Here’s why you should download the Google Chrome Software Removal Tool right now

Is Chrome dragging along slower than normal? Is Chrome constantly crashing?  Or did your homepage suddenly changed itself?

Or maybe you’ve noticed weird popups or toolbars that you’ve never seen before and despite your valiant efforts to fix your browser you still can’t return it to the halycon days it enjoyed the day after you installed it.

It’s time to make things right.

You might suspect malware and run something like Malwarebytes to cure the problem; however, sometimes even the best anti-malware programs can’t remove the vile forces that are debilitating your browser.

That’s why Google released the Chrome Software Removable Tool.  Think of it like your ultimate plan for avenging your browser.  We’re about to slay some malware baby.

Slaying software with the Software Removal Tool

The moment you download and execute the Software Removal Tool, it instantly scans Chrome for junkware and then lets you destroy extensions, cookies and cache that could be choking the life out of your browser.  In other words, you can use the Software Removal Tool to nuke the bad guys and return Chrome to the blithe days of its youth.

Here’s how to get started:

Getting jiggy with the tool

Get the Chrome Software Removal Tool from and then listen to Will Smith’s Getting Jiggy wit it so you can have something to jam too while your browser gets fixed.

Download the Google Chrome Software Removal Tool

Run the download when it finishes.  If you can’t find it for some reason type this in the address bar:


Viewing your Downloads in Google Chrome

When you run the program, Google will immediately get to work scanning Chrome for suspicious programs.

Google Chrome Software Removal Tool Scanning for Suspicious Programs

If it finds any bad guys, it’ll let you remove them and will automatically give you the option to reset your browser to the factory settings.

Resetting the browser reverts it to the way it was at day one.  You won’t lose your bookmarks or saved passwords but virtually everything else in Chrome will vanish.

For example, say goodbye to your stale, crumbly web cookies, pinned tabs and extensions.  You can read the full list of what the reset cleans on Google’s website.

Reset Google Chrome Settings

The Bottom Line

Think of the Google Software Removal Tool as the panacea for all your Chrome issues.  In my experience most people think their entire computer is slow when really it’s just a single program that’s freqently used.

If your Grandmother or friend is complaining about slow internet or wierd popups – ask them if they’re using Chrome.  Then slip them this little tool – the nice part is there’s little user involvement needed to get it working.

You just download and run it and the tool automatically takes care of the rest.  You can read more about the Google Software Removal Tool from Google.

By the way, you can take Getting jiggy wit it off repeat now.  That song is funky but gets old fast.


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  • madethatway

    Only three things wrong with this ‘software removal tool’ that I can find:

    1. When this program believes it’s found something, it doesn’t tell you what ‘it’ is – it just (apparently) ‘removes’ whatever it doesn’t like and leaves you none the wiser.

    2. After this futile little exercise is complete, one remains unable to download items from the chrome store and so one repeats the process – just in case one did it wrong the first time.

    3. Rinse, repeat. Often. Like a dog chasing it’s tail. Mind you don’t get dizzy.