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How to install Android apps to your SD card by default - fixedByVonnie

How to install Android apps to your SD card by default

From the moment I walked into PC Richard and Son, I was greeted by a swarm of officious salesmen with kinetic personalities and avaricious appetites.

These guys were hopeless to make a sell; they saw me as a delicious meal on a plate lined with credit cards and would stop at nothing to secure a deal. I briskly walked pass these guys and made my way to the file storage section.

After all, I came here for one purpose: I wanted to augment the storage in my phone with a 32GB microSD card.

The integrated device storage simply wasn’t sufficient to quell my insatiable cravings for hi-res photos, HD videos and lossless audio.  When the proverbial “belly” of my Galaxy S4’s distended until it wasn’t able to eat any more media, that’s when I knew I needed to upgrade.

The problem

So I purchased the card, tore open the box and popped it into my phone.

You can confirm your Galaxy S4 detects the memory card by:

  • Swiping down from the top of the screen with your index finger
  • Tapping the Settings cog
  • Touching the More tab and then flicking down to Storage.

SD Card storage on your Galaxy S4

In addition, I suggest touching Format SD card on new SD cards before trying to save stuff to them.  Obviously, the time needed to format your SD card is contingent on its size; however, it shouldn’t last longer than a few minutes.

After I had my card in place, I thought every app I installed in the future would automatically save itself to the SD card.

I was wrong.

In addition, I couldn’t figure out how to move my existing apps over to the SD card.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to move your apps over to the SD card and also change the behavior of your phone so that it saves new apps there by default.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t move every app just because you can.  I suggest restricting the move to apps that are consuming the most space on your phone.

The easy way

The simplest way to evict apps from the device to your SD card is to open the Application Manager.

You’ll find it lurking under the More tab in Settings.

Inside the Application Manager, swipe to the left once to view a list of all the apps that you can kick to the card.

Galaxy S4 Application Manager SD card

Apps with green checkmarks are already on the SD card so we’ll ignore these guys for now.

We’re looking for the most gluttonous apps without a checkmark.

Once you find the fatty app, tap it open and choose the Move to SD card button.

Move App to SD Card

The slightly harder way

If the app you want to move isn’t showing up here then we need to do a few things:

  1. Enable USB Debugging on the phone
  2. Install Google’s Android SDK
  3. Oracles Java SDK
  4. Plug-in the Galaxy S4

I know it sounds like a laborious list of steps but if you follow my lead it won’t be so bad.

Turn it on, that’s what she said…

First we need to turn on USB Debugging.

USB debugging is a tool developers use to allow an Android phone to communicate with a computer running the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

When developers start crafting new apps for droids they code them in the Android SDK and then save them to the phone via the USB debugging feature.

But don’t worry: we aren’t doing any Android coding today; we just need to enable USB debugging so we can gain access to lower level functions of the phone.

In Settings, go to the More tab, scroll down and touch About phone.  

You’ll see a bunch of stuff in here such as the Status, Legal Information and the Device name.  There are also a few other settings which seem disabled because the font color is a dark charcoal color.

Flick down until you see the Build number and keep tapping it vigorously until it unlocks the Developer mode.

Now go back to the previous screen, you can tap the Back button which is immediately to the right of the Home button, then touch Developer options and pick USB debugging.

Galaxy S4 Enable USB Debugging

You’ll get an informational popup with a USB debugging synopsis.

Just tap OK and you’re good to go.

Okay, we’re one third of the way there.

Get Android’s SDK and Oracle’s JDK

Go ahead and grab the Android SDK.  It’s over a half a gigabyte so it could take a while to download the important thing is to make sure you get the right bit version.

If you’re not sure if your computer is a 64-bit or 32-bit OSthere’s a slick command line trick that will tell you.

Now snag the latest JDK and we’re ready to rumble.

Install the JDK

Install both SDK’s keeping the defaults settings for both.

I should mention that the Android SDK is a beast and takes a while to extract so get ready to apportion at least a half an hour for it to finish.

Extracting the Android SDK

It’s worth it though… think about all the storage you’re about to reclaim!

Okay, now launch the SDK manager.  A black window may immediately flash on the screen and disappear in the same instant.


This is normal, the SDK manager is just waking up.  He should load after about 10 seconds.

There are numerous packages in here but our chief concern is that Android SDK Platform-tools is checked.  

We need the tool in here called Android Debug Bridge (ADB) which we’ll use to send commands to our phone.

Installing Android SDK Platform Tools

Click the Install packages… button in the bottom right corner. A window will pop in your face about the license agreements.  Who know’s what you’re actually agreeing to but if you don’t accept you can’t use the SDK.

Grrr… C’est la vie…


Click Accept License and acquiesce.

Install the Android SDK Manager Packages

The packages should star to download and extract themselves accordingly.

If you get message about Android Tools being updated click OK to close the window.

Android Tools Updated

You down with ADB? Yeah, you know me!

Okay, now it’s time to get down with ADB.

Find the folder where you executed SDK Manager.exe then click the sdk folder and follow the meandering folder path to platform-tools.

Hold down the Shift key, then right click adb.exe and click Open command window here.

Running adb

We’re about to get down and dirty with the command prompt but before we do we need to plug in the Galaxy S4 with the USB cable.

You might suddenly see a pop-up on your phone that says Allow USB debugging.  It may read something like this:

This computer's RSA key fingerbrint is: something:something:blah:blah

Just click OK.  It’s basically a security feature that forces the user to explicitly allow the connecting computer to execute debugging commands on the phone.

Now let’s make sure the ADB can see your phone. In the command prompt type:

adb devices

Run adb devices

Oh yeah, we’re stirring it up. Now we can finish the job.

To set the default installation location of your phone to your SD card type this:

adb shell pm set-install-location 2

Set install location

If you want to revert these changes just change that 2 to a 0 (that’s a zero).  The 0 will force the phone to install to your local device storage first.

If this helped you at all please share in the comments!  I want to know!


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  • Angelica

    Can the same process be done (successfully), with a ‘Mac’ computer?

    • Episto mai

      luck with that….

      Apple and no Apple, are uncompatible stuff, forever and ever. Only developers and debuggers run well in others like windows or linux, which in this case Android is nearest to linux than Apple

      • After all, I came here for one purpose: I wanted to augment the storage in my phone with a 32GB microSD card.

  • Tom Seck

    I followed the entire process successfully but the next app I installed went to the phone anyway.

    • Alister Gontineac

      same here…

      • Ab Ab As

        same here

    • shafath ali khan

      adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2 this is the original command to be used

      • emmanuel leorn

        I used it without the hyphen and it threw up an error…….

      • herbertsnow

        It won’t work. Just gets a error message.

        • Uwais Patel

          It says error: Device unauthorised. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.

          • Luiz Nascimento

            when u issue the command, u have to look into your phone and AUTHORIZE it 😀

      • subhajit raha

        fck u mthr fckr

    • Vidit

      The same is happening with me and now I am trying it again.

    • djcheung

      Make sure your internal memory has at least 200 mb or so available on
      it (enough space for an app to be downloaded). If you don’t, once you’ve followed all of the steps listed here, go back into your settings and move some apps onto your SD card so you free up some internal memory. Do that, then try downloading a new app and you’ll see that it goes straight to the SD Card. This is because your phone needs to have at least enough space to locally download the application first before automatically installing/moving it to your SD card. Think of it as a local buffer space. This is probably what some of you guys are running into.

      • greg

        i have the same issue.. i have 2gb left on device.. also have a class 10 samsung sd card.. but still wont install to external.

      • Jake Elves

        I have 0 space 🙁

  • srinivas G.K.

    I own a samsung galaxy music duos… completed the process …. but can’t see the option in App. Manger to be able to transfer apps. to SD Card… Kindly revert.

  • John Randol

    why so hard to do such a simply thing D=

    • Daniel

      Cause android sucks

  • Guest

    did not work

  • Stan Fong

    was not successful

  • sajjad Ahmad

    i did the same but when i try to set install location, im getting the following error? any solution to this problem?

    • josue

      I think you missed the “2” in : “adb shell pm set-install-location 2”

      • sajjad Ahmad

        dear this is get location command,
        i tried set command location also adb shell pm set-install-location 2.. same error

        • Vaibhav

          Hi, i try this but error show

  • takeshi umazume

    I followed every process. After the final command, I put “adb shell pm get-install-location” and it said “2[external]” sounded succesfull. However, I couldn’t see the transfering options on my apps. My phone is LG optimus F6

    • Adam Burkin

      this is for samsungs not lg thays why it didnt work

      • Versatile Fractalism

        damn it… i should have checked your comment beforehand. so whats the solution for lg?

  • josue

    Thank you

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  • Mehm Ba Nye Hong

    Hi, i tried again and again but always get error with “adb shell pm set-install-location 2”, saying “App2Sd is not supported in this device. Drop change request”. running android 4.4.2 on xperia T3. Please help. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Whanita Sims

      I hear you kitkat has removed alot of freedom where storage is conserned if I didnt run the risk of losing my warrenty I would revert to jelly bean

      • Try adb shell set-install-location 2

        • Sandy

          Hello, I am getting same error [App2Sd is not supported in this device. Drop change request] in my sony xperia c2004 running jelly bean. Pls. help me

  • Isaac York

    For those whose phones still installed apps to internal memory after completing the process, try restarting your phone (worked for me)

    • Shawn Michael Messner

      This worked for me.

    • Marc van der Linden

      Hi Guest. I first did not reboot, so I hoped rebooting would make it work now, but I just rebooted my phone, but still get the error “out of disk space” when trying to install an app. I was able to update an app though.

  • David Guido

    this works!! i went to computer school so maybe that helped. The commands cannot of any typos or extra spaces- maybe try to copy and paste them. Thank for this !!

  • David Guido

    it works when you install new apps – you cannot move your older apps with this- it is still helpful tho

  • Nazia Nausheen

    after typing both the commands I am getting the error “device not found” .. my phone is set on USB debugging mode… I have disconnected the phone & connected again but still the same error… I am using Micromax Canvas phone

  • captain

    when i go to application manager sd card doesn’t show up! what do i do? 🙁

  • Drlanator

    please help, when i shift-right click on adb.exe there is no option for opening a command window

    • Jayson Alfonso Loreño

      what windows your using?

  • brynt block
  • Bala Ganesh

    i followed the entire process….when the last step…it will show something like u delete all datas from phone….whether in this process applicable to new phone and currently used phones also?

  • Where can I go for instructions on how to do this with a Samsung Centura running Android?

    • Jayson Alfonso Loreño

      same..just follow this instuctions..

  • Whit Taylor

    Used your guide to successfully root a Nexus 5. Was able to move everything from internal storage to SD card. Yours is an excellent introduction.

  • Vaneee

    worked like a charm!!!

  • Vaneee

    Thanks for the step by step instructions…

  • sadfan

    adb shell pm set-install-location 2 didn’t work for me so tried adb shell pm set-install-location 1 to see what happened and it worked. SO I don’t know what the difference is between 1 and 2 where I think 0 is the internal memory. Using lgms500

  • Himanshu Sharma

    Do i have to root my phone before doing this? need a quick reply. Thank you

  • Himanshu Sharma

    it worked well..but what about the massive games like asphalt 8 which still install on the devie memory??

  • Jojo

    When I apply the first command “adb devices” the cmd showed unauthorized in stead of device while I apply the second one the cmd showed error : device unauthorized. what should I do? Tried the “brynt block” link device managere said ANDROID COMPOSITE ADB INTERFACE. I am using Symphony xplorer w95 set. Can anybody help me out please?

    • Episto mai

      that also showed to me, then i checked on the device and checked on “always…” on a permission dialog. Worked, but still installs on the device and not sd card

    • Daniel Carey

      go into storage setting and change connect as to camera (PTP) and not Media deivce (MTP)

  • Jojo

    Well I have successfully executed the first command.after doing revoke usb debugging authorization. It is a built in choice for the handset I use. But the next command still gives error message. Please somebody help.

  • Zerz

    I f’ed up, I accidently deleted Android SDK Platform Tools and Android SDK Tools that was selected in the SDK manager by this guy who wrote this thread. How can I get both of them back?

  • emmanuel leorn

    It doesnt work Mate !!!! Process Completed successfully but no USB Storage or Move to SD Card available even after I rebooted my device…. its a Lenovo S660 that Im using btw

  • disqus_nil6SCK3Qa

    it worked perfectly!

  • disqus_nil6SCK3Qa

    i love u vonnie

  • Jonas Borges

    I followed the original instructions to the letter (including hyphens
    and all) and it worked fine. Thanks a lot! I own a Galaxy S4 and my computer is
    a desktop running Windows 8.1. Actually, there was one thing I did that
    was not the instructions. I turned de phone off and back on after the procedure
    and before installing any app.

  • Sam Saini

    Check once if your SdCard is Above ( class 6 [recommended class 10] ) to install apps in card.

    Thank you.

  • Hasan Purgadri

    it worked successfully for me but games that have data can’t be opened whereas i put related data in SD card.

  • Joan Rielo

    what if Im using a mac? is there a SDK for mac? My phone is running out of space and it doesn’t allow me to download anything coz’ it saves automatically to my internal storage. I really need help!! 🙁

  • herbertsnow

    I tried this with Kitkat 4.4.2 and it didn’t work. Now apps won’t install.

    • Jayson Alfonso Loreño

      just revert it.. replace “2” with “0” in the last command.

  • Fiona

    I keep getting this error at the end “Could not access Package Manager. Is the system running?” Any idea why this would be?

  • Dave Koriťák

    i cant see ma device by sending a command “adb devices” … The list is empty ! WHy ? …. (phone connected via USB mtp mod)

    • Jayson Alfonso Loreño

      did you enable debugging mode?

    • Nexus

      i had the same problem i fixed it by deleting the usb drivers for my phone and reinstalling them all over 🙂

  • Kirby

    I didn’t get any updates… 🙁
    So, what exactly this changes made?
    Anyway I still have a problem with memory.. I have 160 MB free and tried to install ~15MB app and it said me as all apps that I have not enough memory

  • Va Lee

    for me everything worked fine, but i can only move some old applications, i can not install directly to sd

  • Mike Smith

    One of the main reasons I dislike Android so much, nothing is ever straight forward or easy. I’ve been running Windows Phone 8.1 and never run into any of these sort of problems but fancied a change to try out Android so went and bought a Lenovo S856 running Android 4.4.2. and installed a 32gb SD card. During set up there is the option to choose your primary storage so selected SD card, the phone rebooted and SD card was indicated as being the primary storage and yet when I started to download apps they were only being installed on the phone memory. Why? Are all Android phones such a wind up? I can go to the settings and manually move the app to the SD card but why didn’t it install there in the first place? Have I missed something in the setting up process? I hate not being able to understand something so if anyone has an answer please let me know before I go back to the simplicity of Windows Phone!

    • Mark R Smiley

      I used to have a crappy android phone a long time ago. Then i bout a prepaid nokia 520 and 521. Not bad phone just lacked memory so didn’t get the full update to windows 8.1. i was lacking some apps so i decided to switch to LG volt by boost mobile. I filled up and 8g so i bought a 32g but yes everything moves to sd 0 file for music and apps install directly to phone. I even did these thing step by step. Even typed in the commands that my phone actually uses. Most of the time is says no enough space or downloads the file directly to the phone. The LG volt i caught on sale for 80 so that’s why i bought it but i am sad to say you locking the sd is bull. Windows has it built in to download all files to the sd card. The only thing windows phone is lacking is apps. The O.S. runs great and actually takes less battery to run it. I should have to do all this b.s. just to get an sd card to work that i bought for my phone. Next phone will be a windows phone. Sorry Google i know your scared of windows phone that why you won’t even put google apps in the market. Next phone i am getting is the Samsung Ativ S neo. Screw you google.

  • Mohammad kaif

    it say more than one devices..even i connect only htc 816

  • Jayson Alfonso Loreño

    followed all the instructions given and it works well for me…

    thanks buddy..

  • Guest

    Wow isn’t that simple. Get your crap together Google.

    • Aaron Martin

      tell me how?!?!

      • JustAGuy

        Throw your phone through the window and buy a Lumia… Or any other WP device.

    • Frederick Solano

      There is no COC hahahaha

    • Guest

      Pfft yeah and what apps are you gonna put on there? Windows phone doesn’t have crap on its store. And this is coming from a Lumia owner.

      • Really! thats’ your excuse??? not enough apps! We all know that there are millions of apps on android and ios!!! But the fact is, a “normal” or a “sane” user does not use all of the millions of apps, but only is the so called “proud user” who has just the “access” to these millions of apps! Which from my point of view is useless, as we neither have time or patience to access or use all the millions of apps. The apps that really matter are there on all 3 platforms and those are “facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, messenger, skype, viber, mail, calendar, top games like temple run, candy crush, asphalt 8, sniper fury, XBOX (not sure if you have ever experienced this, if you didn’t, then you must!)”.

        hence, its all just the gaga over nothing that u could ever access. its like all the wealth in the world at your fingertips, yet you cant enjoy it all… just feel happy about it… its for those who are not content with reality but love the world of imagination!!! LoL

        WP is the most secured phone of all and you know that. It comes already encrypted and never hangs up on you… on the other hand just after downloading a little over 15 apps and the android phones start freezing on you… plus you have to keep moving these apps all the time after each update, which means you need to take out the time (which you do not already have enough to access millions of apps) to move these every single time any app is updated. so, you need to keep checking the storage every other day… how frustrating!!!! good luck with your android!!! If there is any other sane OS after IOS, it is WP… accept it and move on!

        • Mugen gyakusetsu

          WP is convenient if you have a Win_OS running on your PC, the apps(not those you listed) that matter to some of us are usually a cheap
          imitation of their android counterpart. I’ve been using Lumia for a while and it was really problematic when I needed to find certain apps. WP native applications like the dictionary, navigation(Here drive[superb nav app to have by the way]) surpasses those of android. It is best to have two devices, one for each OS.

  • Guest

    Get your crap together Google.

  • Guest


    • JustAGuy


      • Windows 10 4 the win!!!!

        • MoeDaRat

          10 sucks azz

      • sacg96

        Except when you don’t have apps… xD

    • Tim Conlan

      yeah but then you don’t get any apps to install 🙁

      • TheGadgetGuy

        So true. I have moved back to android 6.0 again from WP 8.1 for the exact same reason.

        • Ras’reera

          Bah, there are plenty of apps available. And WP 10 is a far superior Mobile OS

    • Ivor

      Yes, I tried to change this setting on my Lumia 640 many times, yet over and over again apps would be installed on the internal memory.

      Later, if it did actually install to the SD card you would get a notification asking you to move the app back to internal memory because it didn’t like being installed on the SD card and wouldn’t work properly there.

      This is no solution and certainly no advantage WP has over android.

    • Adriano Alves Barroso

      I miss this feature on WP. How hard is it to give you that option?

  • Mark R Smiley


    • Bruce Wayne

      Windows Phone Whores. -_-. U can shove the snap up ur arse dude!!

    • larrybud

      Except when there’s like 10 apps to download, storage isn’t really an issue 😉

  • Guest


  • Mike Smith

    The amazing thing is that if this had been Windows Phone everyone would be down on it like a ton of bricks saying ‘rubbish’ ‘crap’ ‘heap of junk’ etc etc but because it’s Android people seem to forgive it anything. As far as I’m concerned I’m not going to piss around installing programmes that are likely to void the warrenty or get wound up just because bloody Google can’t get their act together and offer a user friendly OS that everyone can understand without all the crap that people are having to put up with right now! As far as my experiences with Android are concerned the biggest mistake of all is to buy a phone with only 4gbs of internal memory. By the time the OS takes out a great big chunk you end up with just over 1gb of usable memory for storage and IT’S NOT ENOUGH! Some apps just won’t install on a memory card, they have to be installed on the phone memory to work properly. Then try to install a game like Asphalt 8 Airborne which is a 1gb download and there won’t be enough available memory. Even if you’ve got a 32gb memory card installed, there’s no way of installing it into there. Because of damn Google’s restrictions, you have to download it to the phone memory and then go to the installed apps and select ‘move to SD card’. That would be fine if you could at least get it to load to the phone memory but with a shit 4gbs it becomes completely impossible. Why you can’t install direct to the SD card is totally beyond me. I’ve set the primary storage of my Lenovo S856 to SD card but only pictures and videos install there, any apps still install only to the 8gb internal memory and then have to be manually moved. It’s bloody crazy and yet cheap Android phones sell by the bucket load while Windows Phone get’s overlooked because of the poor reputation of the app store which is completely unfounded. Search and you’ll find plenty of apps to suit every need. I’ve got both Windows and Android phones and Google really needs to get it’s act together because Windows is far more intuative and user friendly than anything Android can offer!

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  • Nexus

    i did all of this correctly even checked with the command get-install-location and it said 2[external] which mean it worked but still when i download/install app or a game it goes on my internal , what the hell is wrong with this…. i’m loosing my mind here

  • Roddie Toney

    I tried 4 different phones from At&t gophone which is all I could find locally that were android and none of them let me us SD card. Tried everything including downloading everything on card from PC directly from store and all said same thing. SD card showed proper amount of data but was useless. I bought windows phone and within 10 minutes I was done which included putting phone together. No problems so far and apps missing just go to website and bookmark problem solved. Only thing I lost was games on Facebook but I have Laptop and PC so no loss. I was trying to stay away from Black Friday phone deals that sounds to good to be true but 40.00 for 635 lumia vs 129.00 figured why not. Now all problems are solved. Sorry android a customer was lost at this time. 1 week to get system to work is to long only to call it quits.

  • Ganesh Kumar

    I got error with “adb shell pm set-install-location 2”, saying “App2Sd is not supported in this device. Drop change request”. running android 4.3 on xperia m

  • ‘Tis Moi

    It would be helpful, Vonnie, if you could add to this post a way for people to list the model/Android version of the phones that successfully implement this hack? At least then it will indicate that it may not work on all of them & hopefully prevent those folks from being disgruntled when everything in the world doesn’t work for everything in the world?

  • Lizzie Wall

    worked for me thank you 🙂 galaxy y, gingerbread, android version 2.3.6

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  • Anonym

    Worked like a charm to me .

  • Anonym

    Thanks a lot mate !

  • Anonym

    But I wonder WTF don’t Samsung add a motherf***** command to just make this simpler rather than forcing users @ hours of downloads and shit ? Anywayz , we wont know this in the near future I guess.Anyway …thx a lot dude ,it really helped me a lot !

  • Andrew Emerson

    I did everything you prompted and I am getting the error “unkown command ‘setinstalllocation'” I did the command multiple ways, with hyphens, without, capitalized and not and nothing works. I am rocking a samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4 btw. Please help.

  • Michael John Scerri

    mine is saying insufficent memory fix?

  • Mariel BF

    I have a phone with a reallllyyy small internal storage, but a card with
    plenty of space that I think maybe came with the phone? (It’s a hand me
    down so I’m not sure). I want to install a certain app onto it, but the
    internal storage isn’t big enough for the whole thing. I can download
    the app, but it once I start the app and it starts to download updates
    it gets to big for the phone. My problem: I can move the app itself to
    the sd card, but this makes no difference where the app downloads the
    updates to: the internal storage. I tried the above fix and changed my
    install location to 2, and the app itself downloaded to the sd card, but
    it STILL INSTALLS updates onto the INTERNAL STORAGE, which is way to
    small for all that data! Now what? Help!

  • Patrick Fisher

    This worked flawless 100%. I wanted to share my success since it seems many are having problems. An update to this article may be called for, but it was pretty simple to figure things out.
    these were my only stumbling blocks:
    -It seems the Android SDK is now in something called “Android Studio”. Simply click on configure in Android Studio and you will see the SDK manager.
    -Also Java 8 JDK is not compatible with Android Studio so use Java 7 (a simple google search of “Java 7 JDK” turned it up easy).

    My device is rooted, that may have had something to do with my success, however that is a tutorial for another day. I also rebooted device before trying to install first app. first App went straight to SD card… hooray.

    This essentially turned my inexpensive 8gb galaxy tab 4 into a 32gb device (i’m tempted to pick up a 64 gb micro-sd card)

    • Marie Rozon

      Hi Patrick!
      Maybe you could help me with a tiny detail. I found the SDK manager but I can’t find the adb.exe and the platform tools.

      • Patrick Fisher


        Yeah, I had a little problem with that as well. I saw it on screen during packet install. Anyway, mine went this route (which I assume is Default location):

        C:>Users>your user name>App Data>Local>Android>sdk>platform-tools

        I hope that helps. You’ll need to have “view hidden files” enabled to see the App Data folder

        If this helped anyone I could use some FB likes over at http://www.facebook.com/Patrick.Fisher.Video


        • Michelle G

          How do I do this on a Mac?

          • Michelle G

            Actually figured that part out but it won’t find my device…help?

          • T3RM1NAT0R

            Solution: Switch to Windows to do this quick solution to set your default location

      • big willie

        Hi patrick, you cant find platform-tools through windows. Go to start on your computer, click on Run, type in cmd, click ok, a dos srcreen will open up then type in the exact location of the SDK folder, in mycase its C:>Users>your user name>App Data>Local>Android>sdk>platform-tools

        • ethan mansner

          a simpler way for most is to go into any file, and type in &appdata& in the address bar, once this is done go back one step and local is right there, it says where to go from there in the article itself

      • X SHRAAVAN X

        Dont worry while running adb…

        Just watch this video>> http://bit.ly/1HE3RLO

        then open the cmd and type the following commands:

        adb devices

        adb shell pm set-install-location 2

        adb shell pm set-install-location

    • mayank

      i rooted my device samsung j5

      after the whole process default storage set to external2 but still apps are going in phone memory HELP PLEASE

  • Joe Zupo

    I followed all instructions until “okay, now time to get down with ADB. Every time I downloaded the android software package it came across as one big bundle and is not broken down to allow me to find SDK manager.exe or or any sub paths to get to the adb.exe command

  • What for a galaxy star pro?

  • Danny Martinez


    Using: Win7 Pro Laptop, Android Studio, Oracle JDK v.8. Samsung Galaxy Tab4 w/ 32 GB SD

    I had problems with ADB locating my device – tried different USB ports and even ran
    ADB wait-for-device and nothing happened
    Next tried with my LG phone. Same results – nothing

    The trick is – You need to use the USB driver specific to your device.

    So i loaded the LG driver that is conveniently located on my phone and as soon as it loaded my device appeared.

    Next did the same with the Samsung – went to the Samsung website and loaded the USB driver for Samsung phones and “VIOLA!” there is the pop up on my tablet –

    This computer’s RSA key fingerbrint is: … – Accept and there is my device now

    Next ran the command – adb shell pm set-install-location 2 (With dashes)

    no errors

    verified with – adb shell pm get-install-location (location 2[external])

    Rebooted the device and unplugged from PC while rebooting

    Downloaded and intalled a large app (400MB) and then checked in the Application manager- says it is loaded on the SD Card. Checked the Storage – sure enough, my SD card available space went down a bit and the internal memory went down just a few Kb.

    Tried a few more times and it is indeed loading to the SD card

  • Die_Hard_Sox_Fanatic

    Alright, so, one thing worth noting here, is that the 4.4 KitKat update included a security feature to only allow the app you are installing to access folders the app itself create during installation. This is to block spyware apps from accessing potentially sensitive info that another app may have saved on the storage of your phone. The issues people are having may not be device specific, and may actually be specific to the APP that is being installed.

    Another thing, you DEFINITELY need to reboot your phone after running the ADB commands, or it will absolutely not work. If anyone has trouble, hit me up on XDA (SwoRNLeaDejZ)

  • Luis

    hi, does this method work for a a samsung galaxy tab 4??

  • Alek

    Works perfectly on Samsung Galaxy 4 VE (i9515). Always use the latest version of adb.exe because of the “device offline” error.
    The command line WITH hyphens works fine.

  • Guest

    Works perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S4 Value edition (i9515). Always use the final version of adb.exe, because of the “device offline” error.
    Syntax work WITH hyphens.

  • Nick Greenup

    so i did everything and had issues with getting my phone recognized by adb but after getting the drivers got it working. I did all the steps but now when i try to install apps it says insuffienct space on external memory but my sd card has plenty of room, not really sure where to go from here. Any help is much appreciated

  • moe mon

    will this work with a zte grand x?

  • hyron


  • big willie

    after typing both the commands I am getting the error “device not found” .. my phone is set on USB debugging mode… I have disconnected the phone & connected again but still the same error…

    • Csaba Asztalos

      Take a 30-minutes sleep mode screen, for me it was a problem.

  • Csaba Asztalos

    I followed the steps, but in the end, he wrote this:

    Unauthorized device
    Please check the confirmation dialog on your device

    Sony Xperia e3 tried, this is not working?

    what went wrong? please help!

    • Csaba Asztalos

      Success, work, thank you!
      The problem was that it did sleep state had to turn off the device.

      • Csaba Asztalos

        It was a good day and a half, and now will not work again.
        I do it over and over again does not work.

  • Rishabh Srivastav

    hey it says java.lang.security exception : package android does not belong to 2000 ??? help!!!

    • I Am Rikimaru

      because u already using location 2.. try type location 0..then u restart your phone
      p/s : location 0 is normal and location 2 is on external sd card

  • Csaba Asztalos

    I did it once and wrote out my phone, that is my 16 gigs. Now I just write the internal location of the device, which is 1.7 gigs. The programs installed on my phone, but I can copy the sd card can pass. Then it would be nice if the sd card can be installed. Am I right?





  • Eusebiu Anton

    on my samsung galaxy s4 (gt-i9505) worked on the first time. device must be rooted (but if it is rooted bye-bye updates). Thank you.

  • TheCid3 .

    works like an charm, you sir deserve a cookie

  • tim doolaege

    Hi i just performed this action for galaxy Young S6310 but even with a reboot i get an error on play store, insufficiant storage available.

  • Nino Ninov

    Before making the steps with commands just make sure you installed the correct USB driver:


    You should get this in Device Manager:

  • Nino Ninov

    anyone else?
    —AppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools>adb shell pm set-install
    -location 2
    WARNING: linker: libvc1dec_sa.ca7.so has text relocations. This is wasting memor
    y and is a security risk. Please fix.
    WARNING: linker: libvc1dec_sa.ca7.so has text relocations. This is wasting memor
    y and is a security risk. Please fix.

  • Victor Paul Corvin

    Does it work on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

  • Victor Paul Corvin

    By the way, when I did the command, the following message appeared:”Error:Could not acces the Package Manager. Is the system running?”

  • Redman

    I got “insufficient storage” when installing apps after I made this change.

    • djcheung

      Make sure your internal memory has at least 200 mb or so available on
      it. If you don’t, once you’ve followed all of the steps listed here, go
      back into your settings and move some apps onto your SD card so you free
      up some internal memory. Do that, then try downloading a new app and
      you’ll see that it goes straight to the SD Card. This is because your
      phone needs to have at least enough space to locally download the
      application first before automatically installing/moving it to your SD
      card. Think of it as a local buffer space.

  • kevin

    i cant see my device in the list of devices. please help

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  • N at last write command “adb shell pm get-install-location”…. after that “2[External]” will show u that u r done

  • This is a good average solution

  • djcheung

    If your internal memory has less than 200 mb or so available on it. If you don’t, once you’ve followed all of the steps listed here, go back into your settings and you’ll see that some of your apps that you couldn’t previously move to SD card can now be moved. Do that, then try downloading a new app and you’ll see that it goes straight to the SD Card. This is because your phone needs to have enough space to locally download the application first before automatically installing/moving it to your SD card. Think of it as a local buffer space.

  • Obet Tea

    Works on mine. Thanks buddy

  • Kevin Remo

    Or just root your phone, install a terminal app and:
    $ su
    # pm setInstallLocation 2

    (case matters)

  • is it ament to stay on a bliking courser when u enter adb shell pm set-install-location 2??help!

  • greg

    My location is set to [2 external]
    i made sure by checking with the get-install-location but even after rebooting my tablet and phone both still won’t install directly to SD CARD..

    Anybody have this problem>??

  • Renato Pezzi

    Is this applicable in the Samsung mini gt-s5570 android v.2.2.1

  • priya

    is this process same for micromax A47???

  • Tengericsillag

    I have S4 and 5.0.1 Android, I’ve done this whole thing, download Java 7 too, try

    adb shell pm set-install-location 2 and got error message so I wrote adb shell pm set-install-location 0, restart the phone, but doesn’t work.

  • Mahfuz Ahmed

    what would happen if i were to disable developer mode?
    would this trick still work?

  • Rakeeb Nawaz


  • Harry Dhupa

    how about for other android phoneS?
    is’t useful ?

  • Mazvita N.

    I got all the way to the (PICTURE BELOW) but my devices still didn’t show and I had it in debugging mode so I’m stuck.

  • Bruce Dailey

    I have a new Moto G which comes with almost no memory available. You can load Spotify and download a playlist and your done… done with all your space.

    Anyway this patch worked for me. It took me a bit longer than necessary because my USB cable wasn’t working (it would charge the phone but not establish a connection).

    So after the install at first it didn’t seem to work because my Moto G was indicating via the Settings/Storage display that I am 100% utilized internal storage but that doesn’t appear to be the case because I continue to add apps, playlists etc and the phone works well. Third party apps show the internal storage at around 40%. So a problem with the stock Settings/Storage accuracy.

    I have to say that my biggest gripe about Android is that they make it so hard to use the SD card. It has been going on for years. So I think they do it intentionally to get people to upgrade to a more expensive phone… sounds EVIL!

  • Marek B.

    Hi, I did everything, what I had to do, everything was succesful but still all apps I am dowloading go not to SD CARD. I used SDK Manager in Android Studio. Can anybody help me ? thanks

  • disqus_insltv5xf0

    How cam I retrieve deleted files from android storage email tierrahounla@hotmail.com please

  • Marc van der Linden

    Hi everybody. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. And I do not have a “move to sd card” button in the application manager. So I followed the methode described as above. And it seemed to work. With the command adb pm get-install-location I get 2[external]. But when I try to install an app I still get the message “not enough data space on device” (translated from Dutch).
    On the internal memory I have 286 MB still free from the 4.45 GB. And on the external sd card I have 12,3 GB still free from the 14,8 available. Can some tell if I am right assuming that with every download a .apk package file is downloaded and placed on a termporary location. And than this .apk file is unzipped and the app is installed. So even with the install location set to the external sd card, it still needs to place the .apk file probably on the internal memory? But I can not find these .apk files. Not by the filemanager on the phone, nor by browsing my phone over usb with my windows 7 pc. Also I can not find all app folders. Some are there, but not all. Could it be that some foders and files are hidden on the android phone? Btw I have Android 4.1.2 on the phone. Hope you can help. Thanks!

  • DUDE!!! Seriously – Why would I drop a hundred if I wasn’t going to use the SD card. I am just happy I found your site and this blog. I subscribed and look forward to good stuff like this!

    Awesome man

  • Edward Parcel

    I just did this with my galaxy 4 7.0 tablet but i had to restart the tablet after running the commands

    Thank you

  • Pedro Freire

    Worked fine for me. Thanks!

  • fanfan54

    Thanks it worked very well on my Samsung Galaxy Core Plus SM-G350 😀

  • ashish singh

    adb shell pm set-install-location 2

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

  • Anakin Vader

    Make sure you have the Samsung USB drivers installed or your PC won’t detect the device

  • When I try to run adb, it opens a command window and speeds through a whole lot of commands and then closes. there is no “run in command window here” option but it does open a command window. this is windows 7

  • OK coudn’t find sdk manager in the android studio package so I downloaded just the SDK package. then ran sdk manager selected the android sdk platform tools and accepted the license agreement, it went through installation of packages and then just said, no packages were installed.
    this has become yet another exremely frustratin computing nightmare, it’s exremely annoying to not be able to use more than about 4 apps and now this doesn’t wkr,Now I’ve spent hours on this this to no avail.

  • William Rossi

    Iget this error ”
    Warning: linker: app_process has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix. Permissions denied” when i do the cmd part at the end. I found out it’s the Framework mod from the root but i can’t uninstall it any other fixes plz help?

  • Mina Gourlay

    I can’t even install Java!! It just keeps on saying that this application cannot run on my machine. What’s that all about?! I’m running Win 8.1 on x64 with a granted old, pentium 4 processor. Any ideas? I’ve downloaded the x64 latest version of SDK – 8U45

  • Ahmet Khalil

    i did everything as you said but my phone was not found in the command page and yes usb debugging is on

  • Phigo Nonny

    I have a problem, When I move My apps (Mostly Large File Sizes – Over 1 GB) To My SD Card, it doesnt seem to Move all of it. My Device Memory was 447Mb before I moved My MKX(1.09GB) And FiFa(1.24GB) After I moved them, My Device Memory only went to 506mb, then dropped to 494mb (w/o Me adding, removing or downloading anything. So My question is, Why is it not all going to My SD?

  • lx

    I ran adb in linux against Xperia E3 (D2203) using 4.4.4 and it looks much better than before. Some of the installed apps could be moved to sd (most of the large factory ones couldn’t), and the newly deployed ones really land on the card.
    Thanks for the useful tip!

  • Ishaan Patel

    It works for me, i use a htc desire 610. I was able to move (mostly) all of my apps. And i found that I could install by default onto my sd card. Perhaps reinstalling some apps will move them completly.

  • max brandt

    all that happens when i try this is it says device not fond even when i do it on my phone

  • Ave

    Thank you, this was very useful, as well as Patrick Fisher’s advice below. Yeah, make sure you free some space first thing, then follow the instructions to install SDK and JDK (java 7). It was a straight shot for me on a samsung tablet gt-p3113 . I just ran into some trouble of adb not recognizing the device and had to install kies to resolve a driver issue, after that everything went right as directed. apps installing into DS and all… some apps became available to migrate to SD card.. again, thank you all!

  • Uwais Patel

    It says error: Device unauthorised. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device. | HELP! |

  • Saad Pramanik

    i am getting error: java.lang.SecurityException: package android does not belong to 2000.

  • The Hero of Time

    Hi, I’ve been following the tutorial, and I’ve gotten stuck. When I right click adb I don’t get the “Open new Command window” option. How can I fix this?

  • I entered the hyphens and lots of error messages popped up…but I left out the hyphens and now it works perfectly, in an instant. I can move all my apps that I have downloaded to sd card, even my games with 200mb and up. Life saver.

  • Ali

    I followed all the process with my Galaxy S4, i got this error when i type adb shell pm set-install-location 2
    Error: java.lang.securityException: package android does not belong to 2000

  • SaviJane

    Would this work with Samsung Galaxy S Duos?

  • onesridhar

    Many thanks, Vonnie. However, I’m getting stuck with my phone (Samsung Duos running 2.3.6) not showing up in the List of devices attached.

  • Bert Knabe

    When I shift-right click I get the normal menu, not the app specific one. I can’t open a command window

  • WarrenSk

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

    help??? this is after I try ‘adb shell pm set-install-location 2’

  • Gryphon

    Thank you! Just what I needed

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • Gabriel Bohlmann

    Hopefully this helps anyone that runs into the “package android doesnt belong to 2000”. I simply download this app called adbd insecure. Idk how it works but somehow it takes down the security firewall ad allows the command to go through. Here is the apk download link page from xda.


    Just download, install, grant superuser, and check enable insecure adbd. Trust me it works first try.

  • ramu m

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

    please help me my phone is unroot moto e

  • subhajit raha


  • Yer nan

    This totally solved my problem – thanks!

  • xenyen

    Appreciate the tutorial, clear and well illustrated.
    I have a samsung galaxy advance (phone not tab). I put in a 32 GB external SD and the whole thing worked perfectly (I’m a girl, btw, and at computer school I beat the boys at programming).
    All but system apps are movable, and show up with a green check mark in the SD card list.

    Issue is that internal storage was filling up, and when I looked closely at each apps’ storage I realized that for some apps a bit is stored on the SD and a bit is stored on internal storage. Sometimes most of it is still in internal storage.

    I picked up the folders and moved them manually to the SD as an experiment (to corresponding android, data etc folders) and so far all apps are working.

    Just that some of them are now re-downloading their data… to internal storage.

    Also some stop downloading files that I want to download (after I manually moved the folders, not after following this procedure).

    So other than cut-paste files to SD, which was a last resort before rooting, how can I get apps on the Samsung to steer clear of internal storage? As this works for other phones not Samsung.


  • Alvin Flores

    i tried it it was a success but will it move game data to the sd card

  • Yassin Mohamud

    thanks it worked like a charm 🙂

  • Anuj Agrawal

    Simply great it works wonderful job done…

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  • Austin Hubbard

    how do you rest it? Now my phone wont download anything and all these applications changed!

  • Luís Diogo Campos

    Sadly, it doesn’t work on my Samsung Tab3 SM-T110, even with enough free space on the device, it still installs everything on the device, and not on the SD card; also when I choose to move an application to the SD card, it still stays on the device.
    However, I’ve learned a few new things with this guide, I didn’t even knew there was a hidden developer panel. Thanks!
    Regards, and good luck to everyone!

  • davejoson

    This is my conspiracy theory. Google has conspired with cell phone manufacturers to squash external SD card writing moving or app install, from consumers. Draining the consumers wallets of all their cash, forcing them into higher priced phones with more internal memory. Shame on you Google!!!
    Take action and let Google know your on to their greedy schemes.

  • Igor Oliveira Ferreira

    Nice job man. It works, and allow the manual move of almost all apps to SD card. On the Android Studio, there are a difference on “adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2” command. Thanks!

  • Andrew F

    I did this on an HTC HD2 and it worked great, thanks Vonnie

  • Joe Donnachie

    Can anyone help? I get this message

    C:UsersGiuseppeAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    ZX1C224LML device

    C:UsersGiuseppeAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools>adb shell pm set-install-location 2
    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

  • Luiz Nascimento

    Did it! But still says insufficient external storage 🙁 Can u help ?

  • Ghislain

    thx it also worked for me…i’m using wiko slide …after installing everything i need to retart my computer and my phone and it worked

  • Mohand Akli Mebarki

    I followed same procedure for my ZTE Blade S on which I mounted a 16 Go sdcard. The adb command ‘adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2’ worked OK. The problem is that the system won’t automatically install apps on sdcard, you have to manually move them. And the internal memory space keeps shrinking with new installations even after moving new apps to sdcard. Thanks all the same for the contribution.

  • David Cunningham

    I have the LG Optimus Exceed 2, the above procedure only partially works.

    Apps still install to the phone, but you have the option to move to SD Card, whereas before you could not move certain apps.

    I found this out by experimentation, I would enable the 2 [external] mode by using the adb shell pm set-install-location 2 command.

    then I would install a app normally, I found it would still install to the phone, but the ( move to SD CARD) was not grayed out, I was able to move to SD card.

    then I typed out the adb shell pm set-install-location 0 to enable the default install to phone. then tried to install the same app, the option to install to SD card was grayed out.

    So I came to the conclusion that the above procedure only partially works, and seems to just enable you to move more apps then you could before.

  • Daniel Taneski

    Guys do i need to download the bundle version (1.1GB) or the stand-alone version (145MB)???

  • Sebastian Fierens

    Great writing!

  • Héctor Gutiérrez Fdez

    i got a problem, when I enter the command adb shell pm set-install-location 2. it says there are more than one devices/emulator. When I check thtdb devices it says there is one device (my phone) and one emulator. Whats taht and how can i remove it?

    • Héctor Gutiérrez Fdez

      I have sorted the problem with the two devices but now it says it doesnt recognise the command set-install-location , any idea?

      • survivorboy

        make sure that everytime you enter a command it has the folder directory before it so it knows where to look for the command. right after the ” on the directory instructions, type adb shell pm set-install-location 2

  • srinivas vasu

    hi my mobile is samsung GT-S5570, please let me know if i follow the above steps will it work..

  • srinivas vasu

    hi any one there..

  • joelle blackstarr

    I have 32bit system and it is not listed. Yes – I still have VISTA. Can you help? Also, currently trying to re-download Android studio – got “Failed – network error” 🙁 Thx.

  • mayank

    i rooted my device samsung j5

    after the whole process default storage set to external2 but still apps are going in phone memory HELP PLEASE

  • nk route

    lG.. I am thoroughly frustrated with all of this. Help is appriciated.. i have a terminal emulator, no need for this above its the same just its in the shell on phone not a computer. LG volt is rooted install location has changed to 2 external. Have rom toolbox pro moving or setting install to external does norhing. Cleared room on the internal just incase. It still downloads to phone, still installs to phone, moving an app is pointless when .obb files and data files larger than app are needed on phone To opperate. How can i download an app directly to sd card and opperate it from sd. With the hardware on the phone.

  • Theravada aryan unity.

    It also works in galaxy s 2. Thank you.

  • This is ridiculous. What Samsung needs to do is to create a program which will make this user-friendly and set it up as an upadte. Nobody but the sniggering few wants to spend all day doing this. Just get the Apps going to the SD. Simple.

  • Lizzy Love

    I did all of your steps and it just tell me error

  • PANKAJ PAL (punjabi)

    it shows Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000 what could i do .i have samsung j5 plz help .

  • Ankur Shah

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

  • Hadrian Embalsado

    It’s funny that Android makes this too overtly complicated, it only went simple when Marshmallow came.

  • Suraj Srinivasan

    Great stuff. I just followed the steps and starting utilizing the 14 GB in my SD card otherwise lying waste. Thank you 🙂 I have moved all downloaded apps to the SD card. However one of the larger storage, eaten by my corporate email client is still on the phone memory. As the email client came with the Android version, guess it does not allow me to move to the SD card.

  • TheGadgetGuy

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

  • TheGadgetGuy

    C:UsersabhirAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools>adb devices

    List of devices attached

    TA083056FQ device

    C:UsersabhirAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools>adb shell pm get-install-location


    C:UsersabhirAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools>adb shell pm set-install-location 2

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

    • Alessandro Perricone

      same error here

  • Devon

    I followed all the steps, but when I type in the command it gives this error code,

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

    Any explanations?

    Rooted HTC Desire 626s

    • Ivor

      I got the same, except my 59Gb partition has now disappeared even after a factory reset, now I’m trying to get it back – so far with no success. If your current HD is not affected then you probably haven’t done any harm, but it does say that this is for Samsung phones only, it probably doesn’t work on an HTC.

  • maria

    hi! i tried this and it worked until the part where i opened the command prompt, but when i type in: adb shell pm set-install-location 2 , the command prompt says: error: closed .

    What does that mean?thanks

  • Terrance Flatt

    This actually doesn’t work unless you KNOW what you’re doing. With the newer firmware versions of galaxy’s knox will trip adb up and bootloop your phone or format it due to an error. The safest way is honestly to root it then use a root file browser and move everything to sd card that way. HERE’S WHY. Galaxy’s bootloader is LOCKED meaning you can’t alter, upload, modify, or overwrite the current kernel (basically phone memory and commands) you will always get an error doing it this way and if no error occurs it likely will refuse the command anyways. SAFESTRAP is a good tool to use to get around this. The details for this are long but can be googled. KNOX prevents adb and most other USB debugging platforms from altering kernel commands. KNOX is essentially your phones “guardian” for samsung.

  • Ariana Gabaudan

    I got all the way down to right clicking abd.exe to press “Open command window here” but I don’t see that option listed -only “open”, “run as administrator” etc. and when I click on either of those two, it opens a black background window with green writing, which flashes for one second before disappearing. What am I doing wrong?

    • Ivor

      You need to hold down the shift key and right click on the “Platform Tools” folder

      • survivorboy

        open the run command. Browse to the sdk folder, it should be under app data and then click on the platform tools. It should bring up a line in the run app which you need to copy and paste into the cmd. then type adb devices after it before clicking enter, this should show the devices.

  • Girish Wadhwani

    how to confirm that these apps are installing in sd card

  • Ivor

    Thanks for this, I have a cheap Chinese knock-off android tablet that calls itself a Samsung – but who are we kidding right? Anyway, It only has a 4Gb internal memory and another partitioned 59Gb phone storage. I’ve followed these instructions down to setting the command line to change the default installation path and I get the following error message (screen shot attached)

    “Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000”

    It gives me the same error when I set the install location to 1 also. I know it was a long shot in the first place but I don’t suppose there is a work-around for this error? Thanks

  • Ravqus

    I need help. What system app is being modified exactly when entering the command? Is it framework-res?

  • MC

    I keep getting “Package android does not belong to 2000”????

  • Harry

    My device wont show up in the list :'(

    • Harry

      It’s a samsung galaxy y.

  • GUest

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000


  • Manoel Jorge Ribeiro Neto

    It worked on my Galaxy Tab E 9.6 🙂 .

  • Background:
    I didn’t have either an easy time finding adb or getting a command prompt. I used the Hidden Files checkbox in View to get to App Data and find the program. I didn’t have a right-click option for a command prompt but I pressed windows+X and selected an admin command prompt. I then used cd to set the directory to where adb was. My device shows up when I run for devices.

    When I try the command to set the default install, I get an error message saying “Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000”.

    I’ve written in Java and I don’t know what that is. Can someone help me figure out how to get Java to let adb make the change I want?

  • Aurelio Wright

    does this process work on all types of Android tablets?

  • Darth Vaishnav

    Guyz this is completely fake…this dude is saying fake stuff(that sounds real)
    I verified by trying exactly what the instructions says and no success at all!!!
    I am really unhappy and sad that I wasted all my time (about an hour) in this!!
    Please Vonnie verify if this worx in the “Samsung Phone” and then post or upload tutorials.

  • How to set micro SD as default for apps?
    Check Here : http://goo.gl/PZyxtI

  • Stephen Norman

    Even after rooting my phone and going through these instructions still get “java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000”

    When I run adb shell pm get-install-location still says 0[auto].

    • Stephen Norman

      Resolved. Do this (phone has to be rooted):

      Instead of typing command “adb shell pm set-install-location 2” type “adb shell” which will put you into the adb command shell. Once there type “su” command. Your phone will recognize a request for superuser; grant access. Then type “pm set-install-location 2” command. Works. Now when I check my install-location it says “2[external].

      • Akame

        you are a legend spent 8 hours looking for this lol

        • Stephen Norman

          Lol. Yeah, I was hoping to free up a ton of space, but there are so many system apps that insist on being on the phone’s drive, and a ton of apps that are poorly written that you still can’t move over to the SD card like Kindle and Dropbox (option is still grayed out). Dumb.

      • ALE

        Been looking for this solution all day- thank you for your comment. It’s working and I’m terribly excited.

      • Alessandro Perricone

        what if my phone is not rooted? i have an lg k4 and there’s no way to root it so i need a different solution

  • Aris Katirtzidis

    although i did it for the first time, when i tried to reverse the option, i can’t get “open command window here” when i shift+right click adb… windows 10

  • Bin Zero

    You should change the command to: adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

  • Gerra Cates

    By doing this, will I void the warranty on my brand new Samsung Galaxy On5 TracFone?

    And why would Samsung cripple the Highly touted feature of SD card “Adoption” in Android 6.0, anyway?

  • Admiral Hodor

    Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

    • Admiral Hodor

      Someone help`?

  • projectdelta6

    I just get Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000… I’m trying this on my Samsung J500F

  • Ruben van Eupen

    Would this work on an unrooted device? I prefer not to root… . I own a htc one m8… .

  • John Anderson

    does this work on mac

  • Hossam El Din Mostafa

    thank you vonnie your method works like a charm

  • Affent

    adb is not the right command in windows 10, i had to use ./adb other than that it worked like a charm. i also used an app lucky patcher which has an option to set the new apps and updated apps on sd card by default. So thank you, now my apps get installed on sd card by default but still some of them will keep install the app in internal and the rest of the data and obb will move on the sd, others will fully install on sd and one more thing; if you intend to install an app of 1 gb, you need to have at least 1 gb on internal to get it installed. needs that space on internal as cache memory until it is installed and then that memory is cleared

  • Alec Vanhorn

    i get all the way to typing “adb devices” but then it says my phone is unauthorized.. help?

  • computechguide

    Your trick worked flawlessly. thank you very much.

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  • Glad to see this simple but helpful steps. By following this steps i am able to install almost all the android apps on my External SD card. It’s really a great idea. Thanks for sharing this post.