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How to install Android 4.4 KitKat in Windows using VirtualBox - fixedByVonnie

How to install Android 4.4 KitKat in Windows using VirtualBox

Google’s confectionery legacy of Android operating systems has enough digital sugar to make you nauseous.

It all started in 2009 with Android 1.5 Cupcake and now five years later, Google ‘s infatuation with sweets lives on through KitKat.

KitKat is a great OS but you need the physical tablet or smartphone before you can actually play with it.

Or do you?

Thanks to VirtualBox and the Android-x86 project, we now have unfettered access to the latest treats from Google’s assorted code bakery.

We just need to download the latest Android-x86 ISO and then load it into Virtualbox as a new Linux virtual machine.

As I’m writing this, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is Google’s newest concoction; however, what’s the fun in that when everyone’s favorite chocolate covered vanilla waffer, KitKat, is already out as a Release Candidate?

If you want to live on the edge, forego the Jelly, gimmie a break, grab KitKat and follow me.

KitKat in VirtualBox

I want you to exult in how easy it is to setup KitKat in VirtualBox.

Click the blue New button in Virtualbox, name the new VM Droid, change the Type to Linux and change the version to Linux 2.6 / 3.x.

Crank the Memory up to 1024MB and click Create.

Android KitKat 4.4 in VirtualBox

On the Create Virtual Hard Drive screen, change the File Size to 6 GB, leave the Hard drive file type at VDI but change the Storage on physical hard drive to Fixed size.

Create Virtual Hard Drive in VirtualBox for KitKat

Now back in the image list, double click your tasty KitKat build. You should see a Select start-up disk window poof onto the screen.

Click the tiny manila folder icon to find the Android .ISO file you downloaded earlier and then hit the Start button. VirtualBox choose your Virtual Optical Drive

VirtualBox attempts to boot off the ISO and immediately displays the Android-x86 Live & Installation CD test screen.

Keep hitting the arrow keys until you select the Installation option – then hit Enter.

Android-x86 Installation KitKat

The first thing we need to do is Create a new Partition.

Think of a partition as an isolated section of your hard disk.  In this case, we’re going to set aside the entire virtual hard disk to Android but we need to create it first.

Select Create/modify partitions and keep moving.

Create/Modify partitions

This next screen may look daunting at first but it’s pretty straight forward when you think about it. The top section shows various drive facts such as:

  • Drive name: /dev/sda
  • Size: 6,442MB (6 Gigs)

The middle section shows that there are currently no partitions.

Hit the right arrow key to highlight the [NEW] option along the bottom the screen, then press Enter.

Create a new KitKat partition in Virtualbox

Press enter again to make it a Primary Partition.

To be honest, I don’t think it matters if you pick the Logical Partition; however, the Primary partition makes the most sense to me so go with that.

If you’re curious about the differences between Primary and Logical partitions, just think of a Primary partition like a container which can comprise one or more logical partitions.

KitKat Virtualbox Primary Partition

Press enter again to confirm the size. Here I’m confirming the 6440.39 MB partition size.

Android 4.4 Kitkat Primary Partition Size Confirmation

Alright, now we need to make the partition bootable so make sure [Bootable] is highlighted below and press Enter. Make KitKat Virtualbox partition bootable

When you press enter it places the word “Boot” under the column called Flags between Name and Part Type. Now – keep pressing the right arrow key until you highlight [Write].

Go for it, you’ve got this my friend.

VirtualBox KitKat Bootable Write in VirtualBox

Hit enter and you’ll see a confirmation warning about destroying all the data on your disk. Remember, this is your virtual disk not your real disk.

In other words, we’re about to nuke the Guest OS hard drive which is currently empty so this is perfectly safe and necessary. Type yes and hit Enter.

Erase KitKat data on bootable partition

When it finishes it’ll take you back to the previous screen.  Just keep hitting the right arrow until you highlight [Quit].  

Press enter so we can finish up. You should find yourself back in the Choose Partition screen; however, this time you should see your newly created Partition in the list.

Since we now have a place to park the KitKat installation we can start installing it.  Select sda1 Linux and hit Enter. Choose Partition in VirtualBox for KitKat

Change the filesystem to ext3 and press Enter.

The other filesystems are for different purposes. ext2 is better suited for removable media such as USB flash drives and memory cards; however, the main advantage of ext3 is that it offers journaling.

Journaling file systems are ideal because they track file system changes in a log called a journal.   This means that journaling file systems can recovery faster from crashes and are less likely to get corrupted.

You definitely want this.

Choose Virtualbox Android Filesystem as ext3

You’ll get a warning about losing all your data. This is fine because we have no data in the Guest OS.

Choose Yes and continue.

Virtualbox confirm format from sda1 to ext3

Install GRUB and hit Yes.

GRUB will give us the flexibility to boot up different Linux installations at startup.

Install Grub in Virtualbox for KitKat

Now hit Yes to install the /system directory as read-write.

Install /system directory as Read Write in Android KitKat Virtualbox

We’re on the home stretch now baby!

Installing Android 4.4 Kitkat in Virtualbox Yay!

When you hit the finish line, in the VirtualBox menu bar, click Devices, go to CD/DVD Devices and choose Remove disk from virtual drive.

You might get a terrifying error about unmounting the disk. Don’t worry, just click Force unmount and choose Run Android-x86!

Run Android x86!

If it doesn’t start up right or it freezes, press Ctrl + r to manually restart the virtual machine.

In a few seconds it should boot up the GRUB loader.  Just leave it alone for a few seconds and it’ll finish starting up.

VirtualBox GNU GRUB loader for KitKat

Now you can set it up just like a new tablet

Android welcome screen

By the way, if the mouse doesn’t work you may need to click Disable Mouse Integration from the Machine menu in the upper left corner of the Virtualbox window.  This will keep the mouse gliding over the VirtualBox menu instead of getting trapped inside it.

On the Select Wi-Fi screen just click Skip.  Virtualbox will use your host computers network card for data connectivity.

Select WiFi Network KitKat

And that’s it!

Now you can download Google apps, setup Gmail and have a ball without fear of destroying a precious tablet.

Android 4.4 KitKat home screen

Have fun.


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  • David Grimberg

    Ok great, but I clicked the Phone app and the whole display rotated 90 degrees to portrait mode. Now everything is sideways. Any clue how to rotate the display back to landscape?

    • Download an app called “Rotation Control.”

      It’ll sit in your notification bar and allow you to override everything.

      • Teamdrop

        AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!! THANK YOU! now to find the ones for fusion

        • Hey Drop, thanks for the cheer. Are you talking about VMWare Fusion? If you find one for Fusion before me please share!

    • Vijay Prakash Meena

      Control + F10

  • Gavin

    Hi, every time I get to the point where I have to install the .iso in the virtual machine, it doesn’t work. I go down to the fourth option and select it and it throws out some code and exits. How can I get it to install properly? I have a video of what happens here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-USbHie9IiI&list=UUZAeefogpjuXf-v2LjlMi5A

    • Yhal Htet Aung

      Try to remove your Android iso from the VirtualBox then you won’t see it anymore 🙂

      1. Go to Settings of your VM, go to Storage, then remove your Android iso, then run your VM 🙂

      • Guest

        Yes, you’re quite funny. Go away.

    • jfherring

      I get the same issue. Removing as the other guys suggested will just remove it altogether and nothing will work. Giving up, it’s a fail. I’ll put a different version on I guess.

    • jfherring

      Okay Gavin, I got it. On the host machine (I mean the system that Virtual Box is installed on), you need to boot into the BIOS and in the configuration settings, enable Intel Virtualization (or AMD Virtualization if that’s what you have). Then start the process above over again.

      • Trenton Maag

        i have win 8 how do i do that

        • Virtualization has very little to do with the OS, and everything to do with your BIOS and Hardware itself….. you clearly did not read what was posted…. The setting is in your BIOS… it doesnt matter which OS you use, be it Win 7, Win 8, or damned Win 4.1 … They ALL are preceeded by a BIOS which can most commonly be accessed at Machine Powerup by pressing the “DELETE” Key … from there Nav to you CPU settings, you will find virtualization options in there, the amount of options and the complexity will ofcourse be dictated by your BIOS version, Motherboard and most importantly physical CPU …. PS…. Virtualization is really only meant for 2+ Cores and Multi-Threading 😉

    • Okay, I watched the video. You never get to the choose partition screen? I went through the installation a second time and received a similar error to yours. Are you still having this issue?

      • Dip

        No Your Doing something wrong

    • Azazel

      i have the same problem

  • Khun Kru Mark

    Extremely clear and professional explanation. Well done.

  • Alberto Ricci

    great guide, all the installation process goes well. i got a problem after the first boot of the os: after i choose the system language everything goes black and i can’t do anything. any suggestion? 🙂
    EDIT: i restarted the virtualbox, and now, i don’t know why, it works. but now i’ve got a second problem: wi-fi doesn’t work! am i missing something?

  • Lee


    • Lee

      this is the sreenshots

      • You’ve a corrupted ISO. Download it again. Make sure that it’s more than 350,000 KB after downloading, like mine.

  • andrew newton

    help please i went through everything and i get to the virualbox running which i have a screen half blue half black in the black are the word android_ there it appears to have frozen pressing ctrl + r doesnt do anything. how do i get it to work ?

    • Lee

      hey can you please help me putting the ISO correctly?? look at the screen shots

      • andrew newton

        i am trying to put kit kat 4.4 on

        • Lee

          hey help me about my problem

        • Lee

          look at the screenshots how can i install the ISO that i download please

  • Thanks so much…running KitKat and have installed all my apps…some small glitches like live wallpaper, gallery…now just have to figure out how to rotate my virtual installation…its facing sideways.

    • Lee

      hey can you help me about my problem???

    • Lee

      Please help :/

  • Guest

    if this is how to handle

  • Felipe

    Is possible insert(simulate) a SIM Card?

    Great tutorial.

  • gauravbansal7

    After the wifi screen, i skip it and then i am stuck at the “Just a sec…” page… and nothing else is happening… after some time there is a page saying connecting and then nothing else…

    Please someone help…

  • rUFFsMUG

    Hey Guys I recently installed android 4.4 kitkat on this system using VM virtualbox but whenever i try to start it
    i GET this……
    I try to REBOOT it but it does the same thing.
    And after 5 seconds the screen goes black!! ISTHERE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME WITH THIS?

    • Orlando

      iso file problem. redownload and re install

    • disqus_HxQAhQEno8

      press enter. easy

    • Qtech tunisie

      u should change the name of the iso file from whatever the version is mine is “android-x86-4.4-r2.iso” to “android-x86-4_4-r2.iso” it worked !!

  • Felipe Pereira Muñoz

    i stil cant install it, im using windows 8.1 and i get the message “kernel panic – not syncinng..” 🙁

    • Andrew

      Enable Intel Virtualization Technology in your BIOS
      Restart windows 8.1 and press f12 after it beeps to go into bios and find virtualization technology to enable it and press F10 to save and restart

      you’re welcome.

      • Michael Cordell

        Same issue but Virtualization is already enabled. I’ve been using vmware for years

        • Andrew

          Oh I had to do something else with the installation I think I somehow kept reinstalling it and eventually it worked i forgot what exactly I did to make it work but somehow I bypassed it and it was working whatever it was Sorry If I remember I’ll let you know otherwise use Bluestacks, it’s much better and more optimized than VirtualBox. I’

          • maniacbum

            Where, provide link

          • Sushil Sampang Rai

            Will you pls check if”Order & Chaos Duels”work on rooted Bluestacks ??

        • Guest

          kitkat on VM box

        • Andrew

          kitkat on vm

    • Moacir Amaral

      change to linux 32 bits

    • Sergio Chiodi Yamato

      windows 8.1 have a native hyper-V control, you can disable this feature on ad remove windows feature and disable hiper-V and after this restart the computer now you can use virtual box. Se link below.

  • Trenton Maag

    what version of virtual box do you install

  • syarz

    i have installed kitkat on usb pendrive using win32diskimager & running live but i cannot use wifi(dongle). How do i make it run so that i can use internet?

  • Orlando

    No matter how I install it in Virtual Box. The storage amount is less than 2GB. I am attempting to put 32 GB fixed but it never works.

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  • Mihai

    hey all

    did you manage to set the proxy too?

    if so which are the steps for this specific android version 4.4

    since from console altf+f1 able to wget/download any pages

    able to ping anything in this world which is pingable of course which means that the box is connected to the internet

    BUT not able to make the browser or other apps get connected to the Internet – so the appliance is not getting those settings(proxy related settings)

    tried NAT, custom NAT/network, bridged, tried to share the connection on windows box

    but the proxy is not taken into account

    tried to setprop:


    setprop net.proxy

    setprop rw.HTTP_PROXY “”

    setprop global_http_proxy_host mynetworkproxy
    setprop global_http_proxy_port 8080

    neither of the above working

    Can somebody tell me how to address this one for this specific android for PC version?

    Is anywhere the source code available to dig into?

  • Farhan Ahmed

    how do you use your mouse in this? My mouse doesn’t show up in this.

    • Quietfire

      It states in the article :

      By the way, if the mouse doesn’t work you may need to click Disable Mouse Integration from the Machine
      menu in the upper left corner of the Virtualbox window. This will keep
      the mouse gliding over the VirtualBox menu instead of getting trapped
      inside it.

      • Farhan Ahmed

        Yeah I found that out, but the mouse is not aligned with the computer so it is a pain to use

  • Vivek Sharma

    please help me i have stuck here it is showing android written but not moving help me i have tried to reset by pressing ctrl+R. i have followed all steps thoroughly.

  • Quietfire

    Oh crap. I just went through this entire tutorial and started playing with KitKat on my laptop before I realized it was for installing it on Windows instead of Linux Mint. Now I’m gonna have to find a different article and start over 😉

  • Whenever I select an option from the menu, the VirtualBox restarts then does it over again. 🙁

    • Matthew Jeppesen

      I get the same problem, VBox just keeps restarting

  • Rahul Raj

    My Droid works very slow …..What changes should i take during installation ?

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  • The easiet way to check android on pc is download Universal-USB-Installer- and make an bootable iso and try it dont forget to select ANDROID from the list 🙂

    • Hey Taha, that reminds me of the famous UNetbootin tool everyone loves. Thanks for the share.

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  • Guest

    Unable to install kitkat on my lenovo G560, error mentioned below. kindly Help, i dont know what to do about that, thanks in advance

  • Raj

    unable to install kitkat on lenovo G560 laptop, i’m geting a large numbering after i click install android x86 to harddisk and then nothing happened and virtual box restarting after few seconds. screenshot attached so kindly help me thanks in advance.

    • I know the numbers scroll fast, but maybe you can take screen shot after clicking “Install Android-x86 to harddisk” but before the VM reboots?

  • ayush

    can i make this tablet a phone like shape

    • Hi Ayush, I’m not sure how to pull that off. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Giulio Adriano

    The apps rotate the screen and make impossible to control,is there a way to fix it ?

  • Hmm, never heard of Mobizen but it looks interesting. What does it do?

    • Nothing much Vonnie. Mobizen basically provides a client-server application where an app installed on the server (Mobizen on Android) connects to an application on the client (Mobizen on web browser) and provides your Android device to be controlled entirely through the web browser. I believe its implemented using VNC server APIs though I am not sure.

  • xnight24

    Hi. I follow all your instructions but Android didn’t run… All I got is what you see in the picture. A black screen with the word ANDROID -_-… Can you help me? I downloaded the android-x86-4.4-RC2.iso file! Thanks. Great tutorial btw 😀

    • ritobi88

      HI, i have the same Problem. It just never leave this loading screen. Restart with Strg+R doesnt help!

    • ritobi88

      Okay i fixed the problem. I forgot one step of the description:

      When you hit the finish line, in the VirtualBox menu bar, click Devices, go to CD/DVD Devices and chooseRemove disk from virtual drive.

      You might get a terrifying error about unmounting the disk. Don’t worry, just click Force unmount and choose Run Android-x86!

      After doing that it worked.

    • Roy

      I am having a similar issue, did you get a fix for this ?

    • Alok

      Same problem here, did you get a fix for this ??

    • Nadine Callan

      When I first run it it did this I shutdown the VM and after I started up again it loaded after a while of that screen it took maybe 10 or 15 min to load I am guessing it was updating or something.

    • Camper

      I’ve got the same problem… Anyone? 🙂

  • sumukh s

    Wow everything went well thanks dude nice post…

  • ritobi88

    i have the problem that all my apps Crash when i want to start them. It loads for a sec and then tells me the app has been closed. I only used 1GB RAM, but i dont think that this could be the problem. Any solutions?
    I tried it with different APPS, everything crashes

    • Kernel Panic

      Android 4.4 Crash Edition

  • Is there a way to change the resolution of the virtual tablet?
    Also, it is very slow while my host computer is fast

  • Sorrien

    Using windows 7, and I’m getting the “kernel panic – not syncing” error. I’ve tried getting a fresh ISO, restarting, resetting. Can’t get this to work.

    • Sushil Sampang Rai

      Do this

  • Sorrien

    Had to downgrade versions to get this to work, but now I can’t get to the play store without it trying to use wifi, which obviously doesn’t exist on the device, because said device does not exist…

  • shahrokh

    please help me i installed it on my macbook pro md101 without any problem. but it cannot run most of applications such as games (clash of clans ,…. ) or even live wallpapers ! i think it has some graphically problem..
    can u help me ?
    i really need it…

    • jstuie

      Try increasing the amount of video ram allocated to the VM, or enable 2D/3D acceleration

      • murgero

        Most games on the playstore do not support x86 CPU architecture. It is not currently possible. Sorry.

    • Leonlei

      You need that put the “houdini” thing in the “lib” directory of your android using your mac. then reboot back to android. That solves my problem encountering errors in playing COC.

  • king

    it is asking kerner module is not loaded…….why?

  • giacomo

    the installation was fine, android start but I can’t use the keyboard, it doesn’t work. Any suggestion?

  • jaya sai Kishore

    guyzz….my tablet screen whch i installed on pc is rotated to 90degrees…hw i adjust to normal mode…plzz help me frndsss

    • BajpanGosh

      Rotating the screen: (to get that operate we must to have activated “Auto-rotate screen”)

      Press F12 two times in less than 2 seconds = Rotate 90º to the LEFT.

      Press F11 two times in less than 2 seconds = Rotate 90º to the RiGHT.

      Press F10 two times in less than 2 seconds = Rotate 180º.

      Press F9 two times in less than 2 seconds = Normal view 0/360º.

      So I’d say try hitting F11 twice should solve your issue – after activating screen-rotation.

  • fajar

    thanks to moderate with this tutor I can instal VM android, N I need help, My Android Kitkat Virtual with BBM app or Mobogenie can rotate normaly. how can solved this problem? thanks

  • Guest

    after that again comes the install option. please help me out

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    I did the isntall, and it seems to run properly. It did the registration with my Google credentials, but then, it cannot go on the network. Which networksetting should I select for the NIC ? Also, what is the proper way to do a graceful power off on this ? Last time I did an ACPI shutdown signal, when rebooting, it got me back to the installation sequence, as if it did not save anything.

  • Abela

    i can’t see the pointer …
    how can i do..

    • Camper

      Right Control+I

  • Sachu Krishnan RS

    Hi, I have installed the same through multiboot, but when am booting through android, am unable to install the apps what i have, there is no usb folder on kitkat menu like file manger,, and also am unable to connect my tata photon plus as there is no option, lapse help me

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  • shatrughan chauhan

    I tried to install android x86 4.4 RC2 in oracle virtual box 4.3.14 in windows 7, but screen shows the following problem ” detecting android x86….”

  • Bertrand

    Hey All,

    Thank you for this amazin tutorial !

    To stay in landscape mode and avoid the portrait (rotation), install “Rotation Manager”

    By the way, I’m using French AZERTY on my PC. I selected “French” (not “French QWERTY”) and I only got qwerty.mode. Bug ? Anything to do ?

    Thank you !

  • Amal RVG

    very helpful and clear. thank you

  • Omed

    Hi, I am getting the error
    “Error relaunching Virtualbox VM process: 5
    Command line: ‘81954AF5-4D2F-31EB-A12-*******and so on
    comment ” Android KitKat 4.4″–startvm 60e81457**
    –nostartvm-errorsgbox’ (rc=-104)

    and then after that comes the following error box

    Result Code:
    E_FAIL (0x80004005)
    IMachine {480cf695-2d8d-4256-9c7c-cce4184fa048}”

    What am i doing wrong here? i tried disabling my AVG also but still it did not fix the error.

  • JoedRodriguez

    i coudnt use 6 gb because it would give me an error so i chose 1.66 gb.
    is that okay?

  • André Monteiro

    Hello. I have downloaded the Android x86KitKat file to emulate it. But when i start it i selected the .iso file, but when i click ”Start” it gives me a error. I have Windows 8. And i have Oracle VM Virtual Box installed with add-on packs that i have downloaded on the website http://www.baixaki.com.

    P.S.: Help me resolving this thing because i want to know how it feels having Android 4.4KitKat on PC! (And i am Portuguese!!)

  • Randula Hemal Meegaskada

    Android Can install still with the windows 7 ?

  • Harry Robins

    when formattng partition sda1 is doesn’t go off 0%

  • Jluis Moran

    Excellent! I din’t knew why the mouse was not working but now it’s ok. Thank you.

    • Ya Jluis, I had the same problem but I’m glad you’re working now!

  • Dakota Goyo

    it tell’s me ( error cant’t mount dev/sda1 do you want to format it ) please help

  • khizer

    It gets stuck here and i restarted it also but it didnot work

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  • shamrin rain

    can help me, to solve this problem?

    • Sushil Sampang Rai

      See the 1st post of this page, theres Ur solution
      Virtual Machine on – at BIOS

  • saravakos4321

    I cant install it,i use windows 8.1 pro and i can go to [Write].It says no more partitions.

    • google

      yup 8.1 is locked down

  • Hi i have followed everything down to a T (Great work by the way) but when I leave it for the 5 seconds the screen goes blank then the word android shows up and then after a couple of minutes it goes of and then comes back on again. I left it for over 15 minutes and nothing happened. Anyone please got any ideas as to why this is happening? I would appreciate any info on sorting this out to get past this and get it to fully load. Much appreciated.

    • Daniel Klöttschen

      is this problem solved?

      having the same…

  • jada masa

    Works. But it seems some programs wont run. Like Dungeon keeper or unicorn attack.
    Win8.1 android x86-4.4-r1

  • kartik

    I get this whenever I click ‘Start’. Please help!

    Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Droid.

    The virtual machine ‘Droid’ has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1.Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)Component: MachineInterface: IMachine {480cf695-2d8d-4256-9c7c-cce4184fa048}

    • Sushil Sampang Rai

      GO to App ISO,
      click on settings
      goto Storage> click CD icon > at ‘Attributes’ choose Ur ISO and check ‘Live CD/DVD
      save by presssing OK, it should work


  • Guest

    What to do?? Mouse icon disappears… How to unlock??

    • Sushil Sampang Rai

      Click on Machine : DIsable Mouse Integration

  • Sushil Sampang Rai

    Why wont some apps/games work on this eg”Order&Chaos Duels”?
    Will it be fixed?

  • sachin makwana

    Every thing is fine.. But the major problem is with any iso of android x86 or other is that mostly all the apps not working properly. Everytime you clicked it only one messege you’ll got. ‘Unfortunately app is not Working’. So please fix this things.

    Thank you

  • Adi Pujianto

    i try to install the iso files but here the answer :

    The virtual machine ‘Android’ has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1.Kode Hasil: E_FAIL (0x80004005)Komponen: MachineAntar Muka: IMachine {480cf695-2d8d-4256-9c7c-cce4184fa048}

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  • Rifat Ahmed Reezvi

    hey..awesome post. very helpful. but I cant put any picture on this android from my windows hard disk.what should I do?

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  • Martin

    Great Tut.

    It installed like a charm. But i still got some Questions:

    When i try to change the Background, then “Trebuchet” stops working. Also some Apps i install, they show up for about 2 Secs, then exit.

    Other Question: how to change the Resolution?

    I googled, but i did not really find some hints bringing me on the right Way.

    Thx for any Help!

    • There’s no way I can find to change the screen res. The Android-x86’s default launcher, Trebuchet, works fine for me.

    • Dmitry Belotelov

      First, you need to shutdown Virtualbox, than you need to type in terminal
      VBoxManage setextradata “VM_NAME” “CustomVideoMode1” “720x1280x16”
      where “VM_NAME” is a name you give to your VM session in Virtualbox and resolution at the end is a desired resolution (you can, actually, change it)
      Next you need to start your VM session with Android x86 and in GRUB menu choose “Debug Mode”.
      After all the message scroll down and stop, press once to get into root “#” invitation.
      Mount your sda1 by commands (where “#” is your invitation):
      #mkdir /boot
      #mount /dev/sda1 /boot
      Next you need to edit menu.lst, so type
      #vi /boot/grub/menu.lst
      and find a first row, containing “kernel /android”, and in this row find a text “video=-16” and add (with start/end space, of course) UVESA_MODE=720×1280
      (you can first type “i” to get in “insert” mode)
      When you add new mode, press and than upper Z (with ) twice to save changes and qiut the vi editor.
      Next unmount sda1
      #umont /boot
      #rmdir /boot
      and restart the Android by
      #reboot -f
      More details you can find here: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=60396

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  • Raj

    Truly an excellent guide!

  • Murat Demirel

    usable for developers 🙂 i did it on vmware fusion. thanks 🙂

  • Klaus Von Burgo

    Thank You!! Exactly what I was looking for! Works great!

  • Sergei Nechai

    Thanks a lot! Very good manual.

  • Anyway to make it so you can install apps?? Keeps saying your device is incompatible…

  • Ahmad M.

    Dude ! That was explained so beautifully 😀
    ~from a computer science student.

  • rock

    Stucked at Android loading screen.

  • creativeswaraj

    Fantastic! Thanks!

  • Ilia Bakhshi

    guys help. when i format and do all the things, right at the “run androidx86” i get freeze with this screen http://prntscr.com/4xmy1n

    • Lorenzo

      Mine got frozen too. Anyone please help us.

      • Guest

        Here is a screenshot of mine.

        • C.X.

          just click the ‘x’ icon and restart the OS

  • vishant sharma

    i have installed and 4.4
    bt i am unable to communicate vm with my pc…
    to use drag & drop
    it is given to install vm guest addition
    and i mounted the iso file of it to vm but unable to install it on vm….

    can you give me stpe by step instruction to install it on my vm

  • Candy

    I got this message and I can’t install it, Pleas help

  • Candy

    when it start to boot I got the error like this [0.0000] tsc: fast TSC Calibration failed, pleas help me

    • Qtech tunisie

      u should change the name of the iso file from whatever the version is mine is “android-x86-4.4-r2.iso” to “android-x86-4_4-r2.iso” it worked !

  • ryosuke

    Failed to open a session for the virtual machine droid 4.4.

    Unable to load R3 module C:Program FilesOracleVirtualBox/VBoxDD.DLL (VBoxDD): WinVerifyTrust failed with hrc=TRUST_E_BAD_DIGEST on ‘DeviceHarddiskVolume1Program FilesOracleVirtualBoxVBoxDD.dll’ (VERR_LDRVI_IMAGE_HASH_MISMATCH).Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)Component: ConsoleInterface: IConsole {8ab7c520-2442-4b66-8d74-4ff1e195d2b6}


  • Akshat Mahajan

    It Says No Primary Partition Is Marked Bootable What TO Do?

  • vishesh

    these message is came what i do
    Failed to open a session for the virtual machine droid.

    The virtual machine ‘droid’ has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1). More details may be available in ‘C:Usersvishesh meenaVirtualBox VMsdroidLogsVBoxStartup.log’.Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)Component: MachineInterface: IMachine {480cf695-2d8d-4256-9c7c-cce4184fa048}

    help me to install

  • vishesh

    these message is came what i do for these

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  • gpmark

    Thought this might be fun, and I may yet. But right now it’s too painful to use. Having to re-login and go thru all the questions in every time android is powered on/off is a major problem. Yes, I can suspend and go back, but that isn’t consistent with a real adnroid. Secondly, I have to double tap the touchscreen every time to do a selection. Would be OK to some extent but now I want to double tap a real android device as well. I applaud the people for making things work as well as they have, but it really isn’t useable for me.

  • Александр Георгиевич

    how can i change language?

  • Prem Nani

    got stucked while save and continue.
    please help me……

  • Prem Nani

    getting stucked while save and continue as shown in below image..
    please help me anybody…

  • Tamiran Irwan

    Thank you very much. The settings and options are very clear. I am now installing Android 4.4r1 on my laptop.

  • Michael Nielsen

    I just installed android on my desktop using these instructions, but the internet does not work like it should. any helpful advice please

  • Kevin Timmons

    My screen is freezing at the end of the install where I click “Run Android” and when I restart the VM I get the install boot again. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

  • jayraj

    wow .. nw i’ve droid on my office desktop .. Thanks mahn !! cheers

  • bobalazs

    my error is this, got reboot loop in vitrtualbox after the text shown in picture

  • Terri Norris

    Hello, I installed, have it running, excellent instructions. I wish to use it to play a game called game of war fire age. It loads and starts fine. The Big problem? when the game starts, it rotates and lays on its side. I tried the F12, F11 etc method, and I can rotate the screen before starting the app, however the app still lays on its side. I believe its because the app is taller than it is wider. Is there a way to adjust my window to perhaps fix that?
    Are there any solutions?
    Thanks in advance

    • ge0rgei

      hi i am also having this problem if anyone has the solution that would be great thanks.

  • Rex Germanier

    Kernel panic – not syncing!! HeLPPPP!!!!

  • ineedhelpwithvbox

    Every time I choose “Installation – Install android-x86 to harddisk” I just get a kernel panic, Some people tell me to edit my BOIS, but I don’t know how to do that. Please help me.

  • Rosy Dawn

    This tutorial was fantastic!! Thanks for putting it all together. Using this solution of virtualbox the android emulator hums along nicely. Everything works well. One note is that due to my versions I had to disable mouse pointer integration or else I had problems getting out of the Virtual Box Android emulator. Also there are times when if the screen is black, you need to send the ACPI shutdown signal which wakes up the emulator and allows you to go to the next screen. This happened to me even during setup. I thought something was wrong but you just have to go through it. If the screen is black after a few minutes send ACPI shutdown signal.

  • IrvineCAListener

    Hi: while I wait for VBox and ISO to download, I’m reading thru the instructions. Excellent I must say.
    Question: Once Android KitKat is installed on a Virtual Machine, can it be found i.e., can I connect to it from Visual Studio development environment on the same Windows PC? I would like to be able to debug an application using the VM, rather than the AVD emulator. Thanks.

  • Aaron Dodger

    Is there any way to assign a real tablet model to it with google api? It would be great since it would let you download at least some apps from Google Play.

  • Marvin

    My installaton process leaves me at a black and blue screen that says android and stops there. This is after the final step. It works it I run it as a live CD in the VM, but fails for installation purposes.

  • Morgan

    I’m having an issue connecting to my network. Everything else worked like a champ. Any ideas?

    • Morgan

      Actually, I can surf the net but the issue is with adding my google account. I have a feeling its a firewall issue.

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  • Elliott Greaves

    The installation instructions worked fine, but I’m struggling to navigate the OS without touch.. how are you guys getting around this?

    • Elliott Greaves

      Solved this issue; if you can’t see your mouse pointer inside the android installtion. Its because VirtualBox is defaulting your “Pointing Device” to a “USB tablet”.

      To fix this following these instructions:
      1) Shut down your android virtual environment
      2) Find your android installation within the VirtualBox application window
      3) Find the “pointing device” options by navigation through: settings > system > pointing device
      4) Change the “pointing device” option to a “PS/2 Mouse”

  • Nice tutorial! Thanks!

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  • Pandu Ajj


  • Satice James

    Thank You, thank you, ty!!!! So much. I finally got the virtual box to install on my Linux OS based Dell. Downloading the Lumiya app right now for Second Life!!!! I had issues like getting the error that nothing was syncing. I reread your directions and double cllcked on the only image I saw which was the DROID Machine image, from there it installed without impunity. At the end you say to force remove the cd, but I found that I had to keep the live cd in so I could get the Android screen to register/work. This is really great after having a tablet I bought over the Christmas holiday just up and die without warning. I can use Android and Linux, two OSes I love and keep money in my pocket! Ty fixedByVonnie! You rock!!!

  • Garry Bowlds

    After I select “Installation”, instead of going to the window to create a partition I get this error and everything stops.

    • Qtech tunisie

      u should change the name of the iso file from whatever the version is mine is “android-x86-4.4-r2.iso” to “android-x86-4_4-r2.iso” it worked !!!

      • hi_in_a_noob

        renaming to “android-x86-4_4-r2.iso” did not resolve this for me. Any other ideas?

        • Rohan

          Hi any update to this problem, i am encountering same error?

  • Garry Bowlds

    After selecting “installation” I get this error:

  • ed hunter

    Please help , im using linux 17.1 and i´ve done everything just like you said and when i started installation it says ¨kernel panic – not syncinng¨ , i ve enabled vizualization on bios and it stil is not working …


    Hi, first of all thank you for the guide, I did manage to install everything just fine. Now I had a problem when running clash of Clans,
    i get a message that says “Unfortunately Clash of clans has stopped working”. Can this be solved? or clash of clans is just not compatible with this android version?

  • shubham galhotra

    how to transfer files from ur pc storage to ur simulated android phones storage ???….tried airdroid already…also my simulated andrid tablet wont take screenshots???

  • Warren

    A Million Thanks!

  • ziled

    Thank you, really useful and easy. I tried Andyroid and Genymotion but, the first didn’t work and the second wants your money. Cheers!

  • Bartek Wieremczuk

    how to connect with wi-fi

  • Sudheer

    I’m getting this error …..plz help me with this

  • Chandra Mohan

    Whenever i try to install Android 4.4 It Shows the attatched screen and restarts again…the process continues. What to do?

  • Paul Williams

    Superb set of instructions, thank you for taking the time to write them so clearly.

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  • John Paul Tunstall

    Great work, superb explanation. Thanks!

  • Hany Zayed

    Thank you very much for the very clear straight-forward instructions
    I’ve installed the KitKat 4.4 RC2 on Windows 8.1 Enterprise and VBox 4.3.16 r95972

    now my problem is that I have opened the PlayStore and started updating the installed apps, and left it to complete, now checking it, and cannot make it “Wake-up”, it is like waiting for me to press “Power Button” to light the screen .. is that right .. am i missing something .. is there something wrong??

    i’ve made a reset for the vm and started normally and all the software were updated and continuing .. will see if this happens again .. appreciate any info

    • Hany Zayed

      ok, found it on another old thread: Android 4.0 in VirtualBox (https://www.kirsle.net/blog/entry/android-4-0-in-virtualbox)

      Tips for Running Android
      You’ll want to disable mouse integration to be able to interact with the GUI at all. This can be done from choosing the “Machine” menu in the VM window and clicking “Disable Mouse Integration” — or pressing HostKey+I.

      The Escape key on your keyboard corresponds to the Back key in Android. The context menu key on your keyboard corresponds to the Menu button in Android (the context menu key is usually next to the right Windows key).

      To power off the VM, press HostKey+H. This will cause Android to pop up the shutdown dialog that you’d expect on a real phone. You can also use the “Machine->Send Shutdown Signal” to do the same.

  • Name__taken

    My vm is stuck at the android screen what do i do???

  • cooldharma06

    i installed the android 4.4 in my virtual box. i want to play the CLASH of CLans.i installed through the google play store in my linux. when opening its getting stopped. how to solve this one.
    Any idea.?

  • Guy Roland

    works like a charm. thanks.

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  • loic sarraillon

    any idea why i am receiving this error of unsupported P6 cpu model 43 PMU Driver, software events only?

    Thank you

    • Rohan

      Hi, I am facing same error, any solution(s)?

  • Glenn Meyer

    Great tutorial! I installed Android-x86 without a hitch, and the mouse integration works great. NOW, how about multi-touch? I have Android 4.4 running on a Dell Venue 11 touch tablet running Windows 8.1, and I’m trying to do multi-touch with an android app, any Android app. I have VirtualBox 4.3, which is supposed to have multitouch, but I can’t get multi-touch to work. Is this even possible?

  • Sreeraj Vs

    Why these are happening?

  • mehul

    I am use Oracle VM Version 4.3.25 r100309 and facing this kind of error
    Please help me….

  • CookyMonzta

    Doesn’t work in Win8.1 on my laptop. When I get to the ‘Android-x86 Live & Installation CD’ screen, the sooner I hit ‘Run Android-x86 without installation’ or ‘Install Android-x86 to hard disk’, it loops right back to this very same screen and never goes to the ‘Choose Partition’ screen’.

    I assume it works fine on Win7, yes? I have yet to try it on my Win7 desktop.

  • kevinraymund

    hi! i successfully installed android on my virtualbox but when I searched for Instagram on my google play inside android it says that it’s compatible, why is this so?

    I downloaded the latest version of android from the link you provided.

  • Mohammad Javad Rostamzadeh

    In this step I faced this error…what’s the problem??? please help.

  • Dewald

    Thanks Vonnie! What an excellent tutorial. I have a question about the screen resolution though… Is there a way I can change is? It seems to be running in a small boxed window all the time.

  • travelingace

    When going to Android x86 to download an ISO, how do we determine which one to pick. Does it really matter that much, as long as it’s within the last year or something. The files are all hosted at Sourceforge as well.

    I get some kernal panic error when trying the android SDK found at Google. I use a 64 bit linux system.

  • Big Cal Mysterio

    Can someone help me? I managed to install everything successfully and followed all the steps provided. But when I start it up, it just stays on this screen and doesn’t do anything else (screenshot shown below). The animation on the logo is running, but nothing else happens.

  • austin5623

    It installed properly but i can’t seem to get it to log in to my google account.

  • Abcede Andrada

    please help me with this .. tnx in advance

  • iqbal firdausi

    after instal thiss app. may i be able to use my original windows as well?

  • Gennaro Sole

    So I have Android 4.4 Kitkat r2 installed successfully. No matter what app I download from the play store, as soon as i launch it the app closes and I get an error “Unfortunately, app has stopped (app replacing the name of the app). Sometimes I won’t even get the message the app will just close. I’ve adjusted the settings from 512kb ram up to 2gb, I’ve adjusted 1-4 cpus, nothing changes. VMware is prompting me that I can install tools, however upon clicking “Install Tools” nothing happens. Same occurs in VirtualBox minus the being prompted to install tools.


  • Thanks for the article, but I still get Kernel Panic all the time!

  • Dawnity

    Was hoping this article would enlighten me on a problem I’m encountering. Who knows though. Maybe. I used a different site to install Android 4.4 through VirtualBox. It runs perfectly fine as far as I’ve noticed. The issue I’m having is trying to run Apps from Google Play. They install just fine, when I run them it either freezes or can’t be loaded. What I did differently than this tutorial was I selected “Other Linux” for the version and theother tutorial was for Virtualbox if you where running Linux. I have Windows 10, could that possibly be the reason I’m encountering this problem?

  • Sage

    what I did is just download the ISO and make a virtual machine with vmware workstation. it detected the OS and all I had to do was set the RAM & HDD (can leave as default if desired) then it booted to the GUI.

  • Abhijeet

    While setting up android when I am trying to select startup disk following errors are showing.
    kindly resolve the issue

  • Ian Holdsworth

    Hi Vonnie,

    Really good concise tutorial thanks. My option to disable mouse integration is disabled though so i’m forced to have the mouse locked in 🙁

  • Fasih Shaikh

    It takes long time to boot. here is the screen shot . i am watching this screen since last 15 minutes

  • Robert J Turner

    Thanks, I basically need it to maintain work social networks like instagram. Dont want to use my phone pr tablet to do that sort of stuff.

  • Hm, that was interesting and something new that I came to know about. Android x86 is a new thing for me to try!

    Thank you very much for a great post. 🙂

  • William Langevin

    i got that problem when i try to log the virtual machine (step 2 or 3)

    Code d’erreur :

    E_FAIL (0x80004005)

    Composant :


    Interface :

    IMachine {480cf695-2d8d-4256-9c7c-cce4184fa048}

  • Thanks Vonnie. I installed and run android 4.4 – r3 successfully with your useful guide. I made minor tweaks to the initial step as subsequent step require the installation of EFIGrub which automatically format the 1st boot partition. I created 2 partitions, 1st partition having 500 MB and 2nd partition taking up the rest of the space. The rest of the steps is as per your guide. Happy holidays!

  • Steve Weidman

    It installed and ran great the first time. At my first reboot, I get “no bootable media found.” what do i need to do to make the hard drive bootable?

  • Steve Weidman

    I installed the latest version in virtualbox. It works fine until the first reboot, then it says it can’t find any bootable media. How do I make my hard drive bootable?

  • Steven Judd

    Do you have to crank up the memory to 1024 MB is you are only going to download a few apps and not do any kind of development work?

  • Hny Jaiswal

    sir everything installed properly but when it asks for

    to install the /system directory as read-write.

    if i grant yes then it says please check you have enough space

    i hve gave 1024 memory and 8 gb of disk size

    if i deny that to install the /system directory as read-write.

    then it goes 100% after removing the optical image from VM it boots in a black screen shows A N D R O I D then every thing goes black please tell me wht’s the problem
    ill be really thankful sir please help me out i am using windows 7

  • Hny Jaiswal

    sir everything installed properly but when it asks for

    to install the /system directory as read-write.

    if i grant yes then it says please check you have enough space

    i hve gave 1024 memory and 8 gb of disk size

    if i deny that to install the /system directory as read-write.

    then it goes 100% after removing the optical image from VM it boots in a black screen shows A N D R O I D then every thing goes black please tell me wht’s the problem

    ill be really thankful sir please help me out i am using windows 7

  • David Lopez

    This is the most amazing android live wallpaper I have ever seen.

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dedsphere.darkcitypro TlRq39

  • Amal Almahroos

    THANKYOU SOOO MUCH!!! IT worked 😀

  • Riccardo Palmieri

    I got this message after the installation, any ideas?

  • Riccardo Palmieri

    I got this message after the installation, any ideas? –

  • Riccardo Palmieri

    Got this message after the installation, any ideas please?

  • Doge Woof

    Does not work. This happens when I select install to harddisk:

  • Abdul S

    my pc shows not enough space to install android on vb

  • eka gign

    how to touch this droid.. it finish

  • eka gign

    why always back to the first if I open this droid

  • Graeme Willy

    I’m not seeing a “make primary” option after hitting Enter on New, and I’m not seeing a Bootable option in the list. After I hit Enter on new, it’s making me assign a Sector size alignment. It states that 2048 is default. I think this is where I’m hitting an issue because after my ISO installs to the virtual drive, it’s unable to boot from it after I remove the ISO media, even though my Guest OS has the correct VDI file assigned under the controller section, and the Hard Disk is enabled in my boot menu, within the Guest OS settings. So, you may need to update the steps.

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