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Reinstall Mac OS X Mavericks from a USB stick or Recovery Drive - fixedByVonnie

Reinstall Mac OS X Mavericks from a USB stick or Recovery Drive

A maverick is an unorthodox, unconventional person… and guess what?  your intrepid operating system claims to fit the bill.

Usually Mavericks lives a happy life opening apps with felicity and running  Safari with alacrity – but sometimes the story isn’t so sanguine.  In fact, there are a faction of users who’ve seen its darker side and if you’re one of them read on.

When your Mac has you lamenting the day you switched from a PC,  it could be time for a complete re-install.

There are two ways to kick off the show.  The first is infinitely cooler than the second but I’ll tell you both anyway:

  • From a USB Drive
  • From a Recovery Drive

Before I explain I should mention a few things:

You can’t buy a Mavericks DVD

Mavericks is diskless so you can’t just march into an Apple store and demand that a Genius sell you a Mavericks DVD.

If she’s a snob, she’ll regard your request as farcical and will shoo you away but that probably won’t happen.  When I visited the Apple Store at Grand Central Station about a month ago, the Genius cordially told me to download it from the App store.

Mavericks is available as a 5.3GB download from the App store… I’ll show you how to get it in a bit.

The USB install is convenient

Let’s say your a Mac man (or Mac girl) and your home looks like a Macbook Pro got frisky with a Mac Mini and gave birth to a dozen Apple devices.

You know what I’m talking about: you’ve got:

  • a Mac mini in the office
  • a Macbook pro in the living room
  • a Macbook Air in the kitchen
  • and a clamshell iBook G3 from the late 90’s sitting in your garage.

One day you want to upgrade all your Macs (except that iBook because it’s an artifact) to Mavericks; it’s a lot easier to install the OS directly from the USB drive rather than launching the App store and downloading Mavericks on each Mac.  The convenience of the USB boot option compelled me to share this method first.

I’m going to show you that you truely have the finesse to install a bootable version of Mavericks on your USB drive

It’s super easy and compared to the old-hat way of burning the OS to a DVD, a USB drive is more flexible.  For example, whenever a newer version of Mac OS X arrives, let’s say Apple calls it Mac OS X Killer Lion, you can simply erase the old image and copy Killer Lion like any other file.

With a DVD you’re fettered to limited rewrites and glacial write speeds; however, a USB stick is faster, more portable and more useful especially since many Macs no longer include DVD drives anyway.

Getting Mavericks on the USB stick

Alright let’s do this.  Make sure:

  • The USB drive has at least 8GB of space
  • You don’t care about losing everything on the USB drive.

After downloading Mavericks from the App store, we need to copy it from the Application folder or else it’ll disappear before we can create our bootable USB stick.

Open on the Finder, press Shift + Command ⌘ + a and copy the Mavericks installer, named “Install OS X Mavericks.app“, to your Desktop.

Click the cloned version of the app while holding down the Control key and choose Show Package Contents.

Mac OS X Mavericks Show Package Contents

Expand the Contents and SharedSupport folders and double-click InstallESD.dmg to mount it.

Mac OS X Mavericks InstallESD.dmg

Okay, now we need to open the Terminal so we can view a very important file named inside the InstallESD.dmg package named BaseSystem.dmg.

BaseSystem.dmg is an invisible package sleeping inside InstallESD.dmg but we can’t view it by default.  But I’m going to show you a little trick…

With a little dexterity in the Terminal window we can view the contents of BaseSystem.dmg using the open command.

Press Command ⌘ + Space and type


Now paste in the following command:

open /Volumes/OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/BaseSystem.dmg

Mac OS X Mavericks Opening Base System

Once the package opens minimize the window and open the Disk Utility.  You can get here via Command ⌘ + Space and typing

disk util

Plug in your USB drive and then drag BaseSystem.dmg from the left pane into the Source text box in the right pane.

Next, drag your USB drive from the left pane into the Destination text box in the right pane.

Now click the Restore button to annihilate all data on the USB drive. It took my 32GB SanDisk drive about 8 minutes to finish the restore procedure.

Mac OS X Mavericks Disk Utility Restore Base System

When it finishes, click the BaseSystem.dmg in the left pane again but this time click the blue Eject button in the navigation bar near the top of the Disk Utility window.

Okay now here’s the potentially confusing part but if you follow my lead you won’t get confused.

In the Finder there should now be at least two mounted drives:

  • OS X Install ESD
  • OS X Base System

The first is the OS X Install volume we mounted earlier with that esoteric Terminal command.

The second is your USB drive.  The Disk Utility renamed your USB Drive to OS X Base System.

We need to do two things to finish up our bootable USB drive:

  1. Copy OS X Install ESD\Packages to OS X Base System\System\Installation
  2. Delete OS X Base System\System\Installation\Packages

Let me show you what I’m talking about because I know this looks crazy.

Open the Finder, click OS X Install ESD from the left pane then control-click Packages in the left pane and choose Copy “Packages”.

Incidentally, this folder is about 5GB so it’s going to take a few minutes to copy.

Mac OS X Mavericks copy Packages

Click on OS X Base System (your USB drive) in the left pane and click open the System folder in the right pane.

Next open the Installation folder and delete the file (Command ⌘ + Delete) named Packages.  This is just an alias but we need to remove it.

Mac OS X Mavericks deleting Packages alias

Now paste in the 5GB Packages folder we copied earlier.  Make sure you drop it in place of the Packages alias.  So it should end up in here:

OS X Base System\System\Installation\

Command ⌘ + v drops it in.

Now zip on your hoodie, lace up your Pumas and wire up your headphones because you’re going for a 15 minute jog around the block.

You just created your first bootable USB Mavericks drive and that deserves a celebratory action.  Good work.

When you return to your office, let’s do one last trick to tidy things up.

Open the Terminal again.  We’re going to rename your USB drive from that insipid OS X Base System name to something more meaningful:

OS X Mavericks Installer

Type this:

diskutil rename "OS X Base System" "OS X Mavericks Installer"

Mavericks Disk Utility to Rename Volume

Now you’re cooking with gas!  You’ve got Mavericks on your USB stick now and it’s bootable too.

Pop in the USB stick, reboot the box then press and hold the Option key and you’re good to go.

Mac OS X Mavericks hold options key

Re-installing the OS from Recovery

Reinstalling Mac OS X from a recovery drive is even easier and all your settings are preserved.

Reboot and when the gray screen appears, press and hold Command ⌘ + r.

After about a minute the OS X Utilities screen emerges.

Reinstall OS X

Choose Reinstall OS X and click Continue.

Click Continue on the installation Window to verify your computer’s eligibility with Apple.

This should take less than 5 seconds.

Mac OS X Mavericks

Click Agree to the license contract to sign your life away…

Mavericks License

Now select your drive… and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Install Mavericks, Unlock the drive with your Admin password

The Bottom Line

To re-install Mac OS X Mavericks on your Mac you can either create a bootable USB drive or use the OS X Mavericks installer from the Recovery Drive.

Creating a bootable USB drive has the fortuitous side effect of creating an emergency backup of the OS.  In addition, the USB Drive makes it really easy to install Mavericks on your other Macs.

Installing from the Recovery drive is another option and is as easy rebooting, holding down the Command ⌘ + r keys and clicking through an installation wizard.

If my little post helped you through a frustrating time or if you have questions about it please share in the comments!


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  • Charles Barnard

    I get a message while trying to restore the image to the USB drive “Restore Failure Could not get source volume name” when restoring the partition “OS X Base System” and “Restore Failure Could not restore – Resource busy” when restoring the volume “Basesystem.dmg”?

  • JAKE


    • MrBrillo

      Jake – YOU are totally and utterly wrong. It works fantastically well – all you need to do is READ the instructions carefully and follow them EXACTLY.

      This is one of the best examples of a How-To I’ve ever encountered. Vonnie has done a superb job of de-mystifying this task.

      • MrBrillo, thanks for taking my defense! Haha. And Jake, I’m curious why you’re saying this doesn’t work. Can you elaborate?

        • Samir Dos Santos

          Hi Vonnie, i keep getting the “this item is temporarily unavailable” message when choosing my freshly reformated disk, how can i get past this? I cant download OS X Yosemite from the App Store because of this message, please help!!

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  • Hargream

    worked perfectly – nice job – thanks a lot

  • Zach Stout

    termianl says : The file /Volumes/OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.dmg does not exist.

    when I type in: open /Volumes/OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.dmg

    • Bill

      You mixed backward and forward slashes and you need to look carefully at every character of code

  • Rebecca Book

    Thanks for the clear and informative explanation! your tips cover the basics without being condescending like must tech know-how forums. Plus it worked perfectly!

  • it works for me, thx !

  • Charles Barnard

    I guess I’ll try again. The July update killed my OS on one MacBook Pro–the one without a DVD drive, I switched to a backup machine and the same thing happened and it won’t boot from a DVD (though it moves the heads…)

    When I get time again I’ll yank the drives and recover my data (or when the old Vista machine irritates me enough to compel me to get one of the Macs running…unless I just install Ubuntu on the Vista machine, though I need a functional Win box for some bits of work and MS has made dual booting a real pain.

    Rapidly hating all computers and their makers more than I’d though possible after working with them for over 40 years. The guy who decided that Vista needed to ‘look cool’ but didn’t need to work had best stay out of my way–he owes me blood…

  • Patricia

    I was able to copy the contents on my USB key, however, when I reboot the iMac and hold the Option key, I don’t see the USB drive, I only see ‘Recovery HD’.

    Can you help?

    • Patricia

      Well I changed USB key and finally got the Mac to see the drive, but now when I do command + r, it doesn’t seem to be going into USB drive, it brings up language screen and then Utilities with “Set up and install a new copy of Lion”

  • Msclaudiagl

    Hi, this tutorial is really being useful but I’m trying to delete packages from Installation and it just won’t work.. It says that I cannot delete the alias because the original item doesn’t exist

  • Cheryl Bentley

    I was finally able to get my macbook air to recognize the presence of the thumb drive… I get as far as signing into the app store…. only to get the same message “This item is temporarily unavailable. Try again later.” — any hope of me being able to get it up and running myself has been shot down 🙁 ….. Any suggestions???

  • amygrover

    Hi, so I managed to make the portable USB drive…. I’m pretty sure.

    I had everything up until you said “Pop in the USB stick, reboot the box then press and hold the Option key and you’re good to go.”

    I’m confused on what you meant. Let me clarify- I erased my hard drive and have been at the utilities screen- but my mac only allows me to download Lion. So I researched and found this. I’m just confused on how to get the mavericks from the USB to the point where I’m at the Utilities screen you show.


    • amygrover

      figured that part out haha….

  • amygrover

    so I got so far and then when it was installing mavericks on my macintosh HD it said installation failed bc disc is damaged or something……… HELP

    • amygrover

      I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t say “Installing OS X Mavericks” it just says installing OS X and then the screen says
      Install Failed
      OS X could not be installed on your computer
      The OS X upgrade couldn’t be started because the disk Macintosh HD is damaged and cannot be repaired. After your computer restarts, back up your data, erase your disk, and try installing again.

      Which I have done 🙁

  • Andrew Norton

    Hey guys, just tried this with Yosemite and everything was going to plan until it tells me to sign in with my apple account and it then says Item Temporarily Unavailable. I know others have had this issue but was there ever any resolution?

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  • Kristian

    Thank you so much for the great instructions! I was able to get Yosemite all set up as a USB installer today. Thank you!

  • Bethany Spain

    Vonnie I really have to thank you! My start up disk got deleted and my computer wouldn’t start up. I made the USB off my husband’s computer. The only thing that was different was my software was lion so it wouldn’t accept the usb how it did on yours. It said it didn’t have the right GUID partition for lion. I restarted my computer while holding C. That forced my computer to use the bootable USB as the starting disk and I was immediately allowed to download and install Maverick and my computer is good as new!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for how specific you were in your instructions!!!!!

  • Tim Tribe

    I have recently bought a new Mac which contains Yosemite. Unfortunately i have problems with some of the programs I’m trying to run so i want to downgrade back to mavericks. i have constructed a USB flash drive that consists of Mavericks, however every time i select to boot from the Mavericks install USB a circle with a line through it appears on the screen. is there ways past this?

  • Michael Lustig

    [Error: Undefined error 0 please try again] (hopefully that will help someone Googling this issue)

    Hey Vonnie, great tutorial! Very easy to follow, great layout, and you kept it as simple as possible.

    However, I did run into one problem. After following your instructions to a T, I attempted an install of Yosemite and was greeted after a couple of minutes of waiting at the “Installing on “Macintosh HD”” with the error “Undefined error 0, please try again”.

    I found another tutorial that pointed out that you need to copy over not only BaseSystem.dmg, but ALSO BaseSystem.chunklist.

    I’m not entirely sure if this is going to fix the problem, but I’m currently at the same “Installing…” screen and I’ve made it farther than I did without this step.

    Anyway, I hope that helps someone. I won’t say I’ll update this post with results, because chances are I’ll forget, but I think the solution to the problem is to copy over BaseSystem.chunklist from OS X Install ESD.

  • Jennifer

    everytime I put the code for base system.dmg into terminal it says it does not exist. Are there any spaces or anything to worry about? I swear I’ve put every slash and letter correctly, I’ve tried so many times.

  • Beth DiGiambatista

    HI when I try to reinstall OS X it says, “An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running this application again.” I’ve tried many times, what should I do?

  • Sebsterlu21

    Can you do the exact same thing with the OS X Lion?

  • denzel

    When I do all these steps on my new Macbook Pro and set it on the USB to reset my macbook air (witch I want to sell with factory settings and encountered this problem as well) . will this affect my macbook pro ? since I don’t want it to reset my New macbook Pro.
    Thx in advance.
    My buyer is comming tomorrow and I want to give him a working Macbook xp.


  • Mel

    Does someone know where we might be able to find OS X Mavericks? It’s no longer available in the app store. Thanks in advance

  • Sam Wilson

    Ok so my computer crashed on me and wont start up.. when i go to os x utility to reinstall it says my two disk images are “locked”and trying to repair it , it doesnt work either. So i created a bootable usb with mavericks on it. Now Im confused at how i repair the disk with the bootable usb…. do i install the os x onto the usb or do I try to reinstall using the usb… yeeaa… lost

  • Time Machine would only help you in the future. Is your Mac set up with Time Machine? If so you should be able to get the deleted files that way. Click the Time Machine icon in the dock. Then go back to before you deleted the files, they are probably still available – uFlysoft data recovery

  • Cali Z

    This is what happened to me, “This item is temporarily unavailable. Try again later”, when I was trying to re-install my OS from the online Apple servers.
    I must have tried 20 times, before I figured out that it was not the Apple servers. (had to Google it)

    However here are the differences:
    1. I bought the MacBook Pro from a pawn shop, so I have NO clue as to the original owner or their Apple ID/password.
    Image my surprise when I found this little tidbit of Apple ID horror!
    2. I ONLY have ONE MacBook, not two, which is what EVERY discussion forum (apple) response expects/assumes you to have.

    A little explanation, I purchased this MacBook Pro and wanted to update to the new El Capitain OS 10.11 version, but I did not have enough room on my HD for it, because the previous owner had a lot of trash, junk files, downloads, pictures, email, etc cluttering up space, which of course I didn’t want, nor did I ever need. Likewise, I certainly didn’t want his name referencing MY new laptop or pathways, directories, and so on etc, etc, etc.
    SO I’m like, wipe that sucker clean.
    WRONG MOVE… big mistake!!!
    Which I’m sure most of you are well aware by now …of that swift jump into Apple’s h e l l h o l e!
    After hours, days of research, trying this, trying that, figuring out dead-ends, frustrated, crying, yelling…like it really did any good! hmmmm

    I came up with a way to re-install my previous OS without, let me say that again WITHOUT using an Apple login credentials, so here it goes, are you ready?

    This happens to be my FIRST Apple product ever, which I’ve never experienced their OS layout, so the learning curve was aggressive.
    I’ve been a dedicated Windows user since 3.1, so IF I type (explain) something (terminology) “incorrectly” be understanding, ok?

    So for those of you which like myself, have ONLY one Mac product and NO friends to help OR want to share my burden.

    Firstly, Write this address down: http://getintopc.com/softwares/operating-systems/mac-os-x-mavericks-free-download/
    And NO you cannot download from your Windows computer onto a USB drive and then transfer it to your Mac.
    WHY, because Windows uses FAT formatting while Mac uses Mac OS, they don’t understand each other, designed that way on purpose dont’cha know? (little di I know this, at that time)

    That is the web-address you will use to download the “Mavericks Installer.dmg”, You will need this later for downloading.

    You need TWO USB DRIVES, at least 8GB each (this is the secret) shhhh, don’t tell…haha
    Hopefully, you have two working USB ports.

    IF not, just stop now, the rest is assumed and expected that you have two working USB ports on your Mac.

    It was bad enough reading through all the Apple discussion forum posts, just to find out that I didn’t have the correct Apple ID/password, nor did I have an extra MacBook just conveniently laying around!

    ON your Mac, you need to get into “Mac OS X Utilities”, here’s how:
    HOLD down Command + Option + R while you push POWER (you can release the Power button ONLY)
    Keep holding others, until rotating EARTH shows up. (now you can release those other 3), This starts Internet Recovery.
    This is when your Mac will attempt to connect to the internet, make sure you have either Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected, Ethernet (hard-wired) is much faster than Wi-Fi for downloading needed files.

    When “Mac OS X Utilities” finally shows up: (takes it’s sweet time about it)
    1. SELECT “Disk Utility”
    2. Plug in one USB drive at a time, let Disk Utility recognize it, then plug in second USB drive, wait for recognition.
    3.When BOTH are recognized by Disk Utility, (you’ll see them appear in left-side pane)

    SELECT 1st USB Drive (left-side pane), click on (will be highlighted):

    SELECT “Partition” (within right-side pane)
    SELECT “Partition Layout”, then SELECT “1 Partition”
    SELECT “Options”, then SELECT “GUID Partition Table” (a must for USB drive to act as startup disk)

    UNDER “Partition Information”
    NAME: (I used MAC DMG, so I wouldn’t get it confused with other USB drive)
    FORMAT: Use “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

    SELECT “Apply”, then SELECT “Partition” (this WILL format or wipe out all data on this USB drive)

    ***DO this same above procedures for Second USB, but name it MAC OS X ***


    CLOSE out (X) Disk Utility (Command + Q)
    Now, Select “Get Help Online” from “Mac OS X Utilities” menu (should be 3rd from top)
    It will open up Safari browser, follow along this is very important.
    On top Menu, Click on “Safari”, then SELECT “Preferences”
    Under “General” tab, scroll down to “Save downloaded files to:”
    Click “Other”, then SELECT “MAC DMG” under devices menu. Close that window.
    You should have an open Safari window about “Recovery Information”
    Within “Address Bar” type in web address: (same one you were suppose to write down above)
    >> http://getintopc.com/softwares/operating-systems/mac-os-x-mavericks-free-download/ <<

    Type in and press enter.
    SCROLL down to the "DOWNLOAD" button and click it.
    It will open up a new browser window and then start downloading the "Mavericks Installer.dmg" package.
    It is 5.95GB, so it will take some time to download. (Go goof around while it's downloading.)

    WHEN it is finished downloading, close out Safari. (Command + Q)
    You should be back to the "Mac OS X Utilities" menu.
    SELECT "Disk Utilities" once again.
    CLICK on "MAC DMG" dropdown under USB drive heading (it will be highlighted)
    SELECT "Restore" in right-side pane
    Under Source: MAC DWG (should be automatically entered)
    SELECT "Image",
    From Pop-up Window, SELECT MAC DMG in left-side pane, it should show -Getintopc.com-Mavericks Installer.dmg (in right-side pane)
    * NOW your SOURCE should be: -Getintopc.com-Mavericks Installer.dmg
    Next, CLICK & HOLD on 2nd USB drive drop-down MAC OS X, DRAG to "Destination" in right-side pane (only way I know how to do this, new remember? if you know of easier way, then do that)

    RECAP: (right-side pane)
    Source: -Getintopc.com-Mavericks Installer.dmg
    Destination: MAC OS X

    Now SELECT "Restore" (bottom right)
    It will ask if you are sure you want to replace "MAC OS X" with "-Getintopc.com-Mavericks Installer.dmg?
    SELECT "Erase"
    It will verify and start copying the data over, takes about 35 minutes.
    If all went well you should have 40,147 files @ 6.01GB
    When it is finished, the 2nd USB drive will now be called: "OS X Base System"

    Now, REMOVE (ONLY) the USB labeled MAC DWG
    Close out (X) of "Disk Utility" (Command + Q)
    Close out (X) of "Mac OS X Utilities" (Command + Q)
    SELECT "Choose Startup Disk"
    SELECT "OS X Base System Mac OS X,10.9)
    CLICK on "Restart"
    It will ASK again, CLICK on "Restart"

    Spinning wheel will activate and "turn for a couple of minutes",
    then your Mac will power off and "restart" showing Apple Logo (also for a couple of minutes),
    It will then show OS X Installer Window.

    Follow Prompts to install your new OS X

    I went through Apple's h e l l h o l e and back to bring you this step-by-step guide. (LOL)
    Hope it helps.

    The great part is that you now have a backup USB restore drive…yippee! (for future mistakes or other Macbooks…)

    Have fun,

    • Sam

      Thank you so much, ive been tthrough the same hell, visited more than 40 pages looking for solution, and after one month i finally did it, thanks to you! Best answer ever

    • Sevan Vlieghe

      Thank you!!!!!! This worked beautifully. The only issue I encountered was the USB stick not accepting the restore as there was a scanning issue. I followed the instructions below to solve it. All works now! 😀


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  • I erased my hard drive and have been at the utilities screen- but my mac only allows me to download Lion. thanks

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