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3 tips to stop your Galaxy S4 from randomly rebooting - fixedByVonnie

3 tips to stop your Galaxy S4 from randomly rebooting

What’s worse than a skittish smartphone with a slow browser?  A skittish smartphone that keeps randomly rebooting.

When your Galaxy S4 get’s stuck in the twilight zone it’ll do some silly stuff.  That’s why I wanted to give you 3 tips to stop your Galaxy S4 from randomly rebooting.

Here’s what you should do:

1 Battery Break-dancing

Remove the battery and spin it like a dradle on a flat hard surface.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery

That’s right; we’re making your battery break-dance like a 80’s hip-hop dancer.

If it spins then there’s probably a bulge or the battery is swollen. Samsung is cognizant of this issue so just call up your nearest Samsung service center and explain the problem.

Samsung should replace your battery gratis.

But let’s say you don’t have a bumpy battery and your phone chronically restarts itself.  

What’s the deal?

2 Update your software

Sometimes updating your apps and system fixes the problem.

There are two places we need to update:

  • Google Play
  • System Updates

Updating app with Google Play

Tap open the Play Store then when the Google Play app opens, tap the little Play Store shopping bag icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Your options drawer will slide in the from the left edge of the screen. Touch My Apps.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Play Store

You can pick specific apps to update; however, I’m lazy so I just tapped Update All.  

I actually suggest flipping through the full app list before mindlessly doing what I did because you may spot some apps you no longer want.  There’s no point wasting time updating those.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play My Apps 

After updating our apps we need to update the system.

Updating the System

Swipe down from the top edge of the screen with your index finger to expose the Notification Center.

Now tap the cog in the upper right corner, choose the More tab with the three dots on far right of the screen then flick down and open About phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 About Phone

Tap Software update and knock it out.

Your phone’s operating system is constantly evolving and developers are assiduously plugging vulnerabilities and bugs; thus it behooves you to check for updates periodically.

In addition to fixing your random reboots, updating the system has the fortuitous benefit of protecting you from the latest security threats in the wild.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Software Update

Usually updating your phone won’t nuke your settings; however, to be sure I would backup your contacts and photos anyway.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Software Update

You can use Smart Switch from Samsung to get started with that.

3 Use Safe Mode to Delete Apps

It’s possible a third-party app is responsible for your grief.

Try this: boot your Galaxy S4 into Safe Mode.

If the phone doesn’t exhibit the problem in Safe Mode then you know there’s at least one aberrant app debilitating your phone.

Start sifting through your apps and deleting useless apps.

One useful app I use that makes clean a breeze is Clean Master.

This super app cuts through cache, flushes your digital trash and purges programs from flash memory like a champ.

Samsung Galaxy S4 CleanMaster

Just tap open the App Manager in the bottom right corner of Clean Master then peruse the list for unwanted apps.  You’ll probably find stuff in here that you’ve never heard of and don’t need.

If it says Rarely Used and has a blue check mark with the word “Safe” next to it, you typically won’t break anything if you kill it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 CleanMaster App Manager

After you get rid of the dross, reboot and use your phone normally and you should be fine.

The Bottom Line

Nothing will cause you to deprecate your Galaxy S4 more than when it stops working and very few things are more infuriating than when it reboots interminably.

But there’s no need to get violent or despondent!

If you do these three things you’ll probably fix the issue:

  • Replace the battery
  • Update the OS and apps
  • Purge extraneous apps

If this helped you please share in the comments!


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  • scurvyelephant

    None of this worked and my Galaxy S4 continued to reboot itself more and more often until it finally just no longer recognized the SIM card. Took it to a repair shop and they told me that since the last firmware update they have been inundated with S4’s reporting the same problem and they were trying to figure out a workaround. In my case, the motherboard was gone so the one year, three month old phone is toast. Obviously Samsung has never heard of this issue even though a simple Google search indicates differently.

    • Tom Kneiphof

      Hope you read this…
      Your mainboard was broken but your phone did still work (with reboots)?
      I have the same issue, it’s most often the case while playing ingress.. When i try to unlock my phone the lockscreen freezes and i can’t type anything, then the reboot screen occurs and AFTER that the music i was listening to stops.
      The second most common case is, that i used my phone to look something up in the internet or checked facebook. Few seconds after locking my phone it restarts…

      I did try to solve this issue by reflashing the newest firmware from samsung and using a custom kernel (i also had to update the modem.bin in order to enable wifi with the latest firmware), but it didn’t work.

      I’ve installed a google edition firmware (gt-i9505g) and since 2 days i had no reboot!


    This 3 steps solution worked for my Samsung Galaxy s4 mobile. The culprit was The App, “Daily yoga for beginners” that was running update and causing my device to restart frequently. I deleted the App. Now, so far, my device didn’t restart automatically. Thank you

  • johnpcymrru

    Unfortunately my S4’s rebooting every few hours started after the latest Update via Kies. I have had this S4 since it was released a year last April here and every update has made the phone worse than before, especially but not limited to the the battery life. gets hot with all the updates doing tasks that previously after a long time would only produce a warm back.

    None of the tips worked for me, but a good useful site none the less, I’m new and came via Google looking for a solution to the above rebooting problem. I’ve also tried a number of factory resets, my providers automatic answer whenever there is a problem, tried a brand new battery direct from Samsung, though the old one was fine, just had lost maybe 10% or less of capacity as it was nearly a year old and I hadn’t added any new apps since the update and it even started doing it again shortly after a factory reset so only the new update was in place so it is obviously that or some weird hardware fault. Though the reboot can happen whether I am hammering it or it is sitting there idle so it is difficult to work out what may be causing it. The problem also seems to be getting worse with the frequency of reboots slowly increasing. Fortunately, I am still well in contract so they can just replace it.

    Ironically, the most problem free and best performing system software I have had had was the one that shipped with the S4 some 18 months ago. I will have to try and find a copy and go back to that to see if it makes any difference.Though I think it might be a good idea to do that anyway, even though they were all touted as improving performance and battery life when they actually did the opposite.

    I must admit that when I am out of contract next April, I won’t be getting another Samsung even though they recently offered me an S5, with the new a Samsung 8″ tablet with a SIM or the equivalent Ipad at the same price. I turned them down, for while I like their hardware, Samsung would have trouble writing a “Hello World” program in the simplest of programming languages without messing it up and I am tired of every update making things even worse instead if better.

  • Vivi11

    I’m not responsible for any damage, you do this by yourself – I share it, because it worked for me.

    I came to this threat with problem, but now it;s gone, thanks to this apk: http://repo.xposed.info/module/com.thomashofmann.xposed.samsungkitkatsystemservercrashfix . install this even if you have android 4.4.2 like me. After that install main apk from there: http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.installer (click show older versions for stable one). when all is done, open main app, install it from within , after reboot tick your module active and reboot again. there are some disclaimers along the way, but it’s probably as “extreme” as rooting. You have specific explanation within those links, how does it work. Cheers

  • Debbie

    So my s4 will shut it’s self off and then not turn back on or it freezes or like now it’s stuck on the boot loop and it won’t turn on help please

  • Waleed Tahir

    When I go on certwin apps my phone turns on and off

  • gnana sreekar

    I don’t know how this actually work but this guy got the exact answer what we need check the YouTube link given below and I promise you guys this guy is awesome