Keep your computer spiffy with Clean Master for Windows

I always use Clean Master Phone Boost on my Galaxy S4.

Almost every day, I tap and drag the little Clean Master broom icon across the screen which instantly frees up memory and cache.  I also like how the app warns me when my phone is getting too hot, protects my CPU by killing off battery munching apps and makes it super easy to uninstall apps that I haven’t used in a while.

Today, you can bring all the greatness of Clean Master Phone Boost to your Windows PC.  It’s 100%, installs in seconds and really seems to get the job done.

Clean Master for Windows claims to remove 90% of computer freezing problems by scanning over 500 popular programs.  So if you’re computer is acting funny you might want to consider adding this to your anti-malware-computer-performance-boosting toolkit.

Getting clean!

Go to then download and install the app.

Installing Clean Master for PC

The installation quickly completes and then immediately gets to work scanning your PC.

Scanning my PC with Clean Master for PC

The first thing you’ll notice about this program is that it’s lightning fast. My scan completed in less than 5 minutes and displayed 13.55GB of junk files and registry entries.

The second thing you’ll notice is that the results are really easy to understand.

The dashboard groups junk files into three tidy categories:

  • System cache
  • Web cache
  • Other Software (which includes video and registry junk)

If you want to view more information about the item before deleting it, click the Details link next to the folder.

Clean Master for PC scan results

Here I clicked on the Details link for my temp files and was able to see a more granular breakdown of my files sorted by size.

If I decide there’s something I want to keep, I can just click the Ignore button.

Clean Master for PC details

When you’re ready to scan, click the big green Clean Now button and sit back and relax.

If Clean Master finds any important files, it’ll display them in a pop-up warning before proceeding.  You can then view details about the files or clean up each individual item.

Clean Master for PC will warn you before cleaning stuff

After cleaning the system you’ll get a pretty report with the results.

I just saved 13 GB of space so I’m feeling pretty good right now.

Clean Master for PC junk cleaned results

You can also tweak the settings to remind you less often and only when the junk reaches a certain threshold.

Clean Master for PC settings

The Bottom Line

Clean Master for Windows is a winning application.  It’s simplicity and clean interface makes it easy to use and it’s speed makes it fun to use too.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.


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