How can I see the day of the week in the Windows 8.1 Taskbar Clock?

The system tray displays the time just fine but how many times have you had to push your mouse cursor over the time to view the date?

Sure, it only takes a few seconds hover your mouse over the time and wait for the tooltip to appear with the date.  But, let’s face it.  If the date was permanelty there with the time wouldn’t that be sublime?

Why break your workflow to get the date when we can make it appear all the time?

Check this out

Press the Windows Key + q to zoom to the search panel.   This is a quick way to initiate a search query on your system.

Type Region and squash the enter key.  If you get multiple hits, select the one with the little clock and earth icon.

Windows 8.1 Region Settings

In the Region window, click the Additional settings… button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Region Additional Settings

Hit up the Date tab and check out the first two sections called Example and Date Formats.

You can customize the date to appear in almost any format you want but we’re going to keep things straightforward by making it appear like the Long date field in the Example box.

Long data custom format in Windows 8.1

To do this, just copy the Long date from the Date Formats section and paste it into the Short date text box immediately above it.

Windows Date Formats

The Short Date and Long Date fields should match like so:

Date formats in Windows 8.1

Click OK and you’re done!

Check out how hot that is! haha okay let me stop.

Date and Time in Taskbar

If you still don’t see the date with the time in the bottom right corner, make sure the Taskbar isn’t set to Use small taskbar buttons.  You can verify by right-clicking the Taskbar and going to Properties.

Taskbar and Navigation properties Use small taskbar buttons unchecked

I initially made this mistake but quickly fixed it by unchecking this box.



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