WSCC is the bomb

If you’re an IT administrator or just a guy who wants to garner as much information as possible from your computer, then you need to grab the Windows System Control Center (WSCC) right now.

WSCC  is a toolbox featuring almost 300 mini-applications that, over the years, were developed and perfected by NirSoft and Sysinternals: two of the biggest names in professional administrative tools for Windows.

To get started, head on over to, download the application and zip through the installation wizard.

Welcome to the WSCC Setup Wizard

The first time you run WSCC, it’ll hit the web to grab the latest editions of all the Nirsoft and Sisinternals tools.

WSCC Update Manager

Click Install and then wait for all the updates to finish.  On my computer it took about 15 minutes before everything was ready.

Installing updates in WSCC

Once it installs you’ll have a myriad of tools accessible through a convenient dashboard.

Show all items in WSCC

There’s a lot going on here but if you glance over in the left pane you’ll see they’re all grouped by:

  • SysInternals
  • NirSoft
  • Windows

You can also easily search for any tool by typing the name in the search box in the upper right corner of the window

For example to get Process Explorer I simply clicked in the search box and started typing.  It automatically filtered the search results with each keystroke.

Finding stuff in WSCC

Incidentally, I wrote a little introduction on using Process Explorer like a Pro so I definitely recommend you check that out too.

You can also add your favorite tools to a convenient list in the upper portion of the left pane. The total number of favorites is displayed in the bottom right corner of the window.  You can see I only have 3 favorite right now.

WSCC Add to favorites


To add a favorite command, in the right pane, right click the command name on the button and choose Add to Favorites from the context menu.

Add to favorites in WSCC

If you’re not sure what a particular tool does click Search Online…  Your search engine will pop on the screen with alacrity and you’ll have a good idea what the command can do for you.

WSCC is the bomb diggy

So what do you think about the Windows System Control Center (WSCC)?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to show you how to get rid off all the junk in your inbox.  There’s no better way to ruin a good morning than to see a bunch of unwanted emails sitting there all garnering for your attention.  That’s why tomorrow I’m going to show you how to regain control of your inbox.

Stay tuned! Same channel same place. has you covered.


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  • Was not aware of this at all! Going to go grab it now! Thanks for sharing Vonnie!

  • David Leigh

    I’ve been using WSCC for a few years now. As a free-lance IT technician and the volunteer network admin at a small private school, it’s essential. It’s part of my standard setup on Windows machines at school and it’s always on my USB flash drive.

    Combine WSCC and LiberKey and you’ve got quite a toolbox in your pocket.

    One thing to note, however, is that you’ll need to tell your anti-virus to ignore the WSCC installation because of all the excellent NirSoft forensic tools!