How to stop logged in accounts from shutting down your Windows 8 PC

Let’s say you’re logged into your computer working on the solution to world peace.

You’ve got spreadsheets sprawled across your desktop, pedantic research PDFs open in the taskbar and dozens of tabs filled with relevant websites.

But your head is starting to ache, it’s getting late and you need a break.

So you stand, stretch and wander into the kitchen hoping that a hot glass of tea will galvanize your mind to action.

While away from your computer, your wife saunters in from the bedroom and gets comfortable in your office chair.

She switches users and logs into Windows using her Windows account.  After checking whose remains on the Bachelor and blocking previous high school boyfriends on Facebook, she drowsily hits the Shutdown button.

When you return to your workstation – all your work is gone!  Everything.

Now what?

Punch yourself because you should have read this article first.

In this guide I’m going to show you how to disable the shutdown function from any account that logs into your computer.  This will allow you to reclaim control of your machine and perhaps even save your marriage.

You didn’t know I did marital counseling on the side?

lol okay so check this out:

We’re going to use the Reg load command to hack the registry.  Make sure you backup the registry first, then kick open an elevated command prompt.


Windows Key + x + a

We need to find the user folder that we want to disable shutdown rights for.


cd \Users\

Then type dir to browse the user names of everyone with an account on your computer.

Windows 8 Users

Now that we have an account to restrict, we need to load the personalized settings for that user from the registry.

For this example, I’m going to deny my brother, Lynel, Shutdown rights.

reg load “HKU\User” “%SystemDrive%\Users\Lynel\NTUSER.DAT”

Simply substitute your desired user for mine and press enter.  You should see that the operation completed successfully.

Windows 8.1 HKU\User

OK now we need to modify the NoClose key so we can remove the Shutdown button for Lynel.

Type this:

reg add “HKU\User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer” /v “NoClose” /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

Press enter then unload the Registry tool:

reg unload "HKU\User"

Windows 8.1 reg unload

That’s it.  Reboot to finalize the changes.

Now you don’t have to worry about rogue family members unwittingly turning off your computer via the shutdown button.  Obviously, they can always pull the plug but – seriously, who does that right?


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  • lerychikun

    Lol Windows 8 is so complicated I don’t think your wife would be able to figure out how to shut down in the first place.

  • Vượng Cứt

    So how to shutdown when I really want?