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The easy way to split PDFs with Foxit PDF Reader - fixedByVonnie

The easy way to split PDFs with Foxit PDF Reader

This morning I received a massive PDF document from a vendor that contained multiple invoices.  I mean, I get it right?  A single document containing multiple invoices is easy to send as an email attachment.  And since one PDF bundles all invoices I’m less likely to lose an invoice.

But in terms of financial accounting, I need to track and submit these invoices separately.  Thus, I needed an easy way to extract each invoice from the document and save it as its own PDF.

Here’s how I pulled it off and how you can too.

First of all, you absolutely need to incinerate Adobe Reader.  If you actually love using Adobe Reader, stop visiting my site and don’t talk to me because we aren’t friends anymore.

I repeat never never use Adobe Reader.  I find very few PDF readers more loathsome, no wait that word isn’t explicit enough, I find very few PDF readers more abominable than Adobe Reader.

That bloated and inefficient application will suck the life out of your computer.  And it’ll suck away your life too.  I can’t tell you how many times I received those vexing “Update Adobe Reader” notifications.

I just don’t get it.

I don’t get why an application that has one purpose in life: display PDFs, needs so many damn updates.  It’s beyond me.  And then sometimes even the stupid updater itself needs an update!

Just take my advice and remove Adobe Reader from your computer and avow to never use it again.  Instead of Adobe Reader, we’re going to use Foxit PDF Reader.  It is my defacto PDF reader and it eclipses Adobe Reader by an infinite margin.

Okay I’m done ranting, that diatribe was a catharsis for me.

Now that I’ve expressed my disdain for Adobe Reader I can calm down and focus on the best PDF reader I know: Foxit.

Download FoxitPDF Reader

Download Foxit Reader 6 and install the application.

Installing Foxit PDF Reader

There’s a lot of stuff Foxit can do for you but today we’re going to focus on a little trick I discovered.

We’re about to split monolithic PDFs as easy as a knife splits jello.

To make this work you need both Foxit PDF Reader and Google Chrome.  You could probably make this work using a different browser but I don’t care about the others so I only tested it in Chrome.

Here’s the trick:

Open Chrome and drag and drop your obese PDF into the Chrome main window (also known as the viewport).

It doesn’t matter what website your browser defaults to, we just need to display the PDF in Chrome so we can conjure up the print dialog box.

Dragging a PDF into Chrome

When the PDF appears in the browser, scroll down to the section you want.  Pay close attention to the page numbers displayed in the right while scrolling.  We need to remember the page range so we can print that section to a PDF.

PDF Page number

I’m going to print out pages 310 and 311 from Jon Ducket’s excellent book titled HTML&CSS design and build websites.


Press Ctrl + p to bring up the Print screen.

Change the Destination printer from your home printer to Foxit Reader PDF Printer and then type in your desired range.

You can confirm you’re printing the right pages by scrolling through the preview in the right pane.

Print part of a PDF in Foxit PDF  reader

Now just hit the print button and save your split PDF page to your Desktop.

Saving Part of a PDF to your Desktop

You can’t see it from the screenshot above but I prefixed the file name with the phrase “Box-Model-” because my freshly split PDF is a summary of a web design concept called the Box model.

And there you have it.

You can see both the full PDF and the split PDF juxtaposed in complete harmony.

Split PDFs happy to live side by side

Splitting PDFs has never been so easy.


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  • David Grimberg

    You don’t need foxit for that. Printing to PDF is a native part of Chrome regardless of what PDF reader or readers you may have installed.

  • Vytautas Ribikauskas

    You don’t need browser for that – just print from foxitreader itself.

    • David C

      Agreed, I just did it by choosing Foxit PDF writer from my list of possible “printers”, and printing certain pages to a new PDF file, rather than paper. No need for a browser at all.

  • Luke Wilson

    haha I have been using foxit for a few years, one of the first things I do is remove adobe and install foxit. love your comment. …”you absolutely need to incinerate Adobe Reader. If you actually love using Adobe Reader, stop visiting my site and don’t talk to me because we aren’t friends anymore” Thanks for the tip

  • brahim

    perfect weel done
    its more heplful thanks agian brother

  • Eliz

    Thanks for the tip! Also share your disdain for Adobe!!!! :0

  • Jonathan David Finch

    This is great! I’d rather drive 7 hours in a farting Indian’s car than use Adobe reader.

  • Yoel Feuermann

    Great! Thank you so much.

  • alphamail

    Just downloaded Foxit! Love it! I was having a hard time doing just this with Adobe Reader in Windows 8. It was driving me bonkers trying to split pages. Adobe is very limited. This page helped me quite a bit. Thanks!

  • Fred Dunsaas

    Fuck, I love Foxit Reader but only up till version 2-3, which probably doesn’t have this function… at least 2.3 doesn’t have it. It just become such a bloated piece of shit, rather like Adobe.



  • Ali Fanaei

    thank you great

  • kev

    any way to do this while preserving bookmarks?

  • whisperingsage

    I saved it to my external hard drive, however now I can’t open it from there. And my stupid new laptop won’t let me pick “open with Foxit. ” it doesn’t give me a list to pick from, it tells me to look online for an app.

  • Brian Capshaw

    Browser or no, this worked great. Thanks, Vonnie!