down

Reset zoom to normal view

Ctrl + 0 (that's a zero)

Maximize the window full screen


Search Shortcuts

If you’re like me, you spend 99% of your time finding stuff on the web.  The other 1% is spent reading.  Hopefully you’ll devote that 1% to my website.

Here’s how to find stuff – fast.

Find phrase in page


Finding text in a web page with F3

Find the next match after pressing F3


Everything else

View your history

Ctrl + h

Viewing your history in your browser

Don’t ask my why I was searching for Milli Vanilli…

Girl you know it’s truueee.  Ohh, ohh ooh I love you

View your download history

Ctrl + j

Clear all your stuff and make it history!

Ctrl + Shift + Del

That’s it!  Now don’t you feel like a keyboard king?  Or to all my ladies: a keyboard queen?

If you feel that way, shout at me in the comments below.  I need to feel your joy hahaa.


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