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It's time to change the default font on your Sticky Notes - fixedByVonnie

It’s time to change the default font on your Sticky Notes

Who loves Sticky Notes?

Windows actually ships with the digital equivalent of everyone’s favorite stickie. So instead of affixing those ubiquitous paper stickers to your desk and monitor – you can have an infinite arrangement sprawled out on your digital desktop.

Sticky Notes have actually been present in Windows ever since the ancient Vista days; however, Microsoft still hasn’t created an easy way to change text from the goofy font that resembles Comic Sans Serif.  Today I want to show you a few techniques for not only changing the font but adjusting the font size, controlling spacing and even adding bullet lists.

To conjure Sticky Notes click the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen and type:

sticky notes

A yellow stick square pops on the screen.  Here’s how to get more power out of these noble notes.

Paste pre-formated text into Sticky Notes

If you type in Microsoft Word in your favorite font and then paste it into the Sticky Notes window all the font settings are preserved.  So one way to get your favorite fonts with all the formatting into the Sticky Note is to simply copy and paste.

But this feels so archaic… there must be a better way right?

Ah! There is!

Remember some formatting shortcuts

When it’s time to spruce up your fonts, most of your default word processing commands work.

For example, Ctrl + a selects all text, Ctrl + z will undo your last change.  Ctrl + n creates a new Sticky note and Ctrl + b makes the text bold.

But there’s a bevy of other options that are just as useful but you probably weren’t cognizant of them.  Check this out:

Ctrl + Shift + l (lowercase “L”) gives you lists

Click the cursor into the text you wish to transform into a list then press Ctrl + Shift + l to turn the line into a bulleted line.

Pressing Ctrl + Shift + l a second time changes the bulleted item to a numbered list. Press it again and you’ll have an alphabetically sorted list.

Keep pressing it to get different versions of the list.

Changing the text size

So how do you bump up or shrink the font size in Sticky Notes? It’s all about Ctrl + Shift and the less than or greater than signs.

Ctrl + Shift + > increases the size of the font.  Just select the text you want to bump up and then keep pressing Ctrl + Shift + > to enlarge it.  To remember this shortcut think:

Greater than sign means greater font size

Conversely, pressing Ctrl + Shift + < decreases the size with each hit.

Incidentally, if you hold down the Ctrl key will scrolling the mouse wheel you can increase and decrease all font sizes with one deft flick of your finger.

Sub and superscripts

Superscripts are great for exponents and subscripts work well for footnotes – here’s how to get them in your Sticky Notes:

Type normally then press Ctrl and the equal sign ( = ) to type in the tiny subscript font.  To go back to normal text, hit Ctrl and = again.  Note the “+” sign isn’t included in the shortcut – all you’re doing is pressing the Ctrl key and then the = button.

Similarly, to create superscripts hit Ctrl and Shift +

This looks a little confusing but it’s pretty straightforward.  Just hold down the Ctrl key and the Shift button while tapping the (plus) + key.


To change the vertical spacing between lines select the text you wish to modify then hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the 1, 2 or 5 button.

Use Ctrl + 1 for single spacing, Ctrl + 2 for double spacing or Ctrl + 5 for 1.5 line spacing.

Hack the registry

The default Sticky Notes font is Segoe-Print

By default the Sticky Notes application uses a playful font called Segoe Print. Anyone know how to pronounce that?

If pasting formatted text from Microsoft Word into Sticky Notes doesn’t sound like fun then we can force Sticky Notes to use almost any font on our system with a little registry hack.

Make sure you backup the registry before you proceed then follow me.

Kick open Notepad and paste in the following code:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts]
"Segoe Print (TrueType)"="verdana.ttf"
"Segoe Print Bold (TrueType)"="verdanab.ttf"

Sticky Notes registry hack font fix

Replace verdana.ttf with whatever font you want.  I’m going for Verdana and Verdana bold so I used verdana.ttf and verdanab.ttf accordingly.


You can browse all your fonts by going to the Control panel and searching for fonts.  Or in Windows 8 you can just press the Windows Key and type fonts to get there.


Back in Notepad, click Save As then select the Save as type drop down box to change it from Text Documents (*.txt) to All Files (*.*)

Let’s save it as StickyNotes_Font_Fix.reg.

Sticky Notes Font Fix Save

Now just log off the computer – then login again, pop open the Sticky Notes app and start typing in your new vogue font.

Changed default Sticky Note font to Verdana


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  • slifin

    That font isn’t verdana

  • mznatnat

    Anyway to change the font size?

  • Josh

    Its not working… do I have to add the registry file to the registry when I save it?

    Where Do I save the file to?

    When you say log off, do you mean Restart PC, or just Log Off?

    • Linda Mitchell

      You can save the file anywhere. After saving the file, “StickyNotes_Font_Fix.reg”, click on it to change the font with the registry. Log off and log on. Voila!

  • Linda Mitchell

    Thanks for the tutorial but it’s not complete. After you save the file, you need to click on it to update the font. It took me a few restarts to figure out what was missing.

    • ^_^

      you are right

    • lil_birdy

      I’m glad you said that. I’m on a work computer and i just happen to have admin permissions on my computer… because.. well.. i batted my eyelashes at the right people. But i wouldn’t be able to share this hack with most of my co-workers because it requires that to save a .reg file.

      It worked though!
      Also a tip, depending on how the .tff files are saved, you have to look at their actual saved name in properties, don’t guess. Mine was names Berlin Sans, but it’s saved “BRLNSR”.

    • vaylen

      Don’t you mean “double-click” on it?

    • vaylen
  • stevecs

    This hasn’t really worked for me. I followed the instruction but it has done something weird to the font now and says its “small fonts” and is really blocky. I only tried to changed it to Arial. any suggestions?

  • Romano

    You are a genius!! 🙂 ….many many thanks from me! :like:

  • Romano

    Hey hey!!! You know?! I tried to select a portion of text and then i’ve pressed “Ctrl” + “u” … normally this is for the Underline text format in Ms-Word…. it works well!!! Then, i think, also the others combinations of ‘text formatting’, in Ms-Word’s style, work well! See ya!

  • sinly

    How do I undo this? I dont want verdana any more but I cant alter it?

  • paradoxxxical

    My issue with this is that it dosn’t just change the dafult font for sticky notes to whatever I want, instead it changes what Segoe font becomes, so I can’t actually use the font anymore anywhere without undoing the registry changes

  • sanjayssk

    Nice article! Another related note: If you just want to view the notes zoomed or in a browsable, searchable list, use the free program Sticky7List from helpingthings.com. That also allows you to save a snapshot of your sticky notes in its own special list file fomrat.

  • Steph

    Thanks! Worked like a charm!! Used Arial.ttf

  • Simon Lewis

    Big thanks to all involved here – learnt some new short-cuts and got a source of irritation out of my life (I have two screens open and run my “to do” list on stickies)

  • Adam

    How do I remove this ‘registry hack’ and put it back to how it was?

    • Ann_Onymous

      I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but my guess is that you would just set the font names on the right hand side of the equals signs to segoep.ttf and segoeprb.ttf, respectively.

    • vaylen
  • noetico

    thank you so much ! practical.

  • Narnce Lim

    Easiest way is to copy off the sticky note… onto a new word doc… select all and change font to whatever you want…. select all and copy and paste over original text on sticky note… done. if you don’t want to play around with the computer settings… this is the best and easiest way to do it.

  • Guy Dahan

    Thanks for this! Really helped me.

  • Barb Nelson

    Thanks much. Too bad MS doesn’t make this handy little app more user friendly but I picked up some useful tips here. Much appreciated!

  • Barb Nelson

    How about making colored fonts? Is there a keyboard shortcut for assigning colors?

    • Rekha Bajaj

      Yes you can.Select all the text from Sticky notes to Word. Select all the test(ctrl+A). Change the color of the font you wish. Open a new sticky notes and copy. you will see the changed color and the new text you type will also be in your fav color.

  • natespapa09

    Thanks for this. I know this is an old post, but we are still using Windows 7, as I assume many are at work, and this makes my sticky’s look so much better.

  • Dina M.

    Thanks for this Vonnie! I tried the registry hack a while ago and it worked great. Now that I want to safely remove this hack from my registry, how do I go about doing so? I really don’t want to screw up my computer by simply deleting the file.

  • Dekkhhasso

    Didn’t work for me. After restarting, and tried to run the saved file a window popped up and said cannot import and there are errors. Guess I’ll stick to copy pasting,

  • JM

    I’ve been using sticky notes for years and I didn’t know there are ways to change everything. Thanks for the info!

  • Fluffbutt

    Nothing,nothing, nothing:(. This was a waste of my own good time. I recommend not doing this because it is a complete waste of time and does not work.