How can I disable drop shadows in Windows 10?

Sometimes I get the feeling that Windows 10 is desperately trying to imitate Mac OS X.  I get the notion that Microsoft knows the public has a penchant for the Mac OS X user interface and therefore feels compelled to emulate a few of its shiniest features.

Oversized, large drop shadows is one of them.

Most people will find the drop shadows in Windows 10 really interesting.

I like them and think they make the operating system more enjoyable to use but some people will want to make Windows 10 feel as close to previous versions as possible; so disabling drop shadows could be useful in that case.

Windows 10 Soft Drop Shadows

Removing drop shadows will make the user interface feel flatter and may even improve the performance of your computer.

To get started, press the Windows key and type:

view advanced system settings

Viewing advanced system settings in Windows 10

Now click the first Settings button under the Performance section.

Performance Options should jump onto the screen.

Now scroll down the Visual Effects list and uncheck Show shadows under windows.

Windows 10 performance options

When you click OK, drop shadows will immediately vanish and all depth in the operating system is removed.

It’s 100% flat…

Windows 10 is now a truly flat UI

Well except for icons.

These are looking pretty ugly right now.  There’s no need for the text captions to have that silly drop shadow behind it.

Windows 10 icons with Drop Shadows

To fix this, just go back to the Performance Options screen and uncheck Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop.

Disabling use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop

The difference is subtle, but all my artsy fartsy peeps out there will appreciate it.

Windows 10 icons with Drop Shadows

What do you think?


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