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3 ways to organize the bookmark bar in Chrome - fixedByVonnie

3 ways to organize the bookmark bar in Chrome

Oh browser bookmarks!  Are they not the paradigm of digital neatness?  Everyone loves to bookmark interesting sites.

As we scour the web laughing at silly kitten captions, checking the latest news headlines or viewing viral videos on Vimeo, we tend to compulsively save compelling content to our bookmarks.   And we usually make the resolution to revisit those site but rarely do.

I think half of us never use our bookmarks and the other half want to use them but can’t find what they’re looking for because the bookmarks are disseminated across multiple folders.

Well today I’ve got some good news for you.  I’ll show you how to not only quickly organize your bookmarks but also make them prettier.  And we’re going to do this without using any browser extensions!

I can see the excitement in your eyes already.  Keep reading for my three tips to bookmark bliss.

First I need you to squelch any assumptions you’ve held about browser bookmarks.

Some people says bookmark bars are ugly and others say they consume precious screen space but today I’m going to show you how to solve both problems in Chrome.

We’re going to display the bookmark bar as a thin sliver directly under the address bar and instead of displaying the full site name, we’ll truncate the text leaving only the favicon.  This will allow you to get more bookmarks in the bar and also make it easier to quickly identify your favorite sites by their avatars.

Check it out – this isn’t convoluted.

Bookmark Magic

For my first act I will show you how to conjure up the bookmark bar in Chrome.

Bookmark Bar in Chrome

1. Quickly displaying the bookmark bar in Chrome

Ha, the bookmark bar! Sounds like a pub for bibliophiles!

Okay, so that was cheesy but who cares – I’m a cheesy guy so you should expect heavy dosages of cheese from time to time.

To display the bookmark bar in Chrome, just press Ctrl + Shift + b.  Press it a few times so you can watch it toggle on and off.

2. Pretty icons at the bar

Who wouldn’t like to walk into a bar and find a bevy of fine favicons waiting for you to click their buttons?

Haha, I’m having too much fun.

The first thing we need to do is remove the extraneous text to the right of each icon.

Right click a bookmark and press the letter e on your keyboard.  This is the same thing as choosing Edit… from the context menu.

Editing bookmarks on the Chrome Bookmark Bar

When the Edit Bookmark window arrives, hit the Delete key on your keyboard to clear the bookmark name and press Enter to confirm the change.

Editing Bookmark names in Chrome

You’ll notice the Bookmark bar looks a little sleeker now because it only displays the site icon.

Do this for as many bookmarks as you it’ll look neat like mine!

Google Chrome Bookmark Bar Slick

If you forget what an icon means, just mouse over the icon and you’ll see the absolute URL as a tooltip.

3. Adding dividers to the bookmark bar

But what happens if you want to group related bookmark icons together?  Is there a way to separate bookmark categories in that tiny little bookmark bar?


Check out separator.mayastudios.com/index.php.

Sebastian “Manski” Krysmanski is a computer programmer based in Stuttgart, Germany who created a beautifully simple website that lets you effortlessly add dividers to the Chrome bookmark bar.

Since the icons in the bookmark bar are really just tiny icons called favicons, Sebastian just created a “divider icon” that matches the height of the bookmark bar.  So all you’re doing is dragging a favicon to the bookmark bar that happens to be a vertical divider.

Adding a vertical separator to the bookmark bar

And now everything is in the right place.

Chrome Bookmarks Separators

Isn’t that nice?

Do you have any tricks for the bookmark bar that have been working for you?  Don’t keep it inside, share the gold in the comments below!


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