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3 facts about the all new iPhone 6 - fixedByVonnie

3 facts about the all new iPhone 6

This morning Apple unveiled the all new iPhone 6 at a keynote event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California.

Phil Schiller, Senior VP of global marketing, unveiled two new iPhones today.  Here’s a quick run down of the top three facts you need to know.

Say hello to the iPhone 6 and his bigger brother: the iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone profile Image Credit via Apple

1. Dazzling displays

The iPhone 5s currently has a 4″ screen but the new iPhone 6 measures up to 4.7″ inches with the iPhone 6 Plus towering over his siblings at a formidable 5.5 inches.

Both phones have new Retina HD displays.  Schiller introduced a new technology called dual domain pixels which he said gives you a broad view from multiple angles while preserving color accuracy.

I take this to mean that now your whole family can huddle around your iPhone and watch Big Bang Theory reruns in HD.

Ha, I’m being facetious but I really don’t understand what the major gain is in viewing the iPhone display from multiple angles.  It’s there though.  I guess the most salient improvement in the display is increased pixel density.

The iPhone 6 has 38% more pixels than the iPhone 5s while the iPhone 6 Plus has an awe-inspiring 185% more pixels than the 5S.  That’s pretty amazing.  The concomitant result of all these packed pixels is sharper images, brighter colors and truer blacks.

2. Better battery life

iPhone 6 Battery image credit via Apple.com

The display actually isn’t the biggest news.  I think the improved battery life is more essential because who cares if your phone looks great if it’s dieing all the time.  What good is a phone with a scintillating display if it dies after a few minutes?

Schiller said you can watch about 11 hours of continuous video and listen to 50 hours of audio on the iPhone 6.  Its bigger brother will give you even more with 80 hours of music and 14 hours of video.

As far as talk time is concerned, you can prattle for a full 14 hours on the iPhone 6; however, if that’s not sufficient you should check out the iPhone 6 Plus.  If you’re in particularly garrulous mood you can talk for a full day, a full 24 hours, non-stop, using 3G on the iPhone 6 plus.

That’s nuts if you ask me.

Also the new 64-bit second generation A8 chip offers sustained performance which means the device can run at full power without getting too hot.

3. Clearer calls

Voice over LTE (say VoLTE say Volt – tee) is the new buzz word.  The iPhone 6 and his nobler cousin the iPhone 6 Plus, have new LTE technology that let you place calls using a Wi-Fi connection.  W

That’s a huge advantage especially if you’re in a place with no cellular reception.  So you can start a call in the subway connected to the local Wi-Fi network there and then when you walk up the steps above ground the phone seemlessly transitions over to the cellular network – all without breaking the  call.  Another big plus is the fact that you get to keep your existing number.  You don’t need to change your number to use VoLTE.

If you’re new to the VoLTE scene , it has been dubbed the new age of wireless calling.

Some advantages is that the voice call is in HD which means your calls sound crisper and you don’t need to download apps to launch video calls.  In addition, VoLTE calls connect faster and are kinder to your batteries.  The drawback is that phone carriers will probably charge a premium for VoLTE and since it’s still in its embryonic stages, you might notice more dropped calls in the beginning.

AT&T and T-Moble are already rolling out Voice over LTE to select cities.  And Verizon is planning to hop aboard the Voice over LTE train too.  Voice over LTE also means that Verizon iPhone customers can finally talk and use data concurrently.

There are actually a litany of other great features such as image stabilization, focus pixels, reachability gesturesiOS 8 (which drops September 17th) and Apply Pay (which is ambitious enough to replace your wallet) but these are the top three you need to know.

So how do you get one?

With a two year contract, you can scoop up a 16GB iPhone 6 for $199 bucks or the iPhone 6 Plus with 16GB for just $100 dollars more.  Phones ship on next Friday but you can reserve your iPhone as early as this Friday.

What do you think of the new iPhone 6?  Share your comments below!


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