How to force reboot or shutdown your Mac from the Keyboard

It’s Monday evening.


And you just finished a long day of work.  Now it’s time to take your Macbook home with you but then the inevitable happens.

Everything locks up!

Your computer is frozen like a solid cube of arctic ice.  You don’t have a second to spare because you need to catch the train but you don’t want to drain your battery by leaving it on either.

Welcome to the forced shutdown.

The first thing I would try to do is close down the frozen application.

Each time you press Cmd + Opt + Shift + Esc, your Mac will attempt to terminate each application in the foreground.

So for example, if you were just using Photoshop and it froze, Cmd + Opt + Shift + Esc will attempt to close Photoshop but not your other apps.

Image credit Kev De Los Santos via Flickr

If that doesn’t work; and you’re computer is frozen harder than a cryonically frozen Superman, press Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + Eject to instantly shut down your Mac without any warnings or alerts.

This is a fast one so it’s pretty dangerous.  So make sure you really want to force it down this way before you hit this keyboard shutdown.


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